Another Frontier Online

Father and son, mother and daughter.

The battle between Ash and Vel continued without any clean hits.

It's more like taking each other's swords than holding them back.

Ash's double-handed swords are a heavy, damaging blow, and Vale's one-handed sword is there for damage, pointing to a series of shots.

Originally, meeting this far would break either weapon due to the durability of the equipment.However, Vale's sword cannot be physically destroyed because it is a weapon created by his skill or can be regenerated even if destroyed.

And Ash's dragon eater also recovered its endurance with the effect of Bloodweapon, but it was not destroyed until it was slightly reduced.But if it goes on any longer, one day it will be destroyed.

At this point in time, it can still be said that Ash is at a disadvantage over time.

"What's the matter, Ash?Your proud sword will break?

Ash answered nothing similar to Val's provocation and attacked carefully.Ash is also attacking in the gap with Vel, but his swords are less cumbersome and less cumbersome.

Despite this situation, Ash hastily and carefully receives, evades, and continues to attack.He attacked several times to destroy the sword made of Vale's shadow, that's all.

(I think Ash will lose as it is, but is there a goal?

It's too much to bet on a single reversal.It is Hayato's idea to fight Ash in a more victorious way.

In the first place, it's because Ash would be more advantageous to fight humanly.There must be some sort of operation there.

Hayat watched the battle with that in mind.

When she looked at the side, Len also supported her to pray with both hands together.

(The battle between my father and my brother... I'm probably supporting Ash, but it's emotionally complicated.What does Ren-chan think of her mother's soul in setting up the game in the first place?I've never heard anything in particular, but it's not like I can't forgive Vel...)

Hayato thinks so, Val attacks with a big motion and flies Ash.Ash didn't do any damage because he took it with his sword, but he was blown back like a knockback.

"I don't think you're motivated, but you're too passive.

At a distance, Val said so, but Ash quickly filled the distance and once again waved his sword down from the top.

Val lays down his sword and receives it.

Ash pushed his sword toward Vel.

"Dad, that sword plays over and over again, but can it be used indefinitely?


Ash opens his mouth for a long time.Then he raised his mouth sharply.

"There's no way a skill can be used over and over again without risk.From what I've seen, you use MP to make that sword?How many more times do I have?

Val stares at Ash without saying anything.I wonder if what Ash said is a star.

"My dragon eater still has it.If I can't make a sword, I win. "

Ash doubled his next attack with his two-handed sword weapon skill, "Hard Hit."

Ash pushes Vel out of the duel.At a distance, I now laid my sword aside.

Val takes it with his sword, but the attack destroys it.Soon after, he made the next sword, but Ash attacked the sword by force.

Unlike before, Ash's attacks are intense.

Have you decided that it's time you couldn't make a sword?I don't know the details of that skill, but if you're using MP to make a sword, it's not strange that it's time to lose MP.I haven't drunk any MP recovery juice or elixir, and it is likely that I won't be able to make a sword.)

Hayato also decided that Vale's sword was broken.

And Vel's face turned to astonishment.Shadows are not gathering in my right hand.You think it's bad, Val takes a backstep to distance himself.

"It's over!

Ash, who saw Val's face, kept his distance.


Hayato shouts out loud.

The timing is too good.Ver is an actor. Probably heard Ash's words and made a gap.

Ash stopped for a moment in Hayat's voice.

A tongue leaked from Vel's mouth, but what he was about to do didn't stop.A spear-shaped weapon appeared from Vel's right hand, trying to penetrate Ash.

Ash, who had stopped by Hayato's voice, spins the attack to the left and writes in a single sheet of paper.But it wasn't just a prank.With the momentum of rotation, he tried to attack Vel with his sword.

This is an unusual attack, but it also has Weapon Skills.Ash uses the Wind Attribute Weapon Skill "Cyclone", a two-handed sword that consumes MP.

Vel receives it with his left arm, but it is not defensive.A knockback occurred and Vel was blown backwards.

I don't think it hurts, but Vel is in a pretty bad position.Ash began his assault in one stroke of time and folded.

Val is defensive, can manipulate the shadows, but can't be shaped like a sword, and is defending both arms like a little hand.However, even if it is defending, it is shrinking and losing HP.

