Another Frontier Online

Phantom Dragon Crusade

A white dragon climbs the world tree.It's just fear, but I don't care if I say it to Hayat for some reason.

The closer Hayato gets to the outside and peeks underneath, the more he releases a fog dragon bracelet.I don't know what makes Phantom Dragon that far, but it's as scary as some horror movie.

"Does saying that Esha isn't her make me angry?

"What are you going to say out loud?If you say so, tell me the story of your husband being shaken so badly by me. "

"Definitely not."

"Then let's do something about it.Ash-sama is on her way, and if we delay Phantom Dragon's arrival, we'll be able to handle it.Maybe. "

This place is fifteen floors.If it's real, you'll be pretty tired by the time you get here, but this is virtual reality.No matter how much you move, you won't get tired.Ash and the others will not be tired at all.

The problem is with the Agnes on their way.I don't know how far Agnes knows about this situation, but when Ash and the others arrive, they'll definitely get in the way.

Last time I saw Nay and Rosalie together, it seemed I could win, but this time I don't know.Even if I win, I don't know how long it will take.

Therefore, we must delay Phantom Dragon's arrival here as much as possible.Although there is an option to defeat it, Hayato's judgment is difficult considering the remaining HP of Phantom Dragon and the firepower of the members here.

(There is also a relationship between the remaining time of the stampede.You want to reduce your HP as much as you can without defeating it - can you help with the timber of the world's trees?

Hayat thought so and talked to the elves.

The Queen and her nearby Elves are attacking with magic, but when Phantom Dragons climb a little further, they will switch to a bow attack.

However, there is a view that if it is so aggressive, it is better to attack with a crossbow rather than a bow.

Crossbows are generally more powerful than bows in this game.The Elf Queen has a bow of considerable performance, so it's powerful enough, but the neighbors only have regular bows.I was asked to arrange a crossbow in the world tree.

Hayato accepts it and immediately receives the ingredients to make a crossbow.

However, apart from that, I was asked to make something else.

A stationary giant bow, the barista.A siege weapon that emits a giant spear rather than an arrow.I wanted you to make it.

The Queen gave me a piece of paper with instructions on how to make it.I can't shoot this down, but it's a plan to shoot Phantom Dragons all the way down to the fifteenth floor.

Hayato accepted with pleasure.You can say it's a little exciting to be remembered for new production items.

Baristas cannot be carried with special weapons.It is a weapon that is placed in the place where it was created and acts as if it were only one attack.However, 360 degrees of rotation is possible.Can attack in any direction from where it was made.

Damage is reflected by the value of your bowing and sniping skills, so it makes no sense for Hayato to to use it.You can use Esha, but she doesn't have any bowing skills, so she does less damage than the Elves.Since it is stamped in the first place, there is no damage even if it is used.It's just a weapon used by the elves.

(I can't believe you have a weapon like this.Let's make it quick)

Hayato first creates a crossbow while suppressing his feelings.After making crossbow arrows, I started making baristas.

It uses a lot of wood from the world's trees, but this time it can be used like hot water.Hayato began making baristas without weighing himself.

After making about twenty, the surroundings become noisy.

The Phantom Dragon climbs outside, but the downstairs are also noisy.

And it was Agnes who appeared from the stairs.

"There are dwarfs here too!

Even though Agnes came, there was no Thunderdragon with less HP.It is unclear whether it was left behind or knocked down, but Hayato thought it would not feel like Agnes could win in this state.

The dwarves thought the same thing, jumping on Agnes.


Agnes used his combat weapon skill, Fengjin Kick, on the dwarves, causing damage to several nearby dwarves.However, not only that, but Agnes' HP recovers and is fully restored.

Wind Kick is a Wind Attribute Range Attack that does not restore HP.

Maybe Agnes is also a weapon of Brad Weapon like Ash's Dragon Eater?

Gloves equipped with AGGRESS in both hands.Hayato doesn't know the shape of the equipment.I decided it was probably the only unique item in the world.And if you do damage, it will restore your HP.

(No, more of a fighting skill.It would be better to think that the shrinkage can be used.)

A shrinkage that can be used when the fighting skill is 100.This is a move that moves in front of the opponent in an instant.It is highly likely that Agnes can use it.

Even if Hayato falls down here now, there is no problem, so there is a possibility that someone else will be targeted.Hayato watched Agnes move to become a one-time wall player.

But it won't be necessary.

I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs.



As Ash rushed up, he slashed it with a dragon eater.

Agnes intercepts the attack with his left fist.

The high-pitched sounds echoed and each other lost their positions.But Agnes was quick to hold it back.Agnes kicks Ash and knocks him to the floor.

"Fuck you later!

Agnes turns his gaze to Len, who came up the stairs with Ash.And in an instant, he moved in front of Len.

"Sorry, Len!


Agnes thought Len's Dragon Curse and Magic were more threatening.I tried to close the distance with Len in the shrinkage and defeat Len before Ash.

Agnes pulls his fist and enters the attack position.

