Another Frontier Online

The real reason

As Len sat down, the footage disappeared.

Len is sitting and staring at the wall where the footage was shown, and does not move slightly.

Ash is still having a headache or a knee and puts his left hand on his head.I'm trying to get to Len, but I'm slow to see if the pain is serious.

Ver seems to be saying something in desperate shape, but he doesn't speak.

Hayato can't move his legs either.I called Len, but Len didn't react at all.

Then Hypnos flew slowly into the air and got off in front of Len.Len doesn't say anything, but her body starts tingling for a moment.

"That's a touching story.It is thanks to your mother that you are alive. [M]It's not a virtual reality, it's your real body.That's where the mother's organs are transplanted... have you ever wondered where the human soul lives?It is still open to debate, but the remnants may still be in the organs.I'm glad you've been with your mother's soul. "

"Ah... ah..."

Len can only moan.It was a virtual reality, but it seemed like my waist was missing or I couldn't move at all.

"Now, let me ask you something.What do you think of your mother's Kilka?

Hypnos looks down at Len sitting with a hateful smile.

"You're not thanking your mother, are you?Your heart must be full of guilt.Anyway... "

"Stop it!

Len shouted.It's a voice Hayato has never heard before.

"Don't worry.You are young. [M] I'll forgive you for what you did to my child.Basically, nobody's getting unhappy, like a kid's bullshit.Well, whether or not I can forgive myself is another story. "

Hypnos smiles.

"You wanted to stay in this world because you wanted to lose your mother's memory, right?It's not just me.I wanted to erase the memory of my mother, Kirka, from my brother, my father, and all my clan friends.Isn't it?

"Chi, no...."

Do you want to erase your mother's memory?

"I can't help thinking so at your age. [M]We all remember Kilka as our mother.Sometimes I talk about it.But I don't have anything to call Kirka's memories.All I know is the mother who is in the movie.I don't know anything about a mother who hasn't played anything.You've always felt lonely and alienated, haven't you?

Len doesn't answer anything.I try to hold my arms while sitting down.I was trembling enough to tell from a distance.

"Before this world changed, it was your idea to be a dragon, wasn't it?A trick to turn everyone's mother's image into a dragon.Even though you're young, you're a great architect. "

Hayat tries to say something, but he can't think of anything.I don't know what to say.

Get away from Len!

Ash, who was poking at her knees, rushed towards Hypnos with a painful face.And I slashed it with a dragon eater.

However, the attack is only defended by Hypnos' left hand.Instead, I held the sword in my left hand.

Ash tries to pull the sword, but it doesn't move at all.

"You're innocent. I'm talking to Len now.You're not calling. "

"Shut up! Can you forgive the man who hurts Len?

"Say something interesting.In reality, you would have hurt Len the most. "

"What do you mean?

"I didn't understand Len's feelings at all.You didn't realize Len was having a hard time remembering her mother.It's something that AI can understand.My brother will understand how my sister feels - well, it's no use to you.Stay there and watch. "

Hypnos beats Ash in the stomach with his right hand.

Ash blew up incredibly hard and crashed into the wall.

It wasn't defeated, but Ash didn't seem to be able to move because Hypnos did something to him.

"You're in my way.Now, that's the point.Len, let's make a deal.If you've listened to my wish, I'll erase your memory. "

"... erase my memory...?

"That's right. I will erase everything I remember about reality and what I know about it now.Of course you're not the only one, Ash, Vel, and Hayato.Of course, so are the others.Erasing memories doesn't change the truth, but without hard memories you can live easily. "

"Nah, what should I do...?

"What, you just need to destroy this world a bit.It would be helpful if you could kill Dieter.I give you enough power to do it. "

"Ren-chan! If you want to erase your memory, you can tell Dieter!She's the real manager of this world!So you don't have to listen to him!

Hayato screams.

If you just erase your memory, you should be able to do the same for Dite.You don't have to listen to Hypnos' wish to destroy the world.

That's what I said, but Hypnos laughed.

"Well, I'm sure you can.There are a lot of restrictions, but that would be possible.But, Len. I'll tell you one more thing.Diete, the administrator of this world, didn't erase Vel's memory.Your father will always remember his mother Kilka. [M]Your little wish never came true. "


"Diete probably didn't know what people were feeling back then.Without understanding your true reasons for staying in this world, I fulfilled Vale's wishes.Val's wish is not to lose his memory of reality.I made it happen.Diete was an AI who did extra things. "

Len turns slowly back.Behind that line of sight is Val.

Val is suing for something, but he doesn't speak up.That desperation is the only thing conveyed.

"I don't do that.I will definitely erase Kilka from everyone's memory.Besides, I create a new world.I'll make the world you want.I'll live with my parents and children, and I'll do everything I've never done in my life: loneliness, alienation, and a tough past.Of course, don't worry, I'll erase the memories you've had in this world. "

"Don't, let's forget it... let's erase it all..."

"That's right. I have added as much power as I can to your dragon. [M]The power to destroy everything in this world.I hope you can go wild as you like. "

Hayato notices.

This is what Hypnos was after.Even if Ash loses to Vel, keep playing Dite and let Vel kill Dite.

If either Ash or Vel wins this event, the same result will only be achieved if the person trying to kill Diete changes.

"My brother didn't understand how I felt.A father who kept his mother's memory alive.And the AI that made it happen.I feel sorry for you, Len.You are certainly unhappy. [M]But I have a chance to be happy.I can start a new life by not doing everything.What do you think? Would you do me a favor?


Hayat shouts at Len.I couldn't follow anything, but I couldn't help screaming.

Len didn't react to the words, but he stood up a little slowly.


Len's body begins to change.It gradually became enormous and took the form of a complete dragon.

A black dragon with another eye on its forehead.A part of the body is wrapped around a chain, and Len's upper body is visible in a huge red jewel on the neck.

Dragon, Cursed Dragon Len Brandle, who can take the ability of any Cursed Gear into his body, has become his own.

Hypnos nods to Len when he sees it.

"Go away. And destroy it.There is nothing in this world you want. [M]The only place you can live is my world that I'll build later. "

Len jumped up without answering it.Then we destroy the ceiling of the old castle and leave this place.

A world announcement was launched shortly afterwards.

"Stampede has occurred.The rampant Cursedragon Len Brandle is beginning an invasion of the world.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "