Another Frontier Online

Labyrinth Castle Again

The day after the celebration, Hayato and the others came to the Labyrinth Castle.

The reason is to get the gear to increase Len's firepower.It turns out to be a cursed gear, but most players and NPCs know that undead monsters can easily drop that gear.

That's where I noticed Phantom Knight in the Labyrinth Castle.

Phantom Knight is a half-knight undead monster with a spiritual body and a physical body, but it is treated like a boss monster and will be a battle in a dedicated field.And it's a mechanism that gets sent out of the castle when you knock it down.

This is not the case as a strength, so we had to fight so many times that we would play around.

The only four members are Hayat, Ash, Len and Relic, just like when they came here before.The other members were noisy until late at yesterday's celebration and said they couldn't do it in the morning.

Hayato and the others walk down the hallway of the Labyrinth Castle defeating monsters.

"Is Mr. Relic okay?Didn't you talk to the maid chief and the former clan members until late yesterday?

"No problem.And because I'm old, my sleep is shorter. "

Well, that's fine then.

It seems that relic and maid length are quite good - it is likely that they are completely different because they are the personal feelings of maid length.Hayato doesn't say anything because she doesn't know what happens when she points it out.But there's something that bothers me.

(I'm sure Relic is single, but the woman she saw at the last Clan War, she looks like a Bandit Guild Guild Master.He said he was a bandit buddy, but he looked pretty young for that.I don't think there's anything romantic about it, but is the maid chief okay?

I'm not worried, but Esha is influenced by the maid in her position.Esha was delighted to be less angry these days, but God knows what happens when something happens to the maid captain.

This will not happen soon, but it will be dangerous if it affects the fight against Agressberion.

Hayato is in a position to take care of himself as the organizer of the Greasebellion Crusade.It didn't seem to be a problem at the celebration, but I can't deny the possibility that it will be in a bad state sometime.

I approached Relic to check the situation.

"What has it been like with the maid chief lately?

"Yes, you've always been good.The bridge between the Made and Butler Guilds has also been actively dealt with, and if this continues, there may not be anything definitive. "

(I don't think I have a pulse.I feel like it's just a business relationship.Well, this way?)

Speaking of which, there was a second meeting, right?How was your new member?Was everything all right?

Relic smiles at Hayato's words.

"There's no problem.It may not look that way from the side, but we trust each other, so it's just a little bit of a casual thing to say.Yesterday wasn't all of them, but it's been a long time since we've had that many members together, so it seems like you all missed it.I was planning to meet everyone else this time. "

I see.It's certainly a good thing your old buddies were. "

Hayato was expelled from the Black Dragon for Nay's runaway reasons, but it is still a good relationship.Besides, I can say that we are friendly enough to have an off-duty meeting.

(I thought it was just about virtual reality, but I never thought I'd get along in real life.)

"By the way..."

When Hayato was thinking about the Black Dragon, Relic called out.

"Ash-sama told me yesterday that Diete-san was at the base.It looks like you weren't at the festival. What happened?

"Oh, no, I didn't have any particular problems.Diete-chan's been doing a lot of research, so she just came to give me that information... and wanted me to get some rest on the day of the celebration. "

"Yes, work is honorable, but not impossible."

(The person who actually came was Hypnos, but it wouldn't make sense to say that.But what is her purpose?

Hayato remembers Hypnos.

The ultimate goal will be to replace Dite.But the way to do it is too good or too rough.

The hardliner wins the event, the more Vel you can defeat Dite.Diete said he had unlimited stampede and the ability to kill AI.Besides, there is a setting that puts the emotions that I said before on the status.If Vel were angry with Dite, he would have a good stat.

However, I am not particularly anxious about the current situation.Otherwise, Ash and the others talked as if they could win.

(Hypnos also said that he and Diete-chan were fighting.I'm making a lot of plans to get Ver serious and make Diete-chan angry.Still, I don't seem to be interested in the battle between Vale and Ash.I've been telling you that information... do you think the results are the same, whichever wins?If Ash wins, Ash will try to defeat Dite....?

Hayato thought a lot, but he couldn't think of any reason why Ash could defeat Diete.Then I call Ash to ask him directly.

"Ash, what do you think of Dite?

Ash had wrinkles between her eyebrows after she looked like her thoughts had stopped.

"What a sudden. I have no idea what you think.I think it's pretty good as a sacred magic and a user.I believe that fighting skills are a novel skill structure.I don't know, but it's not about men and women liking or disliking it, is it?I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in that right now.It was hard yesterday..... "

"Of course I'm not talking about men and women.I wonder if you hate me somehow. "

"Why? Something that you think happened?

"No, there's nothing.Look, Diete-chan will join us in the fight against Agressberion, so I thought I'd check to see if there's anything like that. "

"Don't worry.No one else has that kind of feeling about the members we fight with this time.We're all in this together. "

I see. I'm sorry, listen to something weird. "

Ash gestured not to worry with his right hand shaking gently to the left and right.

(I see.I have no reason to dislike it no matter what I think.It's impossible for Ash to attack Dite.then…)

And Hayato noticed. Len was walking and staring at Hayato.

"Er, Ren-chan?What's the matter with you?

As Len approached Hayato, he spoke with a smaller voice than usual.

"Is this it?The legendary technique of waving a story to a love rival, "Do you like that kid?It's an operation, right?If they ask me, I'm more likely to say I don't think anything. "

This is the first time I've heard of it.

"Huh? I mean, you didn't do the math, you did the plain stuff?After that, don't confess by saying, "I like you." So you're controlling, right?Even though Hayato has Escha, Dite...!

"I'm too imaginative and worried about Ren-chan's future.So, Ren-chan's imagining how I am?

"It's a secret, but I'll tell you in private.Actually, I think it's close to being a pussy. "

"I wanted you to keep it a secret until the end."

Len smiled and said, "I'm kidding!"and say," Come on, let's go!"and walked cheerfully.

When Ash cautioned against leaving too far after seeing it, Relic said, "I'm with you," and approached Len.The two look like grandfathers and grandchildren, so Hayato calms down a little.

(Ren-chan can't be more hostile to Diet-chan than Ash.)

Ash sighed as Hayat denied his idea.

"Absolutely, Len's guy is too hasty.I'm a little worried that the cursed gear collection might increase, so it's a little tense. "

"I think it's okay because Relic is here too.You're not going to kill a monster by yourself. "

"Oh, no, I'm not worried about that.Len used to be weak.There was an image back then, and when I saw Len, who was too shabby, it was annoying. - What's wrong?

"Oh, no, it's nothing.That's certainly worrying. "

Hayato thinks a little while saying so.

(Was Ren-chan weak?That's a real story, right?Virtual reality doesn't mean you're weak... I wonder, it's a bit caught up.But if there is a problem in terms of physical condition, Diete-chan will say something, and now there is no problem)

Hayat thought so and went after the Rangers.