But the fist never reached Len.Suddenly a giant spear flew in and hit Agres.

"What the hell!

Looking in the direction Hayato flew in, it seemed that Esha had shot Agres with a barista.

No damage, but Agnes is out of shape.Ash, who stood up in the meantime, attacked Agnes.

However, that attack is disabled by Agnes' blade sharpening.

But that was what Ash was expecting.Once the blade is used, it will take time until the next use.Ash heard about it from the butler Relic, so he attacked Waza in a normal way.

Ash pulled the sword, then used the weapon skill of the two-handed sword, the hard hit.Attack with knockback for double damage.Immediately after using it, Agnes flashed sideways on Dragon Eater.


Fifteen levels is nothing like an outer wall.Agres blew up with a knockback and went outside the world tree.Afterwards, it falls down according to gravity.

"Damn it...."

Agnes still had HP, but at this height he could not be saved by causing Fall Damage.Stampede is over before he gets back here, even if he's alive.

Hayato and the others felt relieved for now.

However, there are still unresolved issues.Phantom Dragons are climbing the world trees.

"Asha-san, thank you!

"I'm glad Ren-sama didn't get hurt.Well, it was your husband who made this barista.I'm sorry, I lost one, so please make it again. "

"Roger that. Asha, tell Ash and Renn-chan what's going on."

That's how Hayato starts making baristas.

At about thirty, the queen said, "Prepare the barista!I gave instructions.The nearby elves stopped the crossbow attack and moved towards the barista.The dwarves hold their shields to protect the baristas and elves.

I heard Phantom Dragon climbing in Hayato's ear.They must be climbing the world tree with their claws up.The evidence shows that the vibration of the world tree is increasing.And I heard a resentful voice.

"I'll kill the couple!

Have you changed your purpose?That's right, Ren-chan, the dragons are so intense)

Immediately after Hayato thought so, Phantom Dragon's face suddenly appeared.It was a dragon with a long neck, so it arrived before my hand.

"Let go!"

When the Queen of the Elves says so, everyone starts attacking with a barista.

The simultaneous shooting by 30 baristas hit Phantom Dragon's face.Even so, I couldn't defeat it, but Phantom Dragon's HP bar is running low.

"No, what is this!I didn't hear anything like that!

Ash jumped towards the amazing Phantom Dragon.

Phantom Dragon noticed it and opened his mouth loudly.The attack motion of the Dragon Breath.

But Ash is one step faster.

Ash's attack on Phantom Dragon's face and Cyclone's weapon skill of both hands are hit.A knockback attack with a wind attribute that blows a considerable distance.

That's not true in reality, but this is virtual reality.Knockback occurs even if the opponent is large.The phantom dragon that ate it knocked his whole body back instead of his neck.

But it's not enough.Phantom Dragon's forefoot was far from the world tree, but he stuck to it with his hind foot and endured it.

But the Elf Queen, who saw it as a chance, pursues it with a bow.Bow weapon skill that knocks back from the blast, Stinger Bomb hits the neck of Phantom Dragon, causing a powerful explosion.

Phantom Dragon, who was clinging to the world tree with his hind claws, was thrown into the air by the blast.Then he fell on his back.


And Phantom Dragon was hit on the ground.The drop damage appears to be severe, and the HP bar is in millimeters.

And there came upon the army men and Ney, who were waiting on the earth.Other players also took part in the attack.

A few seconds later, Phantom Dragon falls and disappears into particles of light.

"We successfully crushed Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki.Stampede participants will be awarded contribution points and Dragon Seoul shards.I repeat... "

When I heard the World Announcement, I heard cheers from the ground up to the fifteenth floor.And the elves and dwarves cheered in the same way.

I finally won. Hayato exhales loudly thinking so.Then he smiled at Ash and the others.

"Good day, Ash, Ren-chan, and Esha."

"Oh, thank you.You've managed. Last time I took something delicious, I was saved. "

"Thank you, Asha!

"Don't worry, I just got the thank you.Even so, it's impossible to raise your hand to a woman.If you're going to do it, I want you to hit each other and make it feel like friendship has sprouted. "

I'm talking about Agnes, but objectively, Ash is doing worse.Phantom Dragon's Suien is a woman.Ash attacked with all his heart.

Hayato, somehow unable to agree, talks differently about changing the subject.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to take down the dragon-shaped Agnes.We're looking for allies, and we'll fight next Sunday. "

Hayat earns more on work and holidays, but other players, members of the Devil's Summon Study Group and Bandit are different.I thought it would be better if I took a Sunday off from work.

"Oh, I see.There is only one more shard of the treasure.We can't lose without Hayato.Let's defeat Agnes with this momentum. "

Ash looked at Hayato with a nice smile.But I waited for Esha to come in.

"Before that, let's go to the celebration.We need to cultivate wisdom for the next battle.Please have a chocolate pafe party. "

"That's a pudding party!

The two people who were close to each other just now have developed into a battle that feels like they won't give up to each other.

Hayato had to make a lot of both before he could prepare for the celebration.