Another Frontier Online

[]/(n, vs) (1) riding one's back/riding one's back/(2) riding one's back/

On the day we boarded Dragongrave, the three of Hayat, Ash and Len arrived early in the morning near the transporter in King's Landing.

There is no drop-off.This was what Ash wanted.

If Ash loses, Val, his father, doesn't know what to do.Ash asked the members to stand by for a possible attack of hard-line dragons in various countries.

The member accepts it.Each is waiting in their country.

Originally, it would have been better to board with a large number of members, but as Hupnos suggested, only Hayato, Ash, and Ren would have boarded.

Ash said he was going alone in the first place, but Hayato rejected it.

Hypnos, who manages this event, told me to go alone.I can't say that to Ash, but if we don't do what he wants, we may be able to fight Vel in the first place.Even if there is a trap, you have to listen to the other person.

(It is highly probable that there is a trap, but I can't help it.Besides, there's Dieter over here, and there's other members.It should work out.)

Hayato is helpless as a fighter, but he is in a good mood.However, just in case, I also bring AI killing as a countermeasure against Hypnos.I don't think it can be used the same way as when I was at Dite, but I brought it for the time of need.

However, Hayato is a little lost.The question is whether to attack Hypnos in the first place - that is, whether to hurt Hypnos and cause further problems.

It can be said that this incident is also influenced by the injury to Diete six months ago.This powerful weapon is quite alien to this world.It is a weapon that twists the logic of this world.Using it to attack Hypnos is difficult in that it doesn't know what's going to happen.

When I consulted Dite, it was said that there should be no problem.And he said that he was dealing with Diete.However, I don't know if the countermeasure will work, so if anything happens, don't hesitate to use it.

(Don't hesitate.Well, I don't even know if Hypnos is coming to Dragongrave, so I can't help thinking about it... no, I don't care if he's coming or not, so don't wonder what to do.I use it when I use it. I hesitate to regret it after something happens)

Hayat thought so and made up his mind.

All we have to do is get in, but Ash doesn't really step forward.

"Ash, what's wrong?

"No, you told Hayato and the others about my father yesterday.But now I think a lot about my father.I don't think it's a warrior tremor - I think it's a fear. "

Hayato remembers last night.

Ash talked about Vel with respect for his great father.

Ash hates Vel because of the disadvantage of Vel's desire to keep his real memory intact.It is a false memory, emotion, and the original Ash respects his father.

Yesterday, when Ash spoke to me, Hayat said so.

Hayato thinks it's a dragon's strength because its memory has been tampered with, but it's probably an actor's excitement.

The battle ahead does not compete for actor excellence, it is purely a game battle.Hayato was a little sorry about yesterday's story because she had nothing to do with it.

"Niisan, make up your mind.In general, your brother always says, "One day I'll surpass my father."It's just for today. "

No, that's right.

"In general, what's more fun to talk about after I'm asleep than that?If you're talking about your father, I'd like to hear it too... Hayato, what is this about?

"Ah, sorry.But that's what Esha said, right?

"No excuses.Besides, I can't believe it's Esha's fault... Hayato, please study more femininity.In that case, one day you'll have to love me.


A little familiar with yesterday, Hayato nodded at Len's words.

I don't have a clear feeling for Asha in Hayato, but I don't like being hated.And I somehow know that if you stay like this, you will definitely get your love.

And Len, who was so enthusiastic about Hayato, now looked at Ash, but looked down for a moment.

"Len, what's wrong?

"I thought it would be futile to tell your brother to understand femininity."

"No, wait, Len.I think I'm still okay, too - no, I'm feeling a little better, thank you. "

When Ash said that, Len smiled after showing a little surprise.

(Was it to relieve Ash's tension?Even though Ren is young, she can take care of things like that.But I really meant it... because it's an actor's family, right?

Hayato thinks a lot, and Ash says, "Okay!I put in a temper.

Let's go. It's a wall that we have to cross someday.That's today. "

"Yeah, hit it and crush it!

"I don't think that's a good idea, but I know what it means."

Ash nodded against Hayato and Len and approached the transporter.

