Another Frontier Online

Ranged Attacks

Agnes' dragon bracelet hits the Duke demon that appears.

That means Agnes earned the demon's height.It seemed demonically damaging and moved towards Agnes with a face of rage.

Agnes tries to deal damage with a dragon brace, but the Devil also uses magic to launch an attack.The demon would be under his command, calling out the demon and setting up fights in numbers.

The demon gradually approached Agnes and started a melee battle.

The total length is about fifteen meters from each other.It would be quite remarkable that those two giants fought.

(It's like the scene I saw in some movie... no, first of all...)

Diete-chan, can I ask you to revive the Devil's Summon Monsters?

When summoning a Duke Demon, five Summoners' lives are required.When I summoned the demon, five fell, including Adrian.

"Leave it to me, I can't earn any more weight, so I'll deal with it right away."

Dite uses the sacred magic "Reservation" to revive.

Although MP consumption is intense, Adrian and the others are being revived while drinking juice.

Hayato looked at Asha as if there would be no problem.

"Asha, are you okay now?

"Agnes has a demon on him, and he doesn't seem to notice.You will be able to handle it now.But I want you to play the wall.They're completely defenseless just before they shoot. "

"Then we will.I can't just dress up for the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council. "

Those are the Mists, the vampire squad.

In clan warfare, it is limited to the night, but in normal combat, you can resurrect even during the day if you have a coffin.Ideal as a wall player.

Esha and Mist travel to reach Agres' dragon bracelet.But Agnes, who is dealing with the devil, doesn't notice.

Esha stood on one knee, but a lightning spear flew in shortly after.One of the vampires takes the attack.I never fell in a single blow, but I took quite a bit of damage.


From a kneeling position, Esha lay down on the ground and stood up for a bell zeve.

As for Hayato, I wondered if he would dress like that while wearing maid clothes, but he didn't tell me that his posture would be more stable in order to avoid the magic of thunder.

And a few seconds after Esha set her sights, Esha says, "Critical Shot," and Belzeve fires.

Not just one shot, but several critical shots were fired at the same location.

A man appeared and blew up where there was nothing.And even more critical shots were hit by people in the blown state, blown far away and fell to the ground.After that, the tingling didn't move.

Slightly farther away, Hayato seemed to have the same look as Odo in the world trees.Even if not, I will now decide that there will be no more meteor soame.

"Looks like the meteor soamer has been defeated.I can't tell you there's nobody else, but it's probably all right now, so when you're ready, I'd like you to storm. "

Hayato said so in a voice chat with his buddies and cheered.But now that there's a battle going on between the devil and Agnes, and if we storm there, we're going to get caught in the opposite, so we're all ready again.

In the meantime, Esha came back with a gun on her shoulder, drinking melon juice without saying that her work was over.

"Always extraordinary after work."

"That's good.Thank you, thank you. "

Hayat said so, and Ash and the others thanked Esha.

Esha showed a slightly puzzled expression, but soon she smiled.

"Thank you for what you see.Lots of sweet food, if possible.Don't hesitate.

When Esha said so, she told Hayat that she had left the rest to Hayat, and did something else.

Shake your neck vertically for now, even if it's a shaken hayato.The only thing that hurts Esha's mood here is a drop in combat power.I mean, you're in a good mood.

"Well, I'll make a lot of chocolate parfaits when I take down Agnes."

That's my husband.I was too motivated.By the way, what about the healer on the back of that dragon?You can shoot at me, but it's hard to guess where it is. "

Healer, that is, Randa, who is restoring Agres' health.

Esha's right. It's hard to shoot that Randall in the back from the front of Agres with Esha's ability to shoot.Basically, Agnes is under all his own attack on Random.

If you're on the back side, it's harder to hit the random from the front to the back than to thread through the needle hole, so it's harder to put a bullet through it.

"At least turn around behind me.I don't think it's possible to turn around from here. "

"It would be easier if we could fly like Maris and the others."

"Like Maris and the others!

Hayato remembered it in the words.

Maris told me we could ride together.That's what Maris told me when she brought Ash and the others to Dragongrave.Asha can ride with Maris and turn around behind her.

