Another Frontier Online

Support at the World Tree

Hayato and Esha set foot on the eleventh floor of the world tree.

Elves and dwarves are stopping Agnes on the tenth floor.Hayat taught them how to fight, and Esha restrained them.Though it seemed like a companion, it wasn't enough to win.

Hayato must do something to help him win.However, there are parts where the situation is not well understood.I thought it was best to confirm it first.

"Asha, I'm sorry, but can you ask the people around you what they're protecting in this world tree?Looks like there's a lot of elves and dwarves on this floor. "

"That's fine, but what about your husband?

"I'll ask if I can help you with your armor.The equipment of the people who are fighting is weak.I think we can make something better. "

"I think it's normal.The armor your husband made was just unusual.I understand the story for now.I'll check the situation. "


Hayato broke up with Esha and talked to a dwarf who seemed a little better equipped.

"Um, I'm sorry. I'd like to help you with something, but I can't fight in a production position.You can make a lot of things, but what can I do for you?

Dwarves are said to be good blacksmiths for most creations.This game is the same.I can't complain if I tell the dwarf that I'm weak enough to build it.So it goes bad.

"Oh, really!Actually, I'm in trouble!

Dwarf said someone recently broke into the armory and destroyed the armor.In addition, it seems to have been used as a medicine to decompose metals, and there are extremely few metals that can be handled.

Hayat speculated that perhaps someone from the hardliners had snuck in.Tough dragons don't fight just by force.I guess this was part of the operation, too.

(It was helpful to nail Pat and the others somewhere else.It would have been dangerous if Pat and the others had been together.)

And now it's impossible to stop Agres and Thunderdragon Ode Bayes alone.We need to get the gear ready.But there is no metal here that can be used as a material.As expected, Hayato could not create anything from where nothing existed.

"I can't do anything without the ingredients...."

"You're a producer who can do anything, right?I don't know where the ingredients are. "

"Where is it?

"This is not a world tree.You can get as much wood as you want, so just use it to make your own armor.I don't have any woodworking skills, so I'd appreciate it if you could use the world trees to make your own equipment. "

"Um, is that okay?The world tree, right?

"Not originally, but now it's an emergency.Permission granted.Show this to the guy with the ax. "

The dwarf takes out the paper and writes something there.I gave it to Hayato.

The paper says "World Permit to fell trees", and it also has a Dwarf's name on it.

(Worldwide trees are an incredibly rare item that you need to do a cumbersome quest... can I use them?)

In this situation, Hayato is artisanally exalted.Rare items are all-you-can-use.There was a lot of tension.

I just had a Dwarf with an axe show me a World Tree Logging Permit and cut it down.

It seems problematic to shake the axe down against the wall in the present situation, but it seems that this will not destroy the world's trees.

Place the felled World Tree lumber in the item bag and notice it.We have to think about what to make in the first place.

I checked with the well-dressed dwarf earlier.

"Then make wood armor and wood shields for the dwarves.And for the elves, magic wands, bows and arrows.According to your intel, attacking these two requires both physical and attribute attacks.It would be better if the Dwarves were attacked by those two and the elves were attacked with bows and magic. "

The more Hayato nodded, the more he began to produce.Nevertheless, strings and bird wings are required for bows and arrows, respectively.It is in the inventory of the base, but it is not in the item bag now.

"I'm sorry, but do you have strings and bird wings?

"Then it's in the armory.That's because the intruder didn't destroy it either.Use the jean. "

The dwarf gave instructions to another dwarf and brought the ingredients.

Hayato, who has all the ingredients, gives out a regular saw.And then I started making armor from one end.

Around Hayato, a voice of exclamation rises.

Nothing in particular makes sense, but Hayato makes quick choices from the menu when using his production skills.I can only say that it was just a tune, but at the same time as it was flowing, a variety of armor was created to surprise the surroundings.

In addition, there are many rainbow effects that are a testament to the formation of the five stars.I didn't have the equipment to increase the number of stars in particular, but I had a good chance to create a star five armor because I used a rare item called the World Tree as a material.

"Ladies and gentlemen, equip yourself with whatever you like.And give me the ingredients. "

Hayato talks and keeps making items.

There was also trouble with Elves and Dwarves taking on the Five Star Armor, but I almost went to the members of this hierarchy.

And the well-dressed dwarf approached Hayat with a smile.

"Oh, my God!I didn't think it was going to all of us!

"But there's someone equipped with Stars and Three, right?The probability of a star five is high, so would you like to try again? "

"What are you talking about?Stars aren't enough.A five-star wooden armor that is roughly equipped with a hammer will cut damage by 10%.That's impossible.To be clear, I will take care of it as the main equipment of the machine. "

"Thank you. But I have to be careful."

"You're not an interesting person.Well, anyway, that's not enough.I'm not going to let them through, but you should go up and evacuate. "

Having been told of you, Hayato finally realized.Esha was back.

"I was surprised by your husband's skills when I thought it was noisy.It would be great if you could make a chocolate parfait that fast. "

"I won't even make it for you.Anyway, what do you got?

"I've heard the story.This world tree is a total of thirty levels, but there is a spiritual core that serves as the source of the world tree in fifteen levels, and when it is destroyed, the world tree will stop functioning.They can simply attack the World Tree from the outside and shut it down, but it seems easier this way.Yes, now the Elf Queen, the Dwarf King, and the Spirits are protecting them. "

The more Hayato nodded.

It is only speculation, but the goal of Agnes is to destroy the Spirit's nucleus and its objects.

Nowadays, there are no players in the world tree other than Hayato and Esha.Probably didn't aim for it until now.That's why there are no players to defend.

Pats are disturbed by materials that prevent them from making poisonous or paralytic potions, and they destroy armor and corrode metal beforehand.

It is highly likely that we have attacked this time, judging that we can win.

Hayato thought so, and Agnes and the others ran up the stairs.

"Oh my God, there you are!Fight!

"Your opponent is not Yan La!

The dwarves move around Agnes.The dwarves are holding their shields and not attacking.From behind, the elves attacked with bows and magic.Agnes has a Physical Attack Bow, and Thunderdragons have a Staff Magic Attack.

Agnes appears to be struggling with a weak point attack.

"Damn, what are they!I can't compare it to the first floor!?

Agnes shouted in surprise.Hayato's equipment is influencing it, but I don't know anything about it.

"Now, master.I think we'll be fine here, but just in case, let's go to the upper floor. "

Well, we can't help it if we stay here, let's go up there.

"Ah! You guys are running away!

Agnes' words reached Hayat's ears, but he headed up the stairs without responding.Because I thought it would be the most provocative thing to do.

"Your opponent is not Lala!

"Gu! Ah!?Damn it..... "

Dwarf's shielding weapon skill, Shield Bash, was determined, and Agnes knocked back and blew it toward the stairs.Agnes couldn't hold his foot and rolled down the stairs.

Hayato thought it might hurt, but he moved to the upper floor.