A few days after the partnership with Bandit, the World Announcement was launched early in the morning.

"A stampede occurred in the Spirit Kingdom.Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

I'm finally here.

I've been preparing a lot for this day, so there's no rush at all.

Ash and Len, who were in the cafeteria at the base as usual, nodded at each other before looking at Hayat.

"Come with Hayato and Esha.If I leave it at this base, another guy might come looking for Hayato. "

"Okay. Isn't Escha nice?

"Of course. I can't attack, but I think I can control it, so I'll come with you.By the way, I also eat ultra-eclair. "

"Is that what this is about?"

Hayat and the others went to the kingdom of the Spirit.

Go first to King's Landing and teleport to the Land of Spirits with the transporter there.

There are no churches or shrines in this country like the Devil's Land, so you cannot register the resurrection site.However, since we can set a resurrection location for the World Tree itself, it can be characterized by a quick return to combat.

Nevertheless, Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki's best moves are fog attacks that trigger Bud stats.Rather than defeating players, the goal is to reduce combat abilities.If you let go of the poison, you will be defeated, but the place of resurrection has little to do with it.

We rendezvoused with the mercenaries outside a square with a world tree.Everyone has already been given an ultra-eclair, along with stuns and knockback invalid rings and bracelets.I can say that there is no problem with countermeasures.

"All right, let's all eat Eclair... it's incredible in quantity and sweetness, but bear with me.I get coffee from Hayato, so I have to drink it and eat it. "

Almost everyone demanded coffee.I usually eat about Ren, Esha, and a female squad member.Hayato didn't fight, so he didn't eat just because he had regular poison potions and paralysis potions.Considering our last failure, we have only equipped Stan and Knockback Disabled.

(It may be a little painful for people who don't like sweets.If you think gamely, it doesn't matter whether you like or dislike the taste, but this virtual reality almost completely reproduces the five senses, so there may be dishes that you can't eat even if you want to.)

A few minutes later, the men had a blue complexion but ate it all up.

"Upu... then stay in the world tree with Hayato and Esha.That would be the safest place.We're going to make our way there, so follow me. "

"Okay. Um, are you okay?

"It's okay... I wanted the same effect with meat if possible"

Everyone but the female team nodded in Ash's words.

"If you have any of those items, I'll get them for you next time."

"Do it.All right, let's go!

Ash and the others ran, followed by Hayat and Esha.

Surrounded by players and NPCs fighting dragons.The dragon that appears here is a small version of Phantom Dragon.It is said to be a mist dragon that feels covered in mist.

Like Phantom Dragons, it is difficult to fight because it scatters dragon braces that cause poison and paralysis.

Originally, I took anti-paralysis and anti-poison medicine to deactivate it, but this time I couldn't use it because of Pat and the others.

I would have had no choice but to release the inventory for the time of emergency, but I could say that it was made less because the price of the grass used as the ingredient was high.I almost released my inventory with a few stamps.Every clan will be out of stock now.

(I think Bandit's clan is in stock.She said she'd give it to me.)

Bandit's leader, Jolt, said he would give away his paralysis and poison medicines to help fight Phantom Dragons, but he refused.It is a cooperative relationship, but it is only a relationship of gratitude and reward.

If you get something in return, you have to give it back.You'll need to give me something else when you get the medicine.Hayato refused because of that.

But on his way home, he said, "Looks like there's another way to deal with this.I'd love to know what it is. "After all, it is said that there is a lot of stock, but I feel that it is a little difficult to get along because it feels like I get information every time I talk to you.

(If I was doing that, other clans would hate me... but I'm not the only one with that attitude.Are you hungry that you lost the Clan War...?

I don't know about the situation, but I'm not thinking about it right now, so I went to the world tree with Ash and the others.

The world tree is a giant tree, said to be a thousand meters long and 200 meters in diameter, with a cavity inside, where elves and dwarves live.

Hayato once heard the story that floors are divided into several levels and that when you get along with elves and dwarves, you can go to the upper floor.

Hayato and Esha are going to be there because they can go up to ten floors, even if they're not close.It would be better if it were as high as possible to make a situation determination.

Then you arrive on the ground floor of the world tree.

"Okay, let's split up here with us.You should be relieved that there won't be any dragons in here. "

"Oh, I see.I'll see you later. "

"Leave it to me, Hayato has prepared a lot for today.If we lose, we'll be the mercenaries.I will win. "

"I'll curse you alive today!Uhihihi...!

Ash set up a dragon eater.Len also took out the five dimensional nails and the straw doll.The crew also set up a dragon eater replica.

Ash said, "Let's go!Everyone went out of the world tree with a loud voice.

"You're in a good mood.This is going to win. "

"Well, thank you for winning.Pat and the others aren't here this time, so we should just take care of Phantom Dragon. "

Fire Dragon and Pluto have already been defeated, so they cannot participate in Stampede for a while.And Pat and Randa are protecting the grass.Val's coming out of Dragongrave is probably a lot more restrictive.

Of interest are Agnes and Thunder Dragon Ode Bayes, but Hayato thinks he won't participate in the stampede while he's in the dragon.

Pat said at Dragongrave, but the hardliners also have a lot of restrictions, so it's not easy to dragonize.We know that if we force it, there is a problem.

(I don't think there is a problem with human-shaped Agres or Thunderdragons.Then Ash and the others will win.If you are human, your status will not change much.)

Hayato thought so, and Nay got a voice chat.

Hayato? Say hello to the World Tree!

"Really?Where's Pat and the others?

"Rosalie and the others are there.All the Black Roses can't participate in Stampede, but they can fight with Pat and the others.Rosalie had a temper to defeat him this time. "

"That's reliable.Thank you very much. You gave Nay and the others a super-eclair, didn't you?Eat up, will you?

"Of course. I've been looking forward to it!All right, everybody, let's go!

I thought I heard Nay's cheerful voice and the chat broke down.I'm guessing he was on his way right away.

(Because it is a stampede, even if only a few dozen people are disabled, it cannot be said that they can definitely win, but they should still go to a good line.She said she had lost up to one-third of her health, so she should be able to do it this time.)

"Master, it's time to go upstairs.We can't check the situation here. "

"Oh, yeah, let's go upstairs... I'm not tired, but is this the only staircase?

"Sounds like it. If you get along with the elves and the dwarves, you might be able to transfer them."

"It's possible.Maybe I'll come back for another quest.I did a few quests because I needed materials for rare items.Not here. "

After the Stampede event, Hayato headed up the stairs.

And when I came to the tenth floor in a few minutes, the place was somehow noisy.Someone is fighting elves and dwarves.

"Get out of the way. I can't stop you guys."

It was Agnes anyway.He wraps himself in his usual black leather clothes and defeats the surrounding NPCs.A man in a white robe can also be seen next door.Hayato's speculation is Thunderdragon Ode Bayes.Those two are in the world tree.

Fortunately, Hayato and the others have not noticed.

Hayato and Esha hid behind the stairs that climbed so that they could not be seen.

"Why are they here?

"You're going upstairs.Perhaps there's something on top of this that can destroy the world tree?You might think it's faster to break it from the inside than from the outside. "

"Then we have to stop it.But damn it.Neither I nor Esha can fight here.I have to get him up there somehow. "

Hayato does not have combat skills, so Esha cannot fight in relation to her country.

Now Hayato thought about what to do.