Another Frontier Online

Someone who can command the brave and the Devil.


Ash gets shot from somewhere and rolls over the ground.

Len ran to Ash in surprise.It's not a good thing where the meteorite is falling, but I guess I was upset enough not to care about it.

Hayato acted in the same way.

"Ash! Len!

I know it's a game, but it's a virtual reality that's not different from reality.That would be natural if a friend were shot.Hayat ran toward Ash, who had fallen, breaking off the siege of Esha and Diet.

Hayato and Len peek into the face of fallen Ash and twist their necks.

"You look fine...?

"What? Why are you all right?

"Things will be fine later.Let's get out of Meteor's range first.I don't like Hayato or Len anyway. "

And Ash stood up to be nothing, and urged Hayat and Len to flee out of the midst of the Methosom, where Eshah and the others were.

Returning to where Hayato was, Esha is shooting at the southern wall, above it, with a belzeve.And I opened my mouth without looking at Hayato.

"Master, please calm down more... well, I don't want you to be calm in that state."

"Um, are you complimenting me?

I'm hurting you.

"Ah, yes... by the way, is Ash okay?

As far as Hayat could see, Ash was blown away violently.Ash wears a knock-back invalid ring, so he won't be blown away by a so-called knock-back attack.

However, there are still situations where your body is blown away by shock.That's what happens when you get hit fast and hard.While there is no effect to cancel a Weapon Ability like a knockback on a game, attacks that follow the so-called laws of physics are highly damaging.

It may not be a one-shot special attack like Escha's Destroy, but Ash was fighting Agres and losing HP.It was no wonder he was knocked down by an attack that hit him as hard as that.

Ash pointed to the armor with his left index finger after a little bruising.

"It's physically disabled.The meteor soam is flashy, but it is an attack of physical attributes.Pat must have shot me, but it must have been a physical attribute. "

Hayato notices it.

Ash's Armor Series of the Dead Dragon is inflicted with no Physical Attacks for an optional minute.Ash was trying to use the meteor soam to get out of range when it was used.

There was a shooting.It would have been dangerous if it had not been a physical attack, but if it had been a physical attack, it would not have been damaged if it had been blown off by an impact.

"... what are you worried about?"

"Don't worry - Len, it doesn't hurt, but don't punch me in the flank."

"There are people up there who are aiming for you, so please don't hesitate to help.My muzzle is pointing right at you.

Esha is still attacking the top of the cliff.That's not to hit them, it's to keep them from attacking.

"I'm sorry, but what do we do?The place where Pat's supposed to be is higher up the mountain, right?Isn't it too far from here?

There is a considerable distance to the top of the cliff.To get to that place, we need to climb around the mountain in about half a circle.

"Then let's ask Maris and the others.If you're flying, you should be able to get there right away. "

"Whatever you think, you'll get shot.It's like I'm asking you to shoot me. "

Hayat's opinion was rejected by Esha.Guns attack faster than bows and crossbows.As Tamer, it would be a tough business to blame even the best Maris.

Hayato thought that the Mists could do a zombie attack, and there was a voice chat from Relic.

"Defeat the sniper upstairs with me and the maid captain.Asha, stop the attack so they can show their face. "

I see, is it shrinkage?Then you can go in front of the other person in an instant.I see. Then, maid, please. "

"Leave it to me. Collaboration with Relic.It is no exaggeration to say that I am invincible. "

"Ah, is that so?Well, that's fine.Then I will stop the attack. "

Esha stops the Belzeve attack.Then, Pat put out his face.And after looking at Ash and wondering, he pointed his gun at him.

But before the bullet came out, Relic and the maid chief showed up in front of Pat.My luck is exhausted when I put out my face.I was targeted by Relics and the maid.

Pat looked down from the cliff, so he was in the air before him, but both Relic and the maid were quick to climb up a part of the cliff with their hands and feet.

I couldn't see Hayato because Pat pulled himself away, but there was a battle on the cliff.

"I don't think you need to worry about them anymore, because you won't be able to beat them.I think the enemy will fall from above. "

"Don't be afraid.I'm sure you don't want to fight Relic and the maid director... so let's do something about the odds using the meteor soam.But it's not up there, is it?You can't use magic from there, centered on Agres. "

Magic has a usable distance.No matter how far away they are, they can attack.If you think so, the place will be decided every time.Grab the magic of the meteor soam around Agnes, and stay out of attack range.

