Another Frontier Online

Tyrannosaurus Crusade

We eliminated Pat, who fired shots, and Odo, who emitted meteor soame.

Only Agres and Randa are left.

Regarding Randa, Len is going to do something with the curse, but there is no reason to keep quiet until it's over.All the fighters rushed to Agres.This is how we plan to orient Agnes.

Agnes is pulling himself together to stop the attack on Randa.But we can't stop an attack from all directions.A melee attack from the front makes it easier to defeat the randa behind Agnes with the curse of Len.

"Mr. Maris! Come a little closer!

"Roger that!

You will receive a voice chat between Len and Maris.

Maris and Len are riding together in Lancelot.Maris' manipulated Lancelot flew lightly into the sky and approached Agnes' back.

For now, Agnes can't attack the Rangers in the air.Attacking the Rangers in this state will cause them to turn their backs on the melee attacker, making Random even more dangerous.The motion is too long because it is a dragon bracelet when attacking.

The knockback from the wings and the stun from the roaring dragon lore may not be a problem, but they are deactivated by Hayato's rings and bracelets.

While doing so, Len's curse magic caught Randa.Random is targeted and subject to curse magic.

Len quickly used her curse.

"I did it! Mr. Maris!It's okay to stay away for a while... "

Randa immediately cursed herself with the magic "Dispel" of the Decurse.Originally, once a curse is applied, it gradually reduces its HP until it reaches time.However, the spell itself was removed by the dispenser, so it was no longer effective.

"Ren-kun, it's dangerous, but use more curse magic.The dispense consumes a lot of MP.It's not magic that can be used many times in a row. "

Diete's advice was heard in a voice chat.

As if the advice had been correct, Randa drank the juice in haste.I can guess that MP is missing.

Ren said energetically, "Okay!"and used curse magic on Random.

That went on several times, "I can't do this anymore!Randa fell off Agres' back with the words.Curse magic has shredded my HP, and I can't keep up with my recovery.

"You destroyed Randa!

Ren cheered.And the rest of Agnes launched a total assault.

But Agnes doesn't have to worry about his back anymore.

"Let's go, damn it!This is the real deal!

Agres said so, flying far above where the attack could not reach.And after a few seconds, he hits the ground at high speed.

It's an Agnes technique called the "Meteor Strike", which attacks itself like a meteorite.

The shock travelled to the ground, shaking like an earthquake.And he that was near was unable to bear the shake, and fell to the ground.It's not a stun or a knockback, it's just a physical phenomenon, but it's extremely effective.

Agnes releases dragon bracelets where he can't move properly.Several people were defeated in orbit of the Dragon Breath.

"There's nothing I can do for you!

And Agnes looks to Ash.

"I'll give you a kick, Ash!

Ash, who was kneeling on the ground in Agnes' meteor strike, stood up to respond to the words and stood up with a sword.

"Come on, Agnes. Let's settle this."

"Ha! You look good!But I've never liked those twigs before!Destroy the good-looking!

"Don't get it, my father likes me too. I never liked you."

Agnes rushes straight towards Ash.

It looks like a dragon, so I crawl on all fours, but it's fast.Ash swings the dragon eater upwards to intercept it.



There was an attack that didn't read the air from right next to Hayato.Esha's Destroy struck Agres as he headed towards Ash.

Agnes is being attacked and rolling on the ground.

Everyone on the scene said, "Hmm?".But where does the shade blow?

"What is getting hot?No matter what you think, you can't defeat Ash-sama's attack alone.Yes, ladies and gentlemen, stop at Agressberion. "

"It's ruined a lot, but I can't help it.I'll have them do that later.Attack Ash as soon as you can. "

"... I see, let's win first.I'm sorry, Agnes. I'll leave the match with you.See you next time. "

"... I haven't lost yet!

Agnes said that and managed to wake his body, releasing a dragon brace around him.

I know you don't think you can win, but it's a manifestation of will that you're not going to give up until the end.

However, there is no turning back no matter how powerful an enemy such as a hero or demon king starts an attack.

Agnes stuck to the end, but he was knocked down in the end.

"The Tyrannosaurus Aggressberion was successfully crushed.Participants will be awarded shards of the stolen Dragon Seoul.I repeat... "

The members cheered.

I didn't earn any points because I wasn't a stampede, but I was able to earn Shards of the Treasure.And in this announcement, it was also communicated to the other players that Agnes Berion had shards.

Tomorrow, the battle here may be intense.

Agressberion will be back here in a few hours.It will be fated to be defeated many times.I feel sorry for Hayato, but I also changed my mind until the Stampede event was over.

Nay, Jolt, and Adrian arrived as everyone soaked in the aftermath of victory.