The transporter is a blue stone like a clanstone.The shape is a long, longitudinal ellipse that resembles a diamond, and it rotates slowly horizontally.

When Hayato touches it, a menu appears.There were several destinations displayed.And find "Dragon Grave" among them.

Ash and Len found out the same way, but Hayato looked and waited.Hayat nodded before choosing the place.

When I tasted a little levitation, my vision changed in the next moment and was transferred to another place.

Hayato has been exposed to dragon graves before.The surface.

But Hayato seemed different.

I can't hear a single bird from around me.Is it because it's an island in the air, or is it just the sound of a strong wind blowing?And there was a line of sight from the surroundings that looked at us.

"Hayato, stay with us.This place is full of tough dragons.It's not strange to be attacked at any time. "

Hayato nods. And he walked with Ash and the others.

This is the southernmost point of the island.And there is an old castle in the middle of the island.The castle is surrounded by untreated forests or dense forests that need to pass through.

I felt my gaze as I walked, but there was nothing like an attack.Hayat thinks he's ordering Vel not to attack.

Even if they attack, Ash can defeat them.Here Ash can be a dragon.Then we won't be late.

(Hypnos said that Ash could transform into a dragon here.But Ash is going to fight like a man.I wish Mr. Vale could ride it.)

In Ash's case, Dragon Eater's abilities can be used even when turned into a Dragon, dealing 5x damage from Dragon Sp. Atk.But he still says it's hard to beat Val.

So the odds of winning are higher when it comes to fighting in a human form.Ash told Hayat that he wanted to bring Vel in that way.

We're here.

Hayat returns to me in the words of Ash.While I was thinking, I arrived at the old castle in the middle of the island.

As Ash and Len tightened up, they stepped inside.Hayato follows suit.

A short walk led me to a huge entrance.In the middle is a humanoid Vel.As usual, he was dressed naughtily, but there was a smile on his face, and he felt free.

Come on, Ash, Len, and Hayato.

"Oh, I came to get my mum's soul back."

"... I see.But to do that, you need to beat me.Can we beat you now?

"We win. That's what I've been working on."

(Does Mr. Vel say that Nori is also good?The story of the soul must be a game setup.Maybe they're playing to make Ash and the others feel uncomfortable.)

Ash holds the sword on his back with both hands.

"Dad, I don't want to be a dragon.Let's settle this as human beings. "


"I want to play cherry with my father and me.And if we become dragons and fight, Hayato and Len will be harmed. "


Ren shouts at Ash, but Ash says nothing and stares at Vel.

And Vel sent his gaze to Len and Hayat.And smile.

"Very well. A one-horse fight in a humanoid battle.If you win, I'll return your mother's soul.But if you lose, I'll take the treasure. "

Ver said so, pointing his right hand towards Ash.He didn't have anything, but the shadow appeared to be a black liquid from under Vel's feet and climbed up like a body rush.And it was shaped with Vel's right hand and turned into a black sword.

"Hayato, Len, don't touch me.This is a fight between me and my father. "

"Niisan, what are you wearing?Anyway, Hayato, you and I... "

"All Len has to do is support me.Believe me to win and watch.And Hayato, of course. "

Hayato doesn't know whether it is dressed or not.Esha would attack without reading the air, but even if she defeated Vale with more than one person, Ash wouldn't be convinced.

Honestly, it's not like I'm saying that, but Hayato knows how Ash feels.Hayato decided that he would manage, even if Ash lost.

"Okay, Ash.If you say so, you will definitely win.Ren-chan, let's leave. "

"But, Mr. Hayato!

"Ren-chan may not understand, but give Ash priority here."

Len turned down and shut up when Hayato said so.But I saw Ash immediately.

"Niisan! If I lose, I'll curse the last generation!

"That's scary.I'll win if I don't. "

That's what Ash said to Len with a nihil smile.

Val raised his mouth slightly after seeing the exchange.

"Are we on the right side?But we're not going to compete with the number of people who support us.Ash, do your best.Show me where you've grown stronger. "

"Oh, let me do that."

No matter what he said, Ash jumped toward Vel and shook the dragon eater down the stairs.

Val receives the attack with a thin shadow sword.

The high sound of metal hitting the surroundings.