Vel saw Hayato.

Hayato understands what the gaze is.

I lose. I'll leave the rest to Hayato.That's the way to look.

Hayato nods so that Len next door doesn't notice.

Ver felt relieved when he saw it, and shouted at his mouth.But it's just for a moment.I immediately looked at Ash with a serious face.

You've grown stronger.

Ver said so and Ash slashed him with a smile.And Vel slowly fell down on his back in large letters.


Len looks at it and runs towards Ash.Hayato followed suit.

"Nice work, brother!

"Oh, I managed to win.Well, thanks to Hayato. "

"I'm sorry, I was a horseman, but it was like I was advising you."

"No, I don't mind.In the first place, I was going to have Len attack me. "

"My brother was dressed up earlier, but I think he ruined everything -"

As Len went so far, he heard applause.

That sounds better than where Hayato and the others are.Hayato and the others saw you.

There was Dite sitting in a slightly dull chandelier.

But Hayato knows.Dite can't be here.That's Hypnos over there.

"Congratulations, you have defeated your father, Val.Now Dragon Seoul's treasure will unlock its true power. "

Ash looked at Hypnos in surprise.

Dite? Why are you here?You've been there the whole time?

"Oh, do you guys think I look like Dite?I thought if Vel tries to win, I'll leave Dite alone, but I don't need it anymore. "

Hypnos jumped off the chandelier.But it slowly came down to the floor like a feather.And when I landed, I smiled.

"My name is Hypnos.I don't care about the name, but I just like it a little bit.That's what I call it.Dite is like a twin. "

"Twins...? Okay, so, what's with the Hypnos?

Ash has been alert to Hypnos for some time now.He was out in front of Hayato and Ren, trying to cover them both.

"I thought I'd say thank you.Thank you, Ash. Yeah, and Hayato, too.Thanks to your help with Ash and the others, I was able to beat Vel.I think I can see Diete's obsession.I like it the most. "

Hayato answers nothing.I can't answer more than that.

What are you doing?No, what happens?Or should we use AI killers here now?But even if we attack here now, I don't think my attack will arrive.Perhaps Hypnos is ready to fly.If you can fly away, it's over.We need to get closer if we're going to do this.)

Hayato thinks so, but he can't move.You can feel it if you move poorly.

Hayato? What the hell is going on?Do you know anything about this?

Hypnos opened his mouth before Hayato answered the answer.

"Well, you'll see.Well, before that-- "

Hypnos used the resurrection magic "Reservation" on Vel.Light came from above Vel, feathers fell, and when it hit Vel, HP was restored with 1.

Ver stood up naked and stared at Hypnos.Then he ran straight to Hypnos and attacked him.

But Hypnos flew in the sky.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

"I didn't expect you to bring me back to life, but what are you going to do...?

"What, do you need an explanation?It's your job to explain the situation to Ash and the others. [M]But I'm sorry.I gave you such a favorable situation, but I didn't expect to lose. "

"I'm not good at games."

"I guess. But if you lose the game, there are penalties.That was supposed to have been told before the stampede event. "

"It's a one-sided game you started on your own!

"Exactly. Am I the god of this world?The god is trying to play a game.It is unilaterally decided.You thought it was reciprocity?

"Dad! What the hell are you talking about!?

Ash screams outside the mosquito net.Hayat knows the situation, but Ash and Len won't know what he's talking about.

Val saw Hayato and the others.

"Ash! Hayat! Get Len out of here!

"Dad, no matter what you say, where is Mom's soul?"

That's not true...

Kilka Brandle soul.Yeah, Ash beat Vel.Then let the event continue.Leave Vel alone for a moment. "


Ver seems to have a stiff head and can't move at all.

"Well, you kept me waiting, Ash, and Len.Well, you should see Hayato with you. "

(See...? Don't tell me you're going to make Ash's memories come back with the video!?

Hypnos snapped his right finger.

Then the necklace that Ash was equipped with - the treasure of Dragon Seoul - began to shine.It becomes a ray of light in such a way that it converges against the wall of the entrance.

Then a video was displayed on one side of the wall.

The footage is in some hospital room.