You managed to win.But thanks mostly to the NPCs.I was of little use. "

"I didn't stand out at all either.That's what I'm talking about - a hero or a demon king - but you'll keep your promise.Thank you for making the replica. "

"Did we help you a little?"

The players certainly fought, but in front of the heroes and demon kings, their strength would be glowing.Regardless of the basic performance of the character, the performance of the equipment is different.

"By the way, Hayat, you know what to do when you've gathered four pieces of this secret treasure?

"I know it for sure.You can combine the four shards into one with your craftsmanship skills.It seems that craftsmanship skills can be zero - let's do it for now. "

Hayato takes out the workmanship kit and checks the menu.

There was an item called "Dragon Seoul's Treasure" to choose from.

Hayato chooses it.Then the rainbow light overflowed, and immediately afterwards the treasure of Dragon Seoul appeared.

Shape is necklace. There is only a slightly dull color of gems, but their gear performance was increased by 20% of their Max HP.

Nay and the others look at Hayato's necklace in surprise.

Will my max HP increase?And with a necklace. Players in Melee Combat are worth a lot!

"Instead, I want to know where you found that information."

"Unfortunately, it doesn't really work for us.It's a good collector's item. "

I'm thinking of the Trinity, but this item has other uses.This will also be the key to getting to Dragongrave.To sum up the story of Diete and Hypnos, we can use the King's City transporter with it to get to Dragongrave.

Fight Vel there. Defeat Vel and Dragon Seoul's treasure unleashes true power.

It was a little confusing that I should say that much information.Both have been told by the people who run this world.

Nevertheless, there is also the idea that it can be understood with no hint.

The King's City transporters are commonly used, so you'll know as soon as they're equipped, but if there's no warrior clan like Adrian, they won't be equipped, so we won't be able to get any information.

Hayato was worried about what was going on, but Diete approached there.

"Hayato, it looks like the monster atlas has been updated a lot.It seems to contain the secret treasure. "


A monster atlas is a game system that contains information about a monster when it is defeated.Hayato knows that, but she feels uncomfortable with what Diete suddenly said.

"Oh, wow.Sure, there are treasures written on the Fire Dragon and Phantom Dragon - awesome, Hayato, if you have them, you can use the King's City transporter to get to the new field!

Jolt and Adrian looked surprised at Ney's words and looked at the information in the monster book.

Soon afterwards, Diete whispered to Hayato.

"Is it inconvenient to know a lot of information?

Diete taught three people to hear about the atlas as a countermeasure to what Hayato knew.

"We need to get this ready right away.A field that no one has ever entered.It can be referred to as the flavor of playing games.I'll try to get there soon, so we'll let you go first.Well, thank you for today.I'll see you later. "

"We can't delay Bandit!Let's get ready!

"We can't do it right away.We've run out of grass for demon summoning in the first place, so we need to procure it.Let's fight together when we get another chance. "

Jolt, Ney, and Adrian said so and returned to their clan members.

Hayato looks at Dite, thinking that everyone is fine.I have a question.

"What happens when the others defeat Mr. Vale?

"Nothing in particular will happen.I think Dragon Seoul's treasures will only improve their performance when they become true.Nothing special will happen unless Ash-kun and Ren-kun go. "

I see. Hypnos said it was a quest exclusively for Ashes, so I guess so. "

Diete put her arms together and looked serious.And gaze at Hayato.

"Hayato, I'd like you to fight Vel as soon as possible, but is that possible?

"I'm not going to take long, but why again?

"You've defeated all the tough dragons, so you can only fight dragon graves now, Vel.There may be a trap for Hypnos, but I think it's best to defeat you, Vel. "

I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but Hypnos is trying to make Ver win.It is likely that Ash's memories will return, but it will still be a better development than Vel's victory.Hayato believes so.

"I wonder what happens to Ash and the others when they get their memories back... if Ash and the others want it, they'll erase their memories again?

"... that's right.But that's what they want.I don't even know what they think left them in this world.Ver left a memory.That's why I'm going to do everything I want.I might tell you to stay like you, Asha. "

I see.

Live in virtual reality without memory of reality.I don't know if it's right, but Ash and the others wanted it.I don't know which is better for Hayato.

Ash approached Hayat thinking about it.Ren, who is riding two people in Lancelot, is also approaching.

"Hayato, are you celebrating tonight?Len wants pudding, too. "

"Bucket! Please use the bucket!

Esha, who was there, raised her hand.

"Then I'll have a bucket chocolate parfait, please."

"I don't cook like that.Well, shall we celebrate?I'm not sure I can get ready right away, but can you help me with the maids and the black roses again?

Hayat said that and then contacted him to announce the celebration by voice chat.