Three nights after the Tyrannosaurus Aggressberion was defeated, Hayato, Esha, and Ash were drinking coffee in the base cafeteria.

I'm ready to head for Dragongrave.Tomorrow morning, Hayat, Ash and Len will face Ver.

Today, I was eating exciting food with four people, including Len, because I wanted to cultivate my wisdom.Until now, Len was also in this place, and the four of us were talking to each other, but we couldn't beat the sleeping demon, so we just went back to the room.

Ash suddenly lowered his head when he was three.

"Thank you both.It was thanks to Hayato and Esha that I was able to take back the shards of the treasure and put them back. "

"Don't be so afraid.Raise your head. "

"If you say thank you, shake your husband's hand hard.You can put your shoulders together. "

"Asha, I don't know what to say, but can you read the air?

"... I've read it quite a bit.Even if I bow my head and thank you, my body will only itch, so don't bow my head. "

"I wish I could say that."

Ash laughs when she sees Hayato and Esha interacting.

"They've been like that for a long time.Ren said, "I think you're having a good time."

I'm going to do a little destroying for Ren-sama.

"I'm already asleep. Give me a break.I can't even get up. "

As Hayato managed to calm down Esha, Ash, who was laughing, lowered his head again.

"Asha, your body may get itchy, but let me thank you enough.The items Hayato made and the strength of Esha brought me here.I can't thank you unless it's like this. "

"Then please raise your head because you have been thanked.In general, you should thank your husband more than I do.It was thanks to your husband that I was able to defeat any dragon I could not defeat for nearly six months. "

Hayato shook his head at Ash thinking he was lifting me because he didn't want to be thanked.

"I can't be a fighter just by making items.I think that's everyone's power.With the help of Lunaria, Ivan and many others, I was able to manage.I don't think it would have been a good idea if anyone had been missing.And Ash, of course. "

Ash glanced at Hayato's words, but nodded instantly.

"Well, thanks to everybody.I have to thank you again when the battle is over tomorrow. "

Hayato feels a little chest pain in the words.

Perhaps Ash and Len will regain their memories in tomorrow's battle.I don't know what the consequences will be.Is nothing going to happen like Esha, or is something else going to happen?

There is also the question of whether we can beat Vel in the first place.Ash and Len will never recover their memories if they lose to Vel.But Vel will win, and Diete will be in danger.

I don't know what kind of trap Hypnos, Diete's backup, is running.Honestly, I think it's best not to do anything.However, the Stampede event will not be over until Ash and Vel's battle is over.

And Ash wants to defeat Vel.

The reason is the treasure of Dragon Seoul.

Ash collects four pieces of treasure, so he turned them into Dragon Seoul's treasure with his craftsmanship skills.But what Ash said was that it didn't have the soul of her mother, Kilka.

The idea is that Val has the soul.Ash believes that Val has a soul that has kept the treasure divided into four parts for nearly a thousand years.

Actually, that's not the case, but the progress of the game, that's the story.

Hayat thought a lot, but still wondered what was best for him.

"Hayato, what's wrong?I don't feel like I'm here. "

"Oh, no, I wonder what tomorrow's battle will be like."

"What are you talking about? I defeated my father, and that's it.I haven't decided what to do to get Mom's soul back, but... yes, let's give Ren the treasure of her soul back.Len won't say anything, but she must miss her mother.I think it would at least relieve a little loneliness if we were together. "

"... that's right."

Ash is a little curious to see Hayato affirm without strength.

"Hey, Hayato, what's going on?"

"Your husband is trembling with warriors.I'm not fighting for myself.More importantly, it is.What kind of man is Ash's father, and what kind of dragon is he?

I think Hayat is Esha's help ship, and I take the story.

"Well, I guess I'd like to know.I'm not going to fight, but I'm going to Dragongrave with you, so I'd like to ask you something. "

"Really? Well, my father used a dragon called the Shadow Dragon to attack with shadows -"

As Ash said so far, Esha shook her head sideways.

