Ash and Len, who became a dragon, are facing each other.

Earlier, the hole in the ceiling got bigger, and the sun was plugging in from there.Hayato thought that the light illuminated only the two of them and, together with the entrance of the lonely old castle, it was a common mural scene.

Ash lowered his head towards Len's face as big as his own.

"Len, I'm sorry.I had no idea you thought that way. "

Len had no memories of her mother and felt alienated rather than lonely.And I got a chance to erase my memory with the Answer Frontier program.I thought that if I erased not only my own memory, but also the memory of my mother from everyone, or if I made it the same as myself, I would lose my sense of alienation.

If Ash had been aware of Len's feelings, that might not have happened.Ash apologizes for it.

"I'm sorry for being such a big brother.As Len always says, I don't really understand femininity or delicacy.I didn't really understand how my only sister felt either.But I still care about Len.I want you to believe that. "

Ash complains to Len with a serious face.

Len was listening to it without saying anything.

"I don't remember much about my mom either.I wasn't at home because I always looked busy, and all I remember clearly was a short time before Len was born.Only then did my mother stay at home without work.I had Len's stomach touched once.Mom said, "Ash's gonna be her brother, so keep her safe."

Ash smiled.

"Of course, you don't care about Len because Mom told you to.Before Ren was born, my father and mother were busy, and I was the only one in that big house.Besides, even after Ren was born, they were almost in the hospital, so I always thought I had to protect my precious sister... well, that's just what happened. "

Len doesn't say anything.I'm just listening.And Ash didn't say a word.

"Oh, five minutes of persuasion, is that enough?

I can hear a pleasant voice without reading the air of Hypnos.But nobody was ignoring it.

Ash stared at Len again with a serious face.

"Len, I need you to tell me something.You want to kill Dieter?If we can do that, we can live without knowing the truth, as we have done before.Everyone will forget about Mom and what Len wanted to keep secret.Hypnos is a pain in the ass, but he'll keep his promise. "

"Oh, of course.Let's just say it wasn't all there.I make sure I keep my promise.I don't hate you or hate you.There's nothing more I can do to keep Vel's memory like Diete, so I'll mechanically erase it. "

Hypnos replied to Ash's words to supplement them.

Len hasn't answered anything yet, whether she heard it or not.

(Does not the answer mean you are lost?If you are lost, you have a chance, but you have time to persuade...)

Shortly after Hayat thought about it, Ash opened his mouth again.

"If Len wants to do that, I'll help."


Ash suddenly said that when he thought he was persuading him.And look at Hayato.

"Sorry, Hayato. I'm always on Len's side.If Len wants to destroy the world, I'll help him, and if he wants to kill Dieter, I'll help him.If Len wants to do that, he can take down his father and Hayato. "

Although it was a virtual reality, Hayato seemed serious about Ash's eyes.

Ash may not have the ability to kill AI, but it will support Len's mind.Even if it is not humanely acceptable, there will be a difference in behavior if there is no one who will affirm the behavior.

And Len flew out of here once.I don't know where I did it, but I might have felt guilty there.But when Ash says he can help, he feels guilty too.It means there's no hesitation.

It was just after Hayato thought it was a failure to convince Ash.

"Will you help me too...?Will you destroy the world together...?

Len makes a voice.It was a small, scratchy voice, but Hayato heard it clearly.

Ash looks at Len with a smile.

"Oh, of course.If Len wants to do that, I'll help you with anything.But... "

Ash sees Hayato.And I smiled.

"Hypnos said there's nothing in this world Len wants, but it's wrong."


"Hayato's bucket pudding is the best, isn't it?Even in the new world created by Hypnos, Hayato may make pudding, but in this world he makes as many as he likes. "

I didn't make such a promise, and suddenly Hayato was in trouble because of the conversation, but I said to Len in a very bright voice that there was so much I could do.

"If Ren-chan wants, can we build Pudding's house?"

Len turned to Hayato.

The look doesn't seem lonely.Either way, it feels like it's pocahontas.

"Well, that being said, no matter what conclusion I draw, I will always be on Len's side.So let Len decide. "

When Ash said so, he smiled at Len.

Time has passed for nothing to happen.But something changed.

Len's body, which was a dragon, gradually shrunk back into a human form.

"... if I can't help it, then I won't do anything this time, free of my brother's and Hayato's pudding..."

Len hugged Ash after saying so.I'm shaking a little. I can't hear you, but you must be crying.

Ash is just gently hugging the hugged Len.

(Ren-chan is an adult.It turns out it's so painful, and there are a lot of things I want to lose from my memory.Besides, there was no strange state even if it was violent from the bitterness and spiciness.Is this your trust in Ash?)

"The runaway Cursedragon Len Brandle has returned to normal and stopped the invasion.Please de-alert.I repeat... "

A world announcement that the stampede is over will be released.

The moment Hayato thought it was safe now, the applause echoed.It was Hypnos who stood up from his chair.

"It was quite a creature.I thought you said it was a beautiful sibling bond.Well, I had no idea why.Does Diete know?

"Unfortunately, I don't completely understand.It means that human studies don't end in about a hundred years.But there's something I know. "

"Huh? What is that?

"It's a mistake.Were you there, Val, you wouldn't hesitate to kill me, but Ren wouldn't destroy the world or try to kill me, would you?No matter how difficult the situation, Len has Ash. [M]It's impossible to make her the destroyer of the world with anger and despair. "

"I see, it's a difficult thing... okay.This game is Diete's win. "

(Don't pull back so easily....?No way. Is there anything else?

Now, let's play the next game.

Everyone is alert when Hypnos says that with a smile.However, Diete didn't seem to be alert.

Next game.Hypnos, we should stop here.There is no point in doing any more.Not yet... "

"You mean mercy?Bullshit. If I don't kill you, I'll stop someday.And I don't even know if I have any memories.It's the same death as people say.If it's just a quick or a slow story, I'll have to kill you with my life. "

"I won't do that.Not with my assistant, but with me in this world. "

"It's a human thought.Are you really AI?

"... I'll take that as a compliment."

"I'm going to embarrass you.Well, well, Hayato.I'd like to ask, do you have any AI killers?


Hayato was surprised at the sudden conversation.I did bring it, but I didn't understand the intent of the question.

"From the look on his face, he seems to have it.It's easier if you don't have it. "

"What are you talking about?

"That's why I called you here.We need a special weapon called the AI Killer.Diete would have figured it out.

Diete put her arms together and glanced at Hayato.

"... this dragon grave used to be a dragon.Then we will accumulate magic and eventually be resurrected, but as the last piece we will need a human with Dragon Seoul's treasure.I suppose you're talking about letting Hayato do the core. [M]But I don't know why we need to kill AI. "

"That's pretty much correct, but it's only natural to assume that it was Dite who thought about it.But there are parts where I changed my settings.Core human skills and items are reflected in resurrected dragons.In other words, if Hayato has AI killing at his core, we can create a dragon with AI killing capabilities. "

(Is this why I can afford it so far?But I think it's a subtle strength where I've become a nucleus.)

Hayato is a skill structure that specializes in the production system, and it seems almost meaningless to be reflected in the resurgent dragon.I can say that we need to kill AI to kill Diete, so we have to choose Hayato.

"Then revive the dragon that became the Dragon Grave.It is a monster called the infamous primitive cologne, but its strength is considerable.A monster that players and NPCs take a week to defