Len is close to the balcony railing and looks out.

There is a garden in that direction, but it is now night.There are only a few magical lights lit up in the garden, so you can barely see the view.

Hayat approached Len.

"Ren-chan, what are you doing?

"Ha, Hayato!?It's nothing!?

Ren shook her shoulders for a moment and then said so without looking at Hayato.

(Do you think that's enough to fool me...?

It would be harder to say that this is nothing.Moving next to Len shows the situation.Len was eating a bucket pudding.And get some.


"Don't say that unfortunately.There are many competitors other than Mr. Esha today, so we need to get them to eat early.If you can't eat much, you may curse your surroundings.In other words, it would be an exaggeration to say that this is a salvation to the people around you!

"... well, you don't have to push so hard.But is that okay? Stay here alone.Isn't that boring? "

"Normally, I don't really care, but because you're over 20 years old, the conversation doesn't suit me subtly.Because I am fifteen years old.Esha can still follow the curse!

Asha is amazing.

Hayato thought that was the setting for Len to be fifteen.

Genesis Dragon has been in this world since the beginning of the world, so the real age in the game is higher.However, Len's actual age is fifteen.That is the human expression of fifteen years old.

That's how Len stared at Hayato.

"What's wrong?

"Just in time, let's talk about the curse!

"I don't think it's a good time to talk about the curse... but I think I'll go out with Ren-chan once in a while.Everyone seems to be talking to someone else today, so I wanted someone to talk to. "

Niisan, today is a hot day.

Ash is surrounded by militant maids and Gothloris.It is not the feeling of stretching under the nose, but I have a fairly troubled face, but I have no sympathy.I don't think I want to replace the Ash position with any dust, but it makes me a little irritated.

"I want you to destroy handsome people."

"Um, I'm my brother, so I'm a little ruined.So, speaking of curses, what kind of cursed goods does Hayato like?

"I don't really like any of them."

"I see, I need to know more.I see. Introduce my cursed items!

Hayato's face pulled a little, but he decided to listen to Len once in a while.

"... so I was wondering if you could summon the demon to the item next time.Such possessive. "

"You're asking Adrian?But can you build a cursed item with that?

"I don't know, but it's worth a try.Collecting cursed items is difficult, isn't it?Basically, there are only rare drops from monsters.But isn't it great to be able to make it?

I don't summon demons to items.Is it worth a try?

"If you could, would Hayato change the skill structure?If you combine your production skills with your Devil's Summon Skills, you may be able to make all kinds of Cursed Items, so I'd love to ask. "

"I'm interested, but I wonder if I can change the skill structure."

Hayato doesn't know if there is a system to possess the demon with what Len says.If Diete didn't hear that, she said, "That sounds interesting.Then let's upgrade it. "

However, there is a possibility that we can create a curse gear in another way.Hayato knows that this game has a system that is not yet known.

When I fought Dite, there was a skill combo that said I could steal the opponent's weapon with the ability to steal the blade.

Such a system probably exists only in combat skills, but I don't think it's strange that such a thing happens even in production skills.

Maybe Bandit's investigation team and verification team know about it.Hayat decided to ask later.

Hayato switches his mind when it comes to conversation with Len.

"Even so, Ren-chan really likes cursed items."

"Yes, that's why I love curses, but I've been thinking a lot since then, and I think it's my mother's influence."

Hayato has previously heard the reason for his love of the Len curse in the Labyrinth Castle.At that time, there was a trigger, but I was talking about forgetting.Hayato continues to talk that it may not be very good to stimulate memory because he loves curses from the real world, but it may be a little okay.

"Ren-chan's mother?Well, they say they're trapped in Dragon Seoul's hidden treasure. "

It's an in-game setting, but that's what I asked.Hayato only knows about Len's mother to the extent that she is an actress, but that's because it's a real story that doesn't make sense to Len.

"That's right. Speaking of which, there was one more shard of the treasure.I haven't gathered at all in the last six months.That's Hayato. "

"There's something like this, but it's a lot lighter, right?

Ren is somewhere else, even though her mother's soul is trapped in the treasure.

Hayato has no parents.I don't know what a girl like this thinks about not having a mother, but I think there's something more.

"Hmm, I think I've told you before, but I've never actually met her in person, so even if I tell my mother, she won't come.I only know my mother by watching the Clan War Pickup video. "

"And the curse is your mother's influence?

"That's right.All I know is a video of my mother always fighting like that.And I remember getting a cursed doll as a present for me.He went somewhere and decided that he liked my curse. "

I see.

Hayato thinks so. I wonder if the video is a movie story.

The movie that Vel told me to watch was like a cursed doll.I was talking about defeating the curse rather than fighting it with a curse, but I can hardly say that I fought with a curse.

And Kirka, Len's mother, has looked online for information that horror and suspense movies were common when she was young.If Len was watching it, it's possible that curse lovers are influencing it.

Hayato speculated that the curse that Len liked meant that she wanted to feel a little closer to her mother, who had not been around since she got angry.

"Um, does Ren-chan miss you?Well, she's gone. "

Len saw Hayato with a neat face.He then bends his arms and leans his neck.

"No, I've never felt lonely because I've never met her in the first place.My father and brother were very careful.Neither of them is delicate, but they took care of me like that.Ah, but... "


"I miss that I don't know anything about my mother at all.Both my father and brother have memories of my mother, but I didn't have any.I kind of missed you guys.Besides, they didn't talk much about my mother in front of me.He taught me everything. "

"Well... Len-chan, you can eat as much pudding as you want."

"Don't show sympathy for the openness.And that's an old story.I don't think so now. "

"What kind of mood change is that?

"What is it?I think there was an opportunity to think that we were all together, but I forgot. "

"Really?Well, if it's better now, there's no problem. "

"Yes, there is no problem.Ah, yes, that's not the problem, but I'd like to ask Hayato a favor. "

"What is it?

"Recently, my brother has been working hard and I'm not very active, am I?Even in yesterday's world tree, I followed your brother, and it was almost useless. "

Really? I think Agnes tried to kill Len before Ash did, because he thought she was a threat to him.

Ash and Agnes fought on the fifteenth floor of the world tree, but Agnes tried to defeat Len first.Had he fought Ash like that, Agnes would have definitely been defeated by Len's curse.

And Len's Dragon Curse is a pretty threatening skill.Lowering the STR by half, especially for humanoid characters, is enough to disarm most of the equipment.There is a problem that the effect range is slightly narrower, but the difficulty is that much.

"I may be, but I want to be more powerful in this sense."

Power up?

"Yes, I want to wear better cursed gear and focus on firepower thoroughly.High risk, high return. "

"I don't care, but why do you use curse gear? Well, the more curse gear you have, the more magical damage you do.You've made something extra. "

Hayato's five-dimensional nails of Orihalcon have the ability to increase the magic damage of the curse as they are equipped with curse equipment.There was still room in Len's gearbox, so we were talking about wearing more cursed gear and raising the firepower.

However, it is not enough to equip any curse.The thermal power cannot be increased unless it is equipped with a curse that increases the damage of the curse magic.

"That's why we're going to take down monsters that rarely drop cursed gear.I think Hayato's knowledge skills will increase her drop.I think the labyrinth castle is even deeper and better. "

"You have no choice but not to go?I don't know what I can do in the next three days, but I think I can help. "

"It's settled. Let's start tomorrow!

Hayato listened to Len's request.