Another Frontier Online

Total Force Battle

Landa, a woman on the back of Agressberion.

As you can see from the priestly costume, Hayato knew that he was a user of sacred magic because he also used magic like that when he attacked Mist's Mansion.It was also assumed that he would fight with Agnes.

But I wasn't expecting you to join the fight on your back.

It's a little hard to hit a random in that state.There are dragon-shaped Aggresses that are huge in the first place, but most attacks should be taken by Aggresses.

Agressverion's Immunity is weak to Physical Attributes and Nullifies other Attribute Attacks.And it has a huge amount of HP.Random heals with sacred magic when taking some damage.

It could be the worst combination for Hayato.

(Shit. Should Destroy have been used on Randa?I thought it might come, but I didn't think it would come in this way)

Hayato regrets it a little, but there was a member who ran towards Aggressberion without saying that it had nothing to do with it.

The heroes Ivan and Lunaria the Demon King.

"MP doesn't last forever!Whatever you want, I'll kick your ass!

"No one is stronger than the Devil.Let them know. "

Ivan attacked Agres' left foot, and Lunaria attacked his right foot almost simultaneously.

But Agnes didn't lose any HP.

"Ha! Their weapons won't hurt me!

Evan's Excalibur is a Holy Attribute, and Lunaria's Aron Dite is a Dark Attribute attack.So it didn't work on Agnes, who was immune to all but Physical Attribute Attacks.

But Ivan smiled at the words.

"There's no way Excalibur is just a sacred attribute, is there?It can only be used against strong enemies, but you are qualified. "

Excalibur's sword shines white.Evidence that Excalibur's unique Weapon Skill "White Lightning" was activated.

Likewise, Lunaria's Aron Dite shines black.This is Black Swan.

Shortly afterwards, they both started attacking at a speed that disregarded the laws of physics.Then Agnes' HP gradually decreases.

"Damn, no attribute attack!

Excalibur and Aron Dite are usually attribute attacks, but have no attributes during Weapon Skills.Since it is no longer an attack of physical attributes, it is no longer a weakness of Agres, but the damage is now passed.

Regenerate! The opponent's Weapon Skill won't last forever, so I'll endure it now!

A sacred magic "regenerate" that gradually restores HP.Randa uses it on Agnes.Gradually regains 1% of its Max HP, so Agnes' current ability to recover with a high Max HP is considerable.Ivan and Lunaria are recovering more HP than they would if they were reduced.

"Let's go, too!Don't let those two dress you up!Noat! "

Cecil said that, and the people around him who were watching it were happier.

Then Noat nodded with a sleepy face, and sent a gaze to the band member who was holding back.Afterwards, I sang looking towards Agnes.

The song is "Einheral".Songs in the sense of the souls of warriors fighting bravely have the effect of increasing Attack and Defense by 10% within the effect range.The orchestra's skill enhancement effect resulted in a further 5% improvement, an overall 15% improvement.

And Cecil stormed the dragon eater replica.

"Turn it off, Ora!

A 96x attack against the Fire Dragon and a slightly more powerful slash hit Agres with the effect of singing.Then my HP dropped to the point where I first hit Destroy.Randa recovered quickly, but it's quite powerful.

"Cheeky for Cecil.Nevertheless, it's impossible if you don't drink a power drink or something, and the Destroy is better because it can only be used on dragons. "

"I knew you were a little worried.But don't let healing magic offset you.We have to do something about Randa-san first. "

"It seems that Maris and Mist are aiming from the sky.It seems to be well defended, but it's not a matter of time. "

Ivan and Lunaria were fighting from the front of Agnes, but Maris and Tamer and Mist started attacking randomly with their vampires on their backs.

Besides, a large number of demons called by the Devil Summon Research Council have appeared, and Bandit's Jolt and the others are starting to fight in a beautiful collaboration.

The members of the Black Rose also launch an attack to follow Lunaria.And the Black Knights were being attacked by Agnes' tail as so-called shields.

Ash and the others have joined the fight, and Agnes has done enough to defend Randa and has barely been able to attack.

(Are you trying to run out of time?

If we don't defeat Agnes, we won't be able to take away the Shards of the Treasure.If Agnes appears as a boss monster, he'll only be in the field for an hour.After that, we retreat.

As hardliners, we don't need to destroy them all, as long as they don't take the shards.All you have to do is endure until it's time.

With that in mind, I saw Diete staring around earlier.

"Diete-chan, what's wrong?

"No, Randa, don't you think there's Pat and Odo?I forgot to tell you, if Ash and Ren lose to hard-line dragons, they will take away the shards of the treasure.I was wondering if he might be targeting you from somewhere. "

"Did you forget that?It's too accidental..... "

"I'm sorry. It wasn't like that when I set it up, but somehow it changed, and I realized it today.Anyway, Randa, did you suddenly disown yourself?You knew the healers would be targeted.I mean, Randa, I think you're a decoy. "

"Decoy... that means there's something real about it.So you're hiding somewhere...?

Hayato and Esha looked around just like Diet.I couldn't find any pats or odds, but I noticed something unusual.

I saw something descending from afar.Hayato is convinced of what will fall and calls attention to the whole with a voice chat.Carefully, there was a possibility that there was nothing I could do, but I decided that I should still say it.

"The meteor soam is coming!Get out of range!

Widespread extermination magic meteor soam. It's magical enough to drop meteorites in Physical Attribute Attacks, but it behaves a little differently than in Clan Wars.In clan warfare, the enemy dropped a meteorite, which is magic that only affects enemies, but deals damage regardless of the enemy's allies in normal combat.

The magic is active and several meteorites have fallen from the sky.

Three hits will almost certainly kill him.It's falling around Agnes.Maris and Mist, who were targeting Randa from above, and the members who were attacking Agnes, fled immediately.

Agres rounded up holding the randa on his back.I wonder if they're trying to keep a random meteorite from hitting them.And Agnes can restore Randa's HP when attacked by a meteorite.

I wondered if Hayato was such a tactic.

"It's probably Odo's magic.But where the hell did you use magic?At least he doesn't seem to be in this square. "

Diete looks around again, saying so.

I don't know where he is, but I'm sure he was near here and released the meteor soam.

The members who were fighting were panicking as the meteorite fell.Hayato and the others should have settled down because they were not in Meteosom's range in the first place, but Maris and Mist and the members who were challenging the proximity fights were desperately fleeing.

(Not only Randa-san, but also Odo... and Pat, right?Could it be this mess...!

Pat's weapon is a gun.In this mess, you can shoot from afar.And if we try to target it, it could be Ash or Len.

"Ash! Len!Pat could be after us!Be careful!

"Okay! But now I..."

When Ash said so, he heard gunshots coming from behind Hayat, from the top of the mountain, which was a cliff.

Shortly afterwards, Ash blew up and rolled over the ground.