"Ash-sama, that's not true.I don't want to know what kind of strength you have, but I want to know what your father was like to Ash.Well, me and your husband don't have parents.I don't know where he is.I wanted to know what it was like to be a father. "

"Really?That said, there aren't many things I can tell you about my father.... "

Well then, let's take a moment.If that's going to be a long time, I'll get you something other than coffee.I'll bring you some simple dishes from the warehouse, so Asha can help me. "

Hayat said so and took Esha out.

Putting Ash in the dining room with his arms folded and his head twisted, Hayato walks to the warehouse upstairs with Esha.

"Hey, Asha. Isn't that bad?Maybe it'll be a real story.

Hayato talks to Esha with a small voice.There's Ren's room upstairs.I am already asleep and AI protection should be effective, so I don't think there is any problem, but just in case.

"Tomorrow, if your memory might come back, it's fine."


"Besides, this is my story, but Ash-sama and Ren-sama will be fine even if they get their memories back."

"... what's in your heart?

"Because your husband is here.I don't know why Ash-sama and Ren-sama chose to stay in this world, but for whatever reason, if you have a master, I think you can remember that. "

"... I don't understand the meaning at all?

Hayato didn't explain anything.I seriously wonder what it means to be able to manage just by being here.

Esha closed her eyes with wrinkles between her eyebrows.It seemed quite conflicting, but I only breathed a big breath once before staring at Hayato.

"This is about me, but before I erased my memory, I was afraid it would come back.And when my memory came back, I felt terrified by remembering my empty life.I forgot what I wanted to forget, but I remembered.When my life without anything starts again.But... "


"I was relieved that there was someone nearby who worried about me.Even in virtual reality, if someone was around to worry about me, I wondered if my life had been nothing at all. "

Hayato and Esha stare at each other in the corridor of the base.

"Is that supposed to mean me?

Esha sighed with all her heart.

"It would be strange if it were someone other than your husband.At all, it's a mess forever.The maiden said with courage. "

"Eh, ah, yeah.Uh, thank you?

"Why is it questionable?In general, thank you is mine.Well, that's why Ash-sama and Ren-sama are fine.Remembering does not forget the past.I still have memories of your husband, Ash, and Ren.There's no problem with that. "

"... I see.Then I'll give Ash and the others my full support tomorrow. "

"Please do.I'll do my best to help you if anything happens.Not only me, but Dite and others will cooperate, so it's okay.It's not about your husband holding it alone. "

"That's right. Yeah, but what did Ash tell you about Mr. Vale?What was your intent?

"If it takes too long, Ash-sama will be suspicious, so let's take something from the warehouse appropriately first."

Hayato and Esha begin to return with simple food in the warehouse.And Esha opened her mouth.

"Simply put, it's like keeping your current memories organized so you can get them back at any time."

"Organize your memories?

"Memories are basically tampered with.It is technically difficult to erase a specific memory completely, so it is likely that it has been transformed into some form.Ash seems to hate your father, but it's a false memory.So you're going to remind me a little bit of what I really thought from now on.If that were the case, there wouldn't be much recoil if the memory came back. "

Hayato has little knowledge of the manipulation of memory.The technique is now forbidden, so it is a crime to do it.Information about it also does not exist in the Information Management Bureau "Library" on Earth.

"I don't know, but should I have done it with Ren-chan?

"No, I don't think you need to do that.Since Len-sama is young, she should have less memory in the first place.So I wondered if there were too few alterations to my memory. "

"Is that what this is about?There are so many things. "

"There's nothing to be reassured about, but I think we should deal with it a little bit.Well, if anything happens, your husband can do it on the spot. "

"Will you stop putting pressure on me?Well, I'll do my best if I can handle it. "

The two of you return to the cafeteria.

Ash seemed to have been thinking a lot so far and started talking about Vel as he returned.