"Maris, can you ride with Esha?I want to shoot that healer in the back. "

It's hard to say, but it's impossible.

"Huh? You two can ride, right?Can I put a shade on Lancelot's back?

"We can ride together, but maybe Lancelot hates to shake it off."

"Dear Maris, I saw it as a challenge to me.Let's do it first. "

"I'll be there in the meantime. Just a minute."

Maris, who was circling the sky, came towards the Hayats.I can see at that point. Lancelot is alert to Esha.Hayato was also told that he would never put it on.

Esha, don't put too much strain on Lancelot.

"I think I've lost something important in exchange for strength."

Esha is hated by animals because her training skills are minus 100.It is a disadvantage that occurred to set a maximum of 200 sniper skills, but it is not a coincidence that Esha wanted it to be negative.

Unfortunately for Esha, Hayato saw the light.There are many members here who can attack from ranged range, even if they are not Asha.Maris and a member of Tamer's team can take a ride and attack from behind Agnes.

"Maris, can you tell everyone in Tamer to give us a ride?I think it would be quite effective to strike from a distance from the air. "

Maris roared with her arms around Hayat's words.

"Um, it's very difficult, but it's another story that I'd like to do even if we could ride together, and I wonder if it would be difficult to ride someone like the one I met today."

"Oh, I see.Suddenly you don't want to do it even if you say you're riding alone.And there's resistance to putting it on the back of an important pet.... "

"If I were Lancelot, I could give you a ride."

"But my clan can strike at ranged ranges..."

As Hayato went so far, Len raised his right hand vigorously.

"I can use curse magic!We need to get close, but I was wondering if we could weaken Randa!

"That's good.Dite can use attack magic, but I want you to focus on healing magic, so I'll leave it to Ren-chan.Is Maris okay with that?

"Yes, I'm fine.Lancelot is also pleased.Of course I'm happy!

"What does that mean, Maris?You didn't like it when I was...?

"Asha is not involved."

In the meantime, I had Asha drink melon juice and calm down.In the meantime, Len rides Lancelot with Maris.

Ash looked at it and wrinkled between her eyebrows.

"Len, are you okay?

"It's okay. And it's time to show me what I look like!And I got this in Labyrinth Castle!

I fought Phantom Knight many times in the Labyrinth Castle to get the equipment of the curse, but instead of Phantom Knight a rare monster named Phantom General appeared.

"Third Eye" is the cursed equipment that came out when you defeated it.

It's a circular head gear, but it looks like the third one is open because a gem with an eye pattern just appears on the forehead.Most people would call it a bad hobby, but Len liked it a lot.

And the performance was "HP gradually decreases, but the magic power increases."

It is also subject to curse magic.As the curse gradually inflicted more damage, Len lifted it up with both hands and cried when she got it.

"Now, Ren-chan, be careful.Just take the potion or the elixir.And did you eat the chocolate parfait?It's dangerous if you don't regain your HP and MP gradually.Yeah, you want me to send Diete-chan a regeneration?

"... you know, Hayato-san, you're more protective than your brother, and you're like my mother.

"I'm worried about Ren-chan.So is Ash, right?

Sort of. But I trust you, too.Len, let me see what you got.

"Yes! I'm cursed!Uhihihi...!

I don't know if it's funny or not, but Hayato knows we're close.I decided to leave it to Len because I had to worry about it.

Maris says hello to Len.

"Leave it to me! I will protect Ren with Lancelot!

Maris and Len ride behind Lancelot.And flying up into the sky, Len said, "Whoa!"and swinging the five-dimensional nail of his right hand.

"Ren-chan, are you okay?

"You'll be fine. Maris has not only riding skills, but also a good technique for manipulating Lancelot.If you focus on avoiding it, you won't be attacked by Agnes first. "

Hayato nods at Ash's words.

Hayato remembers that Maris was pretty good at flying Griffons and carriages.I thought Lancelot, my pet, could handle it even better.

When Maris and Len met Tamer and the others in the air, they all turned to Agnes.

At that time, the Duke demon was defeated by Agnes and disappeared into particles of light.

It was a sign that the second assault would begin.