There it is.

Ash points to the place with a sword.It's a place full of red bronze rock, but there's a place with a little rock like a roof next to Agres.

Even if a meteorite falls, this is virtual reality.Rocks on the field don't break.I would say it's a safe haven for the meteor soam.

"But there's nobody here?

"The Devil's Summon Monster Research Council did something similar, didn't it?I thought you were doing the same thing.

Hayat was convinced by the words.

During the Clan War, members of the Devil Summoning Research Council summoned demons in a vanished state.I guess Odo likewise uses the hidden item Invisible.

If it doesn't move from the place, it won't show up even if it does something.You can use all your magic while it's gone.

"But that place has to go by Agnes' side.The next Meteor will be here. Can we go?

The meteorite has already stopped falling, but given the situation, Odo will already be in Meteor's chant.And Agnes was already back on his feet, firing dragon braces at us.

I can't reach where Hayato is, but it seems to be holding back Ivan and Lunaria, and it will be difficult to navigate through it.In addition, I don't know when the meteorite will fall, so I can't get close to the detour.Besides, I don't think he's in that place, but there's a possibility he's not.

"Can Asha shoot that far?

Esha shook her neck to the side.

"Unfortunately, it didn't arrive.It will arrive a little closer, but it is a dragon brace prey.If you could just keep Agnes distracted, we could make it work. "

"Can we take care of that?

Because it was a voice chat to the whole group, Hayato and Esha's voice reached everyone, but Adrian broke in there.

"Mr. Adrian, what can I do for you?

"Yes, of course. I summon the Duke Devil to this place.The demon can endure Meteor, and the dragon will last a few minutes. "

Hayato certainly seemed like a good operation, but I think there's also a problem.

When you summon a Duke demon in the first place, the summoner dies in exchange.Duke demons are uncontrollable because of that.It could be hostile to us.

"Is the Duke demon after Agnes?When two boss characters come together, we'll have to retreat. "

"That depends on how you do it.Looks like that dragon is firing in dragon bracelets to keep us away.If you summon successfully, the demon will strike and attack the dragon without a doubt. "

"Summon a Dragon Breath to hit the spot to earn Hate?

"That's right. We're not going to win this Summon Monster, we're just drawing attention, so it's okay to take the damage first."

Hayat decided to bet on it.You can escape if you think about it for too long.You'd better do what you can.

"I see. So please.As we've all heard, I'm about to summon the Duke Devil.I'm going to summon you to orbit the Dragon Breath, so Ivan and Lunaria will pull the trigger while they don't find out. "

"Oh, my God, are you kidding me?

"Hayato, show more respect for the Devil."

"Huh? I can't, but I thought we could afford it.

"I can't do that!

"Fufu, it's easy"

"All right, then, Adrian, thank you very much - is that it?You're okay, right?

Having no reply from Adrian, Hayat twisted his neck and saw Adrian in action.

Adrian seemed to be looking at Hayato with a surprise face, but she felt in a hurry because her eyes were aligned.

"Ah, yeah, yeah.I'm sorry, I'll be ready soon. "

"Yes, please."

Hayat did not understand what surprised him.But Ash and the others looked stunned.


No, I thought Hayato was amazing.


"You may have forgotten, but those two are heroes and demon kings?It's amazing to give those two orders, but they followed Hayat's advice.I'm talking about where he is. "

Oh, yeah.

Without thinking carefully, those two are the strongest humanoid characters.I can say that there is no one who can make them listen to orders or even words.Whether Hayato's stock went up or down is for everyone, but there is no doubt that it was seen from the surroundings.

(I think you just followed me because this battle is like the one I'm hosting.Well, no. All I think about is Agnes' crusade.I can't do anything, but I'll keep my guard down.)

Even if we can't beat him this time, we have a chance.However, it is difficult to adjust the time of the members.If you miss this, you can't fight for a week.Hayato thinks we should settle this here.

"I summon you!

When Adrian's voice is heard, a magical formation appears on the ground.And Ivan and Lunaria escaped.But Agnes is in the motion of a dragon brace and cannot stop.

Dragon braces struck the Duke demon who appeared laughing.Perfect timing.

The devil changes from a smiling face.With his angry face, he began to move towards Agnes.