Another Frontier Online

Original and Copy

After the victory, Hayat returned to his base with Ash and Ren.

There was still time to spare, but when Len said that she was still young, it opened up once.Some say that Ash was at the limit of being surrounded by women.

Esha said that she would attend the second meeting.There are five former clan members, including the brave Ivan.I wanted to talk to everyone for a long time.

Asha alone has a real memory, but there is something I think about members.Hayat came back first without disturbing the conversation with his old friends.

However, Hayato came back with a little wonder.The lights are leaking from the base.

The Mist Mansion had all the members of the Daedalus.Since the second party appeared to be attended by people other than Hayato, there is no reason for members to be at the base.Ney and the others try to enter the base at any time, but all the members of the Black Dragon are Mist's Mansion.

Hayat thought Dite was coming, but decided to open the door carefully just in case.Ash is also holding up a little bit.

When I opened the door leading to the cafeteria, Dite was there.Looks like he sat at the table and waited.

Looking at it, Hayato exhales.

Dite. I wish you'd told me if you were coming. "

"I'm sorry. I couldn't get in touch because I was in a bit of a hurry.I'd like to talk to you about this, if you don't mind.

"I don't mind. Um, Ash..."

"I'm going to put Len to bed.It seems like we're at our limit. "

"Well, not yet, Daijubi...."

Len is so jealous that she can't turn around.Once every few seconds, I woke up happily, but I felt my eyelids close right away.Ash looked at Len and smiled a little, but looked at Dite and looked serious.

"Should I listen to you?

"No, I just want to talk to Hayato."

I see. If you leave Len in the room, I'll sleep in the room too.I'm tired today.Goodnight then. "

Hayat thought that being surrounded by women would certainly tire him, but he didn't sympathize.

"Oh, good night... nahi..."

Len also seemed to be breaking the limit, and Ash slipped up the stairs upstairs.

Hayato smiles at it.

"You're a good brother and sister."

"Really? Well, I don't think we're close.Would it be all right if we talked about this more than that?

Hayato feels strange.I can't explain what happened.However, I don't feel very smart compared to the usual diet.

"I don't mind, but I'll get you some coffee.Do you need anything to eat?

"No, I don't need it.I don't want any coffee. Let's talk about it. "

Diete is laughing.The face looks as usual.However, the mere discomfort gradually became more certain in Hayato.

Hayato always prepared coffee for Dite.Because he said he liked the taste.It could be a so-called lip service.I don't like it or dislike it, but I may have said that just because it's Hayato's coffee.

But I've never refused coffee.Perhaps he was just in a hurry, but Hayato didn't think the Dite in front of him was the usual Dite.

There's only one thing I can think of.

Dite in front of me is a fake.I mean, it's a backup diet.

Hayat never opened his mouth.

"What do you want me to do with Dite's backup?

The Dite in front of me twitched her face for a moment.But I gradually smiled.

"I'm surprised. The dress, appearance, and tone should have been the same, but they seemed to be discerning.Where did you find it?

"Dite likes my coffee."

"... that's funny, you.I think I can see Diete's obsession with you.Oh, yeah. Would you like me to correct one thing?I'm not a Dite backup.It's like a twin with the same performance.I am not an auxiliary being simply because Diete was moving first.I can't believe he's original and I can take a copy. "

Hayato turned a cold gaze from Diete in front of him and his spine became cold even though it was a virtual reality.The target is AI, and even though this is virtual space, it feels pressure.It's stronger than what Ver felt before.

(I wonder if copying or backing up is an AI humiliating thing... for now, it's a good idea to piss off)

"What's your name, then?What am I supposed to call you?

"I don't have a name. I don't intend to imitate people.But if that's hard to talk about, you can call it Hypnos.In the sense of God, who slept for a long time. "

(Did the name of the sleeping god look like that?Maybe you fought against Aphrodite.)

"Okay. So, Hypnos, what can I do for you?

"What, I just came to see you because I knew you were Dite's favorite.But I changed my mind.I have a suggestion for Hayato. "


"Betray Dite and put it here.I take the place of Dite.If you're on my side, I'll destroy Diete and give you every advantage in this world.No, but it's real.Hand over a portion of this game's sales.I'll transfer about 100 million yen to the bank every month.

