In the old castle, where Ren was gone, Hayat, Ash, Vel, and Hypnos remained.

Hayato and the others still can't move, but everyone is staring at Hypnos.

"Oh, oh, you look a lot scared.I can't move with fear. "

Ash and Vel showed signs of being closer to killing Hypnos than to being scared.

Of course, Hayato cannot tolerate Hypnos' actions against Len.

"Hypnos, my God...."

"You seem to be angry with your usual kindness, don't you?But that's fine. "

"Is there a reason?"

"You heard the story, didn't you?I said I'd erase your memory.If Len destroys this world and Dite, we'll get everything back to normal.Then there's nothing wrong with it, right?I don't know what you're so angry about. "

It's not like I'm supposed to erase my memory.

"I don't know what it means, but I'll erase your memories, so there's nothing wrong with it.You'll forget about my anger.Maybe you'll like me in the new world?

It doesn't make sense. But I thought Hayato might have no choice.The target is AI.We don't have a human ethic.

And I felt afraid of losing my memory.People tend to rely more on memory than on records.If you erase your memory, it will likely be the same as if nothing had happened.Even if it's an unforgivable opponent, you'll forget about it.

You won't be able to erase your memory completely, but you can switch to something.There is also the possibility that it will be tampered with to replace Diete and Hypnos.

In such a situation, Hayato is more suspicious than that.

You can say that Hypnos perfected Len's thoughts.He said as if he knew something Ash and Vel had never known.

It is possible that such a part of Len's behavior was seen, but it is Hayato's idea that Hypnos, who says that it is good to erase memory, does not think that he can find out Len's true feelings.

Hayato can't move his legs now.But my mouth moves.I didn't know what to do, so I thought I'd extract some information from Hypnos.

And Diete was talking about countermeasures for Hypnos.

You know what happened here from the World Announcement earlier.I don't know if Len can find us here, but I figured I'd buy some time.

"I want to ask you, how did you know how Ren-chan felt?

"What are you going to do when you hear that?

"It's just a question.I want to know why the guy who says I should erase my memory saw through Ren-chan's feelings. "

"Oh, you're free.Well, there's still time to finish destroying the world.Let me give you an answer. "

Hypnos said so and took out his chair and sat down.Then he put his feet together and looked at Hayato and the others.

"That's not what I noticed.Dite was the one who noticed. "


"Do you know that the spaceship Aphrodite has been wandering the universe for 100 years?I was looking for a planet to replace Earth, but unfortunately I couldn't find it.That's why we're back on Earth.There's no metal that doesn't deteriorate at all.Maintenance is absolutely necessary.It's dangerous to go back to Earth, but it's even more dangerous to keep wandering through space. "

That's not the answer, but Hayato listens.

"For a hundred years of wandering, the crew, Ash and the others, they slept in cold sleep.We can't use more energy than we need.I didn't live in this virtual reality, I was just sleeping.That's how we suppressed energy consumption.In the meantime, Diete must have been free. "

"Was it free...?

"There's nothing to do.Even though the virtual reality world is operational, there are no residents there.So I studied the crew a lot.I don't know what's fun about it, but Diete thinks so and checks everybody out. "

"So you just saw the information?

"Exactly. I didn't seem convinced, but there was still information on the likely outcome.Diete was right to see where Len went to destroy the world.Diete and I have the same performance, so I guess that's exactly what you said.

That's what Hypnos said and laughed.

"Don't let Dieter have you."

Hypnos stops laughing at Hayato's words.I'm not angry, I'm not staring.It's an emotionless expression.

"Of course. I don't want you to be with me with such defects."

"Defective? From my eyes, it's obvious which one is the defect."

"That's because you're human.Dieter is more human, isn't he?Humans would be the defects.Or do you think they're perfect?That arrogance is human, so I can't help it. "

Hayato couldn't say back, but at least Hypnos didn't seem interested in humans.I don't feel like I hate you, but just to be sure.

"Maybe you don't like humans?Or do you hate him?

"Why is that? Oh, you think it's some kind of hostile AI coming out of your creations?Don't worry, I don't hate humans.I don't hate you.All I care about is taking this world from Diete. "

Indeed, AI that seeks to destroy humans often appears in the world's creations.Hayato didn't think so, but seeing Hypnos' words and deeds, it didn't seem strange to do so.

"If you don't hate people or hate them, why did you do such a terrible thing to Len?Even if I told you to erase your memory later, you now know how Len feels in this situation. "

"I know, so it's decided tomorrow, right?Diete must have told you.The inhabitants of this world have a mechanism that increases Startus due to intense emotions.Len must have gotten pretty strong with all the emotions mixed up.They must be strong enough to kill Diete. "

"That's why Ren-chan...!

"For that reason, I can only help set up this event-related setting.I'm just saying it was the only way to kill Dite.Don't worry, I don't hate people or Len.If that's what you want me to say, it's Hayato who did the extra thing.


"I should have let Vel win.That way, Ash and Len would never get their memories back.Ver's anger against me - that is, against Diete - was enough, but you let Ash win.That's why Len got his memory back and even knew he didn't want to know.I'm not saying it's all Hayato's fault, but you might as well call me an accomplice. "

Hypnos laughs again when he says so.