The angle on the screen seems to be taking the room diagonally from above, and it's like a surveillance camera.There are many life-sustaining devices lined up, and a woman lies on her back in a simple bed without any decoration.

The woman resembled Len.He is also considerably thinner than he saw in the movie, but Hayato speculated that the woman was Kirka Brando.

"Eh, what is this...?"

Len heard a bewildered voice.

"Hayato! Don't show that footage to Len!Get him out of here!

Vel screams.

Hayato didn't know what would happen, but he decided it was better.

"Oh, mum... gu!

Ash grabbed his head and knelt at the tip of an arrow trying to escape with Len.

Hayato has seen it before.Same as Esha. In other words, memories are beginning to return.

"Eh? Mom...?But the mother I know is a dragon.... "

Len didn't seem to remember anything yet.Just looking at the footage strangely, there was no painful reaction.

Hayat held Len and tried to escape while he was at home.But Hayato's feet suddenly stopped moving.It wasn't stiffened by the fear of an injury, it was another factor.

"Hold on. This is the main event.Look at that footage carefully, Len.A woman like you.You've never seen it in person, but you've seen it many times in footage.

Hypnos told Len with a smile in the air.

"In the video... many times...?


Hayato embraces Len's head.There was no video or sound to Len, but it was a little late.

"That's right... I... saw my mom in the movies over and over again... ahh!

Len bursts into Hayato's arms.Although it is a virtual reality, Hayato has also been told that it is accompanied by considerable pain.

Hayato hugged the violent wren tightly.I don't know if this is the right thing to do, but Esha said it would be okay if someone was there to worry about her.Then I put my strength into my arm that I should do this.

And I looked at Ash as it was.

He still seems to have a head, but he hasn't gone mad or roughed up his voice.He had a face that endured the pain, but his gaze turned towards the video and seemed to be trying to calm his breath, albeit little by little.

(Ash seems to be okay.I can't be reassured, but Ren-chan is more dangerous.)

"... yes... I... want everyone... to forget..."

Len is crushing something like a rumor.Hayato called out to Len, who felt that something was dangerous.

"Ren-chan! Hold on!

"Oh, it's not as effective as I thought, is it?I thought I'd be more violent. "

Hayato stares at Hypnos.

"What's so fun about you doing this...?

"Apparently, you're much angrier than you look.It's not much fun.I'm just doing it because I need it.Now, let's see what happens. "


Hayato watches the video.

A man appeared beside the sleeping woman.I can only see the back of my head, but I'm sure it's Vel.

"Hayato, don't let Len hear you!You! That should be enough footage!Why do we have to keep going?

Vel shouted in anger.

"Did you make that promise?Well, hold on a second.This is a moving scene, isn't it?

When Hypnos says so, Vel can't speak.My mouth is moving, but I can't speak.

Hayato hugs Len's head again, following Vel's instructions.Because I thought I could hold my eyes and ears in this state, so I couldn't see the footage and I couldn't hear the sound.

But Len shook it.This is virtual reality. Since Hayato's STR and Len's STR are the same, they cannot be restrained.And Hayat could not move from there, and could not stop Len from walking.

Len approaches the wall with the footage.

"Are you sure?

I could hear Vel's voice in the video.Vel asks Kilka, a woman lying in bed.

"Yeah, I don't mind.It's a few more years of life anyway.It's going to get worse and worse.This is the best time. "

Kilka smiles beautifully.And I took Val's hand.

"Please tell me about these children.You're an excellent actor, but you don't depend on me as a father. "

"... so will you."

"Well, that's why I want to be a little bit like my mother.You're gonna do me a favor, right?

Vel doesn't answer anything.However, the video shows the force in the gripping hand.

"Okay? I'll have my organs transplanted when Len turns ten to withstand surgery.Shake your neck vertically. "

(Transplanting organs...?What if Ren-chan turns 10?

Hayato sees Len.I can't see her face, but Len is just watching the footage without moving at all.Ash is watching the footage, but Ash looks surprised as he leans on his knees.

"... but if you take out your organs, you die.Years from now, I can't choose between you or Len.And what am I supposed to tell Len?You want me to tell you my mother died trying to save Len?

When Vel in the video said so, Len sat on the floor trying to fall off her lap, saying, "No..."