The day after defeating Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki in the Spirit Kingdom, a celebration was held.

It also serves as a tactical meeting for the next Tyrannosaurus Aggressberion, with most of its members.Then the base was too narrow, so we decided to hold a celebration elsewhere.

It was Mist who gave me the place.

The Mist Mansion in the Magic Land is quite large.There was no particular problem gathering a large number of people in the hall, so we decided to hold a celebration at that place.

The members present are not only members of the Daedalus, led by Hayato, but also members of the Black Rose, the Made Alliance militants, the Butler Alliance, and the Tamer Alliance.

Even Cecil, a collector from the Imperial Capital, and Noat of Primadonna, a former guest of the Mansion, and his band will participate.We also received word that we would be late, but Ivan, a brave man, will be joining us.

Not only that, but also the Black Dragon led by Ney, the Devil Summon Study Group led by Adrian, and the Bandit clan led by Jolt.As expected, Bandit's clan has only ten main players because of the number of people.

Diete alone can't participate because she's in the middle of a lot of research, but this won't help.

Around 8: 00 p.m. before the celebration, members of the so-called leadership presence gathered to talk in a room on the third floor of Mist's Mansion.

The decision is as follows.

Three days later, on Sunday, I fight Agressberion from around 9: 00 a.m.

We don't have time to prepare for complicated collaboration, so we fight each other out of firepower.

Communicate using a common voice chat channel.

I can't say it's a plan alone, but there were many opinions that it would be weaker if I was reluctant because every member was strong.First of all, we settled down with enough momentum to defeat ourselves.

In addition, Ash and Jolt shared information about the Tyrannosaurus Agresberion, and discussed what to prepare by the battle day.

And since the time was better, the celebration began.

There were already many people gathered in the hall on the second floor of the mansion, and meals and cheers began.

The members who were in the operation meeting were dissolved once they said they would participate appropriately.

But Jolt didn't leave Hayato.

"Um, is there anything else?

"It's not like that, but isn't Hayato too close to the NPCs?I've thought so since the Clan War, but normally, demon kings aren't supposed to be on the same side?

"Even if you say that, you can only say that it will work."

Lunaria only relied on Esha to repair the Magic Sword Alondite.I felt a little embarrassed at the time, but now I think I am an important companion.

"Our verification team has been doing a lot to get along with NPC, but I can't really say that we're getting along so well.Maybe this is the difference between computation and nature. "

"It's troublesome to say it's natural, but I have a plan too.In clan wars, they wanted strong allies.I couldn't fight in production, so I had to ask the NPC for power. "

"The investigation team looked into the story.It's a funny story and I laughed. "

"It's a stalker. - So what's the real question?

"No, I just wanted to tell you everything.When the investigation team told me about Hayato at the NPC, I just saw it and thought it was true. "

"I want you to tell me... where I can win if I sue the NPC."

"I suppose I could say honorary title?Besides, the maid guild says it's the messiah, right?Our research team is looking into what kind of quest you might be asked to do.Maybe you don't have a title like Savior?

"... I don't have it at all"

Jolt said, "That's too bad," and walked away from Hayato laughing.

Hayat hasn't seen his acquired title since.Because there seems to be more and more of them.The titles Hayato wants are craftsmen and things like that, but I feel that there has only been an increase in color-based titles.

After defeating Phantom Dragon yesterday, I was thanked by the Elf Queen and the Dwarf King, as well as the unseen Spirit who was there.And for thanking me for the timber of the world tree.However, because of the large quantity, it was said that I would take it to the base in a split.

(I haven't seen it, but I feel like I've been given an extra title.I don't hate it, but I don't think it's such a decent title.It will stand out if you apply it, but it doesn't stand out very well)

It is a title that has only a playful meaning, but people will want it.

However, it is highly likely that the acquisition conditions are too special and almost one-size-fits-all.With that title, they'll definitely tell me how to get to the base first.For such a reason, Hayato had a title but did not give it.

Hayato shakes his head.More than that, it's a celebration to cultivate wisdom.The taste of my cooking is five stars, but the combination is questionable.I walked around trying to confirm my reputation.

Cooking is popular. And when I looked around, it seemed like I was having a very interesting combination of cheers.