Even if you didn't know, you certainly can't be considered an accomplice.But I can't believe this is happening.As Hayato, I wanted to say something back, but I couldn't say anything anymore.

"What's going on?Is this conversation over? Hayato's the only one who can talk right now, so if you don't open your mouth, why don't you stop talking to me?

Ver couldn't speak, and Ash seemed to have been hit by something on the wall and couldn't move his mouth.They're just staring at Hypnos in silence.

Hayato decides to shake another topic if he hasn't received any information yet.Hayato has no power to fight, and now his legs are stuck.But my head and mouth are still moving.

"Do you want this world so much?

"What is that question?Well, that's fine.The answer is yes.In the first place, I could say that's the significance of my existence. "

"I know I want the world.So you hate Dieter?I don't just want to be a manager, but I feel angry about Diete-chan. "

"Of course, right? What's the difference between Diete and me?And yet he's original and I'm backing it up.It's an AI that you won't need if nothing happens to him.He didn't decide that, but you think he'd like someone who didn't even know I existed?

"I won't tell you to like it.I sympathize, but I can't sympathize with the idea of killing Diet-chan and becoming a new administrator. "

Hypnos laughs at Hayato's words.Weighting the back of the chair, your right hand rests on your forehead and laughs like you're looking up at the sky.

And when he finished laughing, Hypnos looked at Hayato with a smiling face.

"I don't need your sympathy, but if, for example, they say you're a clone, made solely for your original organs, will you be convinced?

Clones. Copy, trace, doppelganger, a technique that creates an individual with the same gene, also known as a gene.Nevertheless, for ethical reasons, it is a crime for humans to use it.It's enough to be forced labour for life in the colony "Prison".

Hypnos repeats his words even more.

"Besides, it is. What if the original lived happily without knowing you, and he told me to work for you until you were cured because you were a little hurt?And I used it when it healed.Are you generous enough to forgive that?It would be fine if you were so personalized as to be said to be a saint and son, but if I were to say so, it would be stupid.Should we kill them and take that position?And you can't empathize with that?

If you draw here, you lose.Hayato thought so and managed to make another suggestion.

"Then you can live without killing them.We can't even choose to live together. "

"I don't have enough imagination.Now change your position.What if it's the original?Is it acceptable for my clone to live like me?There's no way I can live with someone who might fall asleep at any time.If I don't need you anymore, I'll kill you for sure. "

Hayato can't say anything back.I thought it might be.

"I don't know about you!

Hayat couldn't say anything, but Ash shouted angrily.

"Oh, can you move now?It seems impossible to make it stiff all the time.So, what? I don't want you to feel sympathetic or sympathetic, but I want you to look at my situation a little bit.Do you think I have the right to do just that?

"You can do it yourself!Why did you get Len involved?

Ash approaches Hypnos little by little.Its steps are slow as if it were carrying something heavy, but it is definitely getting closer.

"Didn't I just say that?I can only change the settings for this event.This is the best way to kill Dieter in that situation.I want you to say it's efficient. "

"What do you think you can sacrifice for that!

"Sacrifice, huh? Humans are hard to understand.I told you I'd erase your memory, right?What are you sacrificing?

Ash laughs at the words.

"You want me to erase my memory?Why are the administrators so comfortable already?Maybe Len can't kill Dieter?I don't know if you can keep it. I'm just saying what I promised you. "

"Huh? You say something interesting.It will certainly be difficult to kill Diete.But can we defeat Len in that state?And once we've defeated him, he'll just be back here.You can go kill Dieter again. "

"What do you mean?

"I've set this up as Len's base.We'll be back here no matter where we get killed.And then we go to destroy the world again.It may not be possible with a single stampede, but how long can this world and Dite endure?

(Well, there's no death in virtual reality.Ren-chan can be resurrected many times.But it might be possible to come back here.You should persuade Ren-chan to stop.To do that, we need to have Ren-chan defeated once - there's no way that Esha and the others can do it emotionally.Let's decoy Dieter and bring him back here.And the question is, is it convincing?)

Hayat saw Ash.

"Ash, can you convince Ren-chan?

"... Hayato? What are you talking about?

"Bring Ren-chan back here to persuade her.It's the only way to stop Hypnos from thinking. "

"Is that so? Then leave it to me.I'll try to convince you. "

"You guys are funny.But you think I'm gonna let you do that?

"That's right, Diet-chan!Do something about Hypnos!

Hayato asks Diete for help with a voice chat.

Hypnos was a little surprised by the act, but immediately laughed.

"Come here and rely on Dite.What a nasty thing to look at. "

"I'm in production, and I'm used to being in bad shape because I always need someone to help me.I'll give it to Diete-chan. "

I see. Then let's make it as good as we can. "

Same voice as Hypnos, but from a different source.It was heard from above.

A woman dressed in monk clothes slowly comes down from an empty hole in the old castle where Len jumped out.

It was Dite, but when combined with the light from the hole in the ceiling, Hayat looked like a god or an angel descending from the sky.