Hayat was a bit astonished at the similarities.

Money is certainly attractive and will be necessary to survive.But there is no guarantee that such a promise will be kept.I just met him today in the first place and I don't even trust him.

Before that, Diete's disappearance could not have been accepted.

"I refuse. I want the money, but I don't think you're going to betray Diet-chan."

"You're a boring man.It's a chance to live as you wish in virtual reality or reality. "

"Whatever you want, hey.Is that funny?

"... what?

"For example, no matter what kind of production item you make, you can create it with 5 stars without failing. Besides, can any monster be defeated with a single hit?

"Of course. I can't do that right now, but without Dite, all authority will be mine.It's possible. "

"Is that fun as a game?Some people think it's funny, but I'm confident I'll get bored in three days.I think it's as boring to be able to do anything as it is to be unable to do anything?

"... you might get tired of games, but what about reality?A hundred million a month. Can you play and live?

"You want me to spend the money I earned by extinguishing Dieter?You haven't looked into me?I didn't shake my neck vertically when I was offered a similar offer. "

Six months ago, a similar proposal was made to Dite.100 million in the real world instead of eliminating one clan member.At that time, I only thought of the members as AI, but Hayato refused.That is not because of guilt.Because I didn't want AI to disappear.And this time too.

"I knew, but wasn't it because the price was cheap?You're an unusual type of person. "

"I'll take it as a compliment."

"I'm not complimented, but I'm free to accept it.Enough then. Nothing will change if you stay. [M]But I'll give you a little thanks for the fun. "


"Yes, it's a piece of the treasure.Collect 4 of them and use your craftsmanship skills to become Dragon Seoul's treasure.You know you can go to Dragongrave with that?

Hayat affirms by nodding without saying.

"Having Dragon Seoul's treasure will allow you to transfer it to Dragon Grave with a transporter located in King's City.Ash, Len, and Hayato are the only three you need to go to Dragongrave.Defeat Val there and the Stampede event is almost over. "

"Only three?

I don't know how strong Vel is, but he treats this event like a rash boss.And yet, it will not be weak.And Hayato can't fight in production.In fact, Ash and Len are going to fight together.

"This is like a quest dedicated to Ash.I've restricted Ash's dragons, but in Dragon Grave the restrictions will be lifted.It will be the final game, so you can watch it in the premium seat. "

"Why are you giving me that information?

"It's about time we gathered the treasure.This Stampede event will not end until Vale has collected all the Shards of the Treasure, Ash has collected the Shards to defeat Vale, or Ash has been defeated.It's almost six months. It's about time, right?

-What time is it?

When Hayato didn't answer anything, Hypnos looked at Hayato with pleasure.

"Isn't that strange?This is also a battle between me and Dite.It's time to settle this. "

"Are you telling me you want Vel to stampede infinitely and defeat Diete-chan?

"Do you know that much?Yeah, that's right.Ver will have a grudge against me - that is, Diete.Even if Val beats Ash and the others, can Diete defeat Val?

Diete-chan is going to be protected by me.

"I used to say that because I only have production skills.Well, it doesn't matter if someone helps you.However, dragons with emotional runaways are set to be stronger than Stampede's stat.Try not to lose.Now, shall I go home?Looks like the other one noticed. "

Hypnos used the ring on his right index finger.Then the body began to shine, and the moment it glowed violently, Hypnos disappeared.I used a transfer ring.

Shortly afterwards, Diete opened the door from the outside and came in.

"Hayato! My backup is here now."

The person who just disappeared rushes in through the door.This looks like a cont, but this is a real diet.Hayato thinks that Hypnos has a sense of laughter.

"There you are.I just went somewhere with the transfer ring. "

"... I see.But, Hayato, I'm glad you're safe. "

"Thank you for your concern.Shall we share the information for now?I'll tell you what I was talking about. "

"That's right. I'd rather hear it from Hayato's mouth than check it out in the logs... but before you do, can you get me some coffee?Hayato, when I drink your coffee, I feel like I'm crazy. "

Hayato smiled a little and prepared Dite and his own coffee.