Another Frontier Online

Fighting Phantom Dragons

Hayat and Esha came to fifteen floors.

The world tree floor is essentially circular in shape, and the staircase is climbed from the west to the north along the wall in a semi-circular fashion, all of which is the same to the east.

However, only the fifteen floors are slightly different in construction, and there are no surrounding walls, so it can be said that they are almost outside.Also at the center of the hierarchy was a giant crystal ball entangled in branches of trees.The crystal ball flashes slowly and repeatedly with blue light.

(Is this the core of the Spirit?It feels like it might be inhaled.)

I felt like staring at a crystal ball with a strange feeling would stop thinking.It was unclear whether it was a virtual reality performance or some kind of hypnotic performance, but Hayato turned away thinking whether he was staring at it.

The hierarchy consisted of the queen of the elves, the king of the dwarves, and many of the elves and dwarves that were thought to be close to them.

Hayat and the others seemed to have been conveyed, and the queen of the elves thanked him and said, "Wait here, do not go above this level."So Hayato and Esha are waiting here.

(There is no problem with the equipment of the people here.Is that the queen, the king, and his kingdom?)

It's a subtle thing to ask if you can beat Agnes, but it's a style that feels quite strong.

The princess of the elf wore a dress reminiscent of an agave butterfly and had a wand scattered with jewels in her hand.And the king of dwarfs covers himself with Adamantite's armor, as well as a giant axe of Adamantite.

The neighbors were also equipped close to it, and Hayato thought it was quite strong from the standpoint of the equipment alone.

You don't have to win because you're just defending this place until the stampede is over.

While moving to this level, there were also defensive elves and dwarves, but Hayato went up the hierarchy building because of the problem with the armor.I couldn't say perfect as a craftsman, but I compromised with some equipment because I didn't have time, but I have enough performance as an equipment.

Agnes and the others will take a long time to get here.

Hayato looked outside and said that there would be no problem.

Looking down at the ground from the fifteenth floor, I was a little scared.Even if it falls, it doesn't hurt, but gravity will do it, and there is no doubt that it will cause falling damage and cause death.

"Asha, don't push me from behind."

"Is that what you're saying?Is that a tunderer?It's not like I want you to push it. "

There's no such thing as a tunnel.

Hayato looks down after such an exchange.

The ground is covered with fog and cannot be seen well.However, several white dragons were fighting the players.

(That dragon is a monster from Stampede.It's a mini-size phantom dragon, but the phantom dragon body hasn't come out yet)

When I saw some white dragons being crushed, it was time for Phantom Dragons to appear, but they weren't there yet.

Where Hayato thinks so, change appears.

The fog that covered the ground began to gather in one place.It gradually grows and forms a dragon.

Immediately afterwards, the dragon roared, and the dragon lore attacked the surroundings.

Phantom Dragons appeared.

While most players are immobilized, there are groups that attack without turning them into objects.

(Is that Ash and the others?I didn't know where he was, but this is easy to understand)

Sometimes, looking at the ground from a considerable height of fifteen floors, it was covered in fog, and I didn't know where the Ashes were, but I was able to find them.

Hayat watches Ash and the others move.

Essentially, no Ash mercenaries can use sacred magic in a mercenary group dominated by short distance.There are some members with magic as their main theme, but it can be said to be quite few.The magic body is headed by Len.

Ash and the others slash the dragon, and a little behind it, Len casts a curse.Len often lowers the opponent's STR by using Dragon Curse.This is the basic tactic.

There is no sacred magic, so use potions to restore HP.It seemed like it was pretty hard before I met Hayato, but I heard that Hayato was producing potions in large quantities, making it much easier.

(Ash may be strong as an individual, but he's probably stronger in group fights)

I can't hear Ash's voice, but he looks faint as if he's giving some kind of instruction.Members of the mercenary regiment appeared to be fighting accordingly.

All members of the mercenary regiment are equipped with Dragon Eater Replicas.It was also equipped with high-performance armor made by Hayato, and boasted considerable strength.

This time, there were no prominent NPCs like Cecil in the Imperial Capital or Lunaria in the Magic Capital, so the players seemed to admire the Ashes.

Phantom Dragon exhales a fog brace that causes an abnormal state, but Ash and the others attack it without turning it into anything.Phantom Dragon seemed quite surprised and moved badly.

(You thought it would be okay because Pat and the others are holding down the grass that is the ingredient of the medicine.I don't think the dragons know anything about abnormally ineffective food.)

Pat and the others should have been attacked by members of the Black Rose, led by Rosalie, and cannot be here.It should be pretty tough for Agnes and the others to climb the world trees, so the situation is pretty dominant.

(Can you do this?There's still time, and it's still early to be reassured, but there should be no problem so far.Ney and the rest of the players are likely to come.It should be all right in battle.)

Having said that, Hayato is worried.I glanced down from the fifteenth floor of the world tree so that an unexpected situation could happen.

Afterwards, Nay and the others joined together and attacked Phantom Dragon just like Ash and the others.

Phantom Dragon already has about a third of its HP left, and if we keep going, we can defeat it normally.

"Is this going to be okay?

It was the moment Hayato said that to Esha.

Phantom Dragon turned around and looked up at Hayato.

And Phantom Dragon jumped with wings just for a moment.I stuck to the world tree.I don't really understand the emotions of the dragon's face, but Hayato also understands that it is somehow perceived.

"Hayatoyao! Did you do something!?Pat said it was okay, but it didn't poison or paralyze Ash!Besides, you and her are gracefully watching the stampede!?I'll crush every tree in the world!

Some of them are correct, but some of them are completely misguided and Hayato is in trouble.And I want you to stop shouting your name where there are a lot of players.

But there's a problem with that.

Not only did Phantom Dragon climb onto the world tree, but he also climbed up.It may be faster to fly with wings, but is it restricted by stampede, or is it cleverly climbing the world tree with the claws of the forefoot and the hind foot?

They are attacking from the ground with magic and long-range weapons, but they have barely arrived and appear to be ineffective.

The Elf Queen and her closest associates noticed something unusual and began a ranged attack on Phantom Dragon from fifteen levels.However, it doesn't seem to work that well because it's still a long way from here.The closer I got, the more effective it would be, but I didn't think it would have enough firepower to knock it down.

Speaking of time, it's fast enough to climb up here.I don't know how durable the Spirit's nucleus is, but I think it's more likely to break.

Hayat thought so and spoke to Ash and the others via voice chat.

"Can either Ash or Ney come this way?Defeat Phantom Dragon here - no, I want to knock it down.But there are Agres and Thunderdragons inside.If we don't have enough combat power, we won't be able to do this. "

"I wonder if that's the situation... I see.Then I'll go with Len.Those two would be good for us.Nay and the others wait for Suien to fall on the ground.If it falls, we need a concentrated attack. "

Nay said, "Got it.Leave it to the earth, "he nodded.

Hayat sees Ash and Len enter the world tree.And I asked for the help of the two men who came into the Dwarf King.