Another Frontier Online

Attack and defense in the world tree

We need to stop two men, Agnes and Thunderdragon, before they can destroy the world's trees from within.

However, Hayato cannot fight in a production position, and Esha cannot fight in relation to her country while stamping.And the elves and dwarf NPCs, who were trying to keep them off the upper floor, couldn't stop them completely, and Agnes and the others gradually approached the stairs.

It's best to call Ash, the opponent who can stop them, but they have a fight with Phantom Dragons outside.It is unrealistic to come here, defeat them, and go out again.

Stampede lasts an hour. And Phantom Dragon, the boss, comes out in the second half.This time, if Ash and the others are in a critical state to fight, it's not time to call them here.

Hayat thinks he can only help the elves and dwarves.

As far as I can see, it's not that strong, but it's a lot of people.If you can revive with this World Tree after being defeated by it, you can do Zombie Attacks just like the Vampire Mist.

However, I was concerned that the equipment I was equipping was weak.

(Whatever creations Dwarfs say they're good at blacksmiths, right?Is there a reason why you can't do anything?

Hayato thinks so and opens his mouth.

"Asha, let's support Elves and Dwarves here.Do you know what to do from a battle expert?

"Do you want to throw it over here?I don't know if you say that.I'm a maiden who only thinks of crushing with overwhelming force. "

"There's no such maiden."

I thought I'd come up with a good idea if it was shady, but it doesn't seem to be.Hayato decides that he is not good at fighting others, even though he is strong enough to fight on his own.

Then Hayato and I saw the battle between Ji and Agnes to determine what the situation was like.

(It's not as strong as humanoid agles.But they're overwhelming the elves.Didn't you drink potions and attack them in the first place?Speaking of which, Diete-chan said.Agnes is vulnerable to physical attacks, but not attribute attacks.)

Hayato remembers Diete's words.

I don't know if I can think of the characteristics of the dragon state as the same as the characteristics of the human type, but I decided that it is highly likely.

The Elves are attacking Agnes with a remote magic attack, but it's hardly working.

And a man thought to be a thunder dragon.This is a series of lightning magic that feels like it's wrapped around my body.The dwarves were attacking there, but they didn't seem to be taking much damage.

(Could it be that the physical attack is not effective as opposed to Agnes?Perhaps the same reason as the flaming of the Fire Dragon)

Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu's body became flamed when his HP fell below one-third.Physical attacks do not work in that state, and only Attribute Attacks are effective.That's why Cecil took out more than a third of his HP in one blow.

Nevertheless, the Thunderdragon is already in a state of lightning.I can't use the maneuver.We'll have to defeat them with an Attribute Attack in the tunnel.

I somehow understood the weaknesses of Agnes and the others.While teaching the elves and dwarves, I came to the conclusion that if they were equipped, they would be able to handle it.

"Asha, I'm sorry, but could you get me to the upper floor?


"I want to support Elves and Dwarves, but I can't do it from here.Maybe there's a great guy on the upper floor, so I'll negotiate my gear.Is that why you can't distract those two?In the meantime, I'm going to the upper floor. "

Well then, what can I do?That said, we have no choice but to attack.It's a delicate question of whether you can draw attention even though there's no damage. "

Asha immediately went up the stairs and walked to the center of the floor.Then take out Belzeve and launch a Basic Attack on Agnes and Thunderdragon.And I drank melon juice.

The attacked Agnes and Thunder Dragon saw Sha strangely.

Agnes looks like, "What the hell is he doing?"

"Esha Crown. We're in stampede, aren't we?Your attack won't work. "

"Yeah, don't worry about it.Oh, yeah. It looks like Ash-sama and the others caught you last time.I think I saved your life by exchanging hostages with your husband. "


"Hey, Agnes! Don't get provoked!Prioritize going up now!We don't have time for this!


"Besides, it seems that it was an exchange between the two of you and your husband.Does that mean Mr. Agnes is only half as valuable as your husband?


(It's okay to provoke, but please don't bring me in.I'm going to be resented later.)

"In general, it's impossible to lose to Ash alone.Even though you're the same Genesis Dragon, did you prove to be weaker than Ash-sama? "

"No! That's because Pat's old man chased after two women!Ash and I can't lose one-on-one!

(Two women...?Oh, Nay and Rosalie.Pat didn't defeat them, but he ran away.)

Pat chased Hayato's carriage pretty early.They didn't come after Ney, they just fled.So Agnes and Randa had to deal with the two that were left.

Nevertheless, that has nothing to do with Asha.

"You're not a man to make excuses."

"He's dead, damn it!

Agnes jumped towards Esha.Even if it's a cheap provocation, there are parts that cannot be transferred.But Esha was just waiting, and she put her gun on Agnes.


Esha unleashes Destroy.

Destroy's attack certainly won't work against Agnes.But I found something in Mist's Mansion.I also unleashed Destroy, but I knocked back the vampires around Esha.

This means there is no damage, but a knockback can be generated.It was an act aimed at it.

It was a bet to see if it actually worked for Agres, but it did.Laser-like attacks didn't work at all, but they succeeded in knocking back.

Agnes was blown off and rolled down the floor.

In the meantime, Esha sends her gaze to Hayato, who is hiding behind the stairs.

Hayat saw it and jumped out.I was still afraid of the pain in my legs, but I couldn't fall here and ran towards the stairs that Elves and Dwarves were protecting.

Elves and dwarfs didn't understand the situation well, but I recognize Hayato as an enemy trying to get to the upper floor.

"That Thunder Man can't physically attack!Confront me with an Attribute Attack!The fallen man is the other way around!Physical attacks only work!

Hayato ran while saying so.

Both the elf and dwarf were happy with the words.And now I easily recognized Hayato as my ally.

Esha was also knocking back in Destroy, but she moved faster than Agnes, aiming for stairs to the upper floor.

Esha runs in a straight line toward the Thunderdragon.There might have been another way, but for some reason, Esha did.

"You did it....!

Thunderdragon tried to intercept Esha, but all of a sudden, Esha stood at Belzeve's muzzle.

Out of MP, no bullets, no damage because it is stamping.Even so, Thunderdragon's contents are human and not AI.If they point a gun at you, take a defensive stance.

It must have been a reflection.It was unclear if it meant anything, but Thunderdragon turned his face away with his hands guarded by the muzzle pointing at his face.

Meanwhile, Esha passed by the thunder dragon and ran towards the stairs.Meet Hayato.

"I really wanted to slip through the other person's feet.I couldn't because I was wearing a robe. "

"What action movie is that?Well, I think you're on my side, so let's go upstairs and help defend this place.If you have any ingredients, you can make anything with your production skills. "

Elves and Dwarves: "Thank you for the information!- Leave this to me!- You're welcome!Hayato and the others went up the stairs.