First, Mist and Adrian.

"With a coffin, vampires can be resurrected in clan warfare, right?

"Yes, that's right.If you link yourself to the coffin, the ash will be transferred there.Nevertheless, we need tomato juice or human blood to resurrect.I don't mind dragon bloods. "

"I see. Even in a normal battle, vampires become ashes when defeated, but can they be revived with tomato juice?

"... are you going to offset the lives taken by Duke Devil Summons?

"Yes, we were hated by the church, and you can't teach us sacred magic.I was thinking of another way to resurrect it, but the Feather of the Feather is very difficult to prepare.But not with tomato juice.It's hard to increase the Reaper Magic Skill to 100, but I wonder if it's worth it. "

"Excellent, let me know if you will.I want to know what's going to happen. "

"Yeah, I'd love to."

(Both men are gentlemen, but being vampires and calling them Devil Summoners is too occult and frightening... There are black roses and maids around Ash and it's a little difficult to get close.Mr. Relic is talking to the maid director.I don't want to disturb you.Maris is starting to boast about her pets, and Nay and the others - they can't get anywhere near it.)

There are females gathered around Nay.

Nei, Esha, Lunaria, Rosalier, Cecil, and Noat.

It's a beautiful team of women, but its character is understated and terrible.

"Lunaria's Alondite looks nice.How much do I owe you?

"What are you saying to our Lunarian?Don't be too persistent, Cora. "

"Did Nay see me beat the Pluto?Cecil was right, I think I understood that Alondite was better looking. "

"No, I wasn't here to fight Agnes or Randa - don't be so depressed.I heard you were looking good when you showed up in the carriage. "

"I want you to celebrate the victory every day.You can eat a lot of food without working. "

"I know very well. Sing, eat or sleep, just rotate."

That's a lot worse.

"Hey, Hayato. I'm here because they called me.Can I eat something around here?It smells good and makes me hungry. "

It was the brave Ivan who called out from behind Hayat.

I haven't seen him in six months, but I don't feel particularly nostalgic.Ivan seemed to have done the same, and the conversation started without celebrating reunion.

"You can eat as much as you like.Yes, I will defeat Agressberion in three days. Thank you. "

"Three days later.Okay. But the stampede was starting, wasn't it?Until recently, I was diving in a dungeon in a solo, so I didn't know. "

"Dungeon? Were you at the solo?

Exploring dungeons is hard just by being strong.Requires so-called bandit skills, such as unlocking traps and keys.

Diving into the dungeon with a solo is a rare act, as there will be places where the brave Ivan, however strong, cannot go any further.If I could go, it would only be a naturally made dungeon.

"Ah, it's like a heartbreak trip.I looked back at myself alone. "

That's novel.

Having such a conversation, Ivan lost sight of Hayato.And he obviously looks disgusting.

Cecil and Noat are there too?And then Lunaria and Godzilla?I don't know the other one... she's beautiful!

"When I think about it, Cecil and Mr. Noat are former clan members.But why do you look so disgusting?

"Huh? You don't want to?― ― Ah, yabe

Ivan was found by Esha and the others.Cecil, Noat, and Esha are approaching.

"Hey, Ivan. Long time no see.Have you found a nice weapon?Sell me. "

"I want to feed you with old friendship.You make money because you're a brave man, right?

"If you have the ingredients, please give them to your husband.I'm still hungry. "

"... you guys haven't changed.After all, I like a soft woman like Lunaria..... "

Ivan leaks a voice that feels real.Hayato felt that it was quite a heartfelt voice.

And now Lunaria and the others are here.

"I, Lunaria the Demon King, will take the MVP in the next battle.I'll prove to you that I didn't call you a brave man. "

That's what Lunaria said, and she turned her arm around.Rosalie was staring at Ivan without saying anything and seeing who Nay was.

"... Lunaria has changed a bit.It's kind of in the wrong direction. The oasis of my heart..... "

Hayato thought it would be okay to be a hero in this state, but he thought he was going to get caught up in something when he was here and faded it out so he wouldn't notice.

At that time, I noticed a lot.There's no Ren here.

When I searched for Len while moving, I saw him alone on the balcony.

I don't know what you're doing, but Hayato approached to talk to Len.