Another Frontier Online

Fighting Tyrannosaurus Dragons

Hayato and the others gathered in the mountains of Boboda early in the morning to fight the Tyrannosaurus Aggressiverion.

The boboboda mountain is a mountain with no greenery and only bronze rocks.On the northern side of the mountain where Agresberion appears, is it easy to fight just inside it, or is the flat area spread out in a circle with a diameter of one kilometer?The south side is a cliff, otherwise it's an open space with a nice view.

The people who were at the hunting ground without knowing what was going on look surprised.I was staring at a group of Hayats as to what was going to happen.

The biggest force on the scene is the Bandit clan led by Jolt.Hundreds of people. However, only a large number of people can actually fight about fifty people.The remaining 50 are non-combatants who perform verification, investigation, production, etc., so they are only here.

The next most common are members of the Demon King Castle, led by Lunaria.Ten black roses led by Rosalie, and ten knights in black armor.And four people who are clearly wearing unique gear and beside Lunaria.There are dozens of others, but they are not equipped to be that strong.

As Hayat looked at the member, Esha approached.

"Are you concerned about the members who are close to Lunaria?You know the Black Rose, don't you?The Black Knights are members of the Dark Ten Knights.I used to say "Nightmare."And those four powerful men were members of Lunaria-sama's clan.Previously the clan name was Ambrosia.As you can see, it's pretty strong. "

"I understand somehow. The armor I have seems to be strong.But it's not hostile, so you can count on it.By the way, what about the maid's guild?

"I'm ready.A total of twenty militant maids, including maids.You can go at any time. Nevertheless, since I am acting differently, I will leave it to the maid director. "

"Roger. Um, so the Butler Guild..."

"We are ready, Hayato."

Now Relic approached and lowered his head to Hayato.

"Mr. Relic, can I leave you to the Butler Guild?

"Yes, no problem.The Butler Guild has also developed a skill set.It's definitely going to help. "

"I see. Best regards,Um, and then... "

Hayato san

Maris flew over in Griffon's Lancelot.Behind them are other monsters that can fly.

"I've brought people from the Tamer Guild to help me.Everyone's strong!

"Thank you. By the way, can I only get ten cats for Deluxe?

"Yes, there's no problem.As a matter of fact, I have a reward for you, and I'm going to train your pet next time. "

"Really?I'll take care of Maris a lot. "

"It's okay.I always take care of this one, too.Then we will strike from the sky, thank you very much. "

Maris said so and flew over Lancelot.Fifteen people, including Maris, are circling the sky on Pegasus, Griffon, and Wyburn.

And another unit that was flying the same way came down near Hayato.A giant bat anyway.I mean, it's a vampire unit headed by Mist.

When all came down in front of Hayat, they transformed themselves into men.And the mist in front of him laughs at Hayato.

"We will participate in the crusade with minimal effort."

"I'm the one who's really weak."

"Hayato-san made a lot of sunscreen and tomato juice, so it's not a trace force.And thank you all for the coffin.I plan to collaborate with the Demon Summon Study Group to do Zombie Attacks.I'm a vampire. "

The Devil's Summon Festival, led by Mist and Adrian, seems to be mixed up and has been experimenting with Mist's Mansion lately.

There are Adrians in a few places, and even coffins.When Mist raised his hand, Adrian and the others raised their hands and responded.

"Yes, actually, I contacted my previous colleagues, but they refused.I'm sorry. "

"Well, the immortals are the top ten, right?No, I can't help it.If you're deep in the dungeon, you'll have a hard time getting here. "

Mist was in touch with an old buddy to see if he could join the fight, but no one answered.Hayato would be better off with a little combat power, but the vampire NPC in front of him also looks strong.Then I thought there was no problem.

The mists lowered their heads to Hayat, then turned into bats and flew over the sky.I wonder if it's a rival relationship with Maris' Tamer team, or if they're fighting separately, not in a coordinated way.

"You've gathered a lot of people."

Now the brave Ivan brings Cecil and Noat.

Cecil stood in front of Hayato.

"When this is over, make me an Excalibur replica.I promised. "

"Not when this is over, but after the event."

"Ah? If you collect four shards of the treasure, it's over, right?

"Ah, no, that's not true.There's one more thing.Well, I told you it would take six months or a year from the beginning, so just wait and see.I'll make it as soon as I can. "

"Shhhhh.You'll get it for free, so I'll endure it.Hayato also has a Dragon Eater Replica, and I'll put up with it!

Cecil said so, and Noat stood in front of Hayato with a sleepy face as usual.

"Well, when the event is over, feed me as promised."

"... you didn't promise me that, did you?

"... good memory is troublesome.I wish I'd been more forgotten. "

"I appreciate my memory.By the way, all three of you are really asking.I'm counting on your strength outside the standards. "

"Don't worry. I hope there's a woman who falls in love with my majesty after I beat her to my Excalibur."

Ivan has a little distant eyes.

Certainly looking at Esha, Cecil, and Noat, Hayato thought it was right to feel a little more comfortable for a woman.Each of them has its own charm.But I'm kind of tired.

Esha set up Belzeve in Hayato, who was thinking about that.

"Did you notice anything disrespectful?

"I'm not thinking about anything.Ah, looks like Ney and the others are ready. "

"You've changed the subject openly.Well, that's fine. "

Nay and the others noticed Hayato and approached with a smile.

"It's amazing to be able to gather this many people.At Stampede, we fight with more players and NPCs, but it's kind of fresh and tense for everyone to know. "

"Indeed. Ney and the others, please.I can't fight. "

"What are you talking about?Hayato must have equipped me with effective tools to combat the Aggressive Bellion.It will contribute more than fighting.Let me tell you, today's MVP is not a hero or a demon king, it's a hayato.

Hayato prepared most of the equipment for Nai and the NPC, as well as restoration items.I don't have anything for Bandit or the Devil's Summon Monsters clan, but almost everyone in the NPC is wearing Hayato's armor.

I'm glad to hear that.

Nay said, "Of course!"and slapped Hayato's left arm with his right hand.The members of the Black Dragon did the same with a smile before leaving the scene.

The reason we left is because another group is approaching Hayato.

The "Beast of the Moon" mercenary group led by Ash.

Ash, and Len, and thirty of them.It's a mercenary group that specializes in dragon hunting, so you can say it's the most reliable thing to do here.

"Does it look like Agnes hasn't shown up yet?

"It's about time.I think it's time for two hours. "

Ash nodded and looked at Esha.

"There's no collaboration, but the first blow will be shady, right?

"Yes, as per the plan, I will shoot Destroy first.That is the smoke of war.After that, I'll be your husband's escort. "

"Oh, please. Even when you're fighting Agnes, you could take Hayato."

As it stands, only the hard-line dragons are Agresberlions, and the rest are defeated, so they won't be back for a month.But as for the three moderates, Pat, Randa, and Odo, I've never beaten them with Stampede.

Ver told Hayat to stay with Ash and the others, so he wouldn't instruct them to come after him, but Ash and Len didn't know about it, so it would be natural to try to protect Hayat.

He said that it was impossible to fight while protecting Hayat, and asked Esha to escort Hayat.However, other members have asked me to shoot only Destroy, and I'm supposed to shoot first and thirty minutes after the cool time.

"Speaking of which, what happened to Diete?

"It's not here yet."

Diete was also going to participate in this fight.But if I don't hear from you, I won't be here.

When Hayato was a little worried, she was shouted "It's getting late" from behind.

Turning around, Diete stood in her usual monk's clothes.

"I'm sorry. It's getting late.I was doing a lot of research, and I accidentally forgot my time. "

"By accident. Then Diete-chan is real."

"Hayato-kun, I'm having a little trouble distinguishing that kind of thing.

"What are you both talking about?It's time to tighten up. "

Ash said so and stared into the northern sky.Hayat likewise sees the northern sky, wondering if Agnes Berion will come from that direction.

Well, is it time to get ready?

Esha stood on one knee with her left foot up, then peeked at the scope with her Belzeve in her arms.

Shortly afterwards, a loud roar was heard from the north.

Everyone looked at you and saw a black dragon flying in the sky.

"Coming! It's Agressberion!Prepare for battle! "

When Ash screams, everyone holds their weapons.

Agresberion flew in at considerable speed and quickly landed on the ground in front of him.With a total length of 15 meters and a dragon larger than the ordinary Genesis Dragon, the ground shakes like an earthquake.

And then he roared. He fired a dragon lore scattered around Stan.

But most of the members here are ineffective.Thanks to Hayato's stun invalid rings and bracelets.Of course, it didn't work for Esha either.


Ten magical formations line up from the gun mouth toward Aggressberion.Shortly afterwards, a flare shell fired from the muzzle broke through the magic formation and reached the thickness of a laser, heading towards Agresberion.

The attack deals a direct hit to Aggressberion.

Hayato looked at the HP bar and found that it was about a fifth less.I would say it was quite powerful.

As a sign of the beginning of the war, the members here attacked with a roar.


But when the voices of the women echoed through this place, everyone stopped.

High Healing. Heals HP with sacred magic.It is more effective than normal healing and restores 50% of HP.

It was used for Agresberion.Decreased HP bars recovered in Destroy.

"As long as I'm around, Agnes won't lose!Any scratch will be fine!

"Don't come out.They're after us?

Landa, a woman dressed as a priest on the back of Agressberion, used healing magic on Agressberion.I am also drinking some juice.

Everyone on the spot decided they couldn't defeat Agressberion without first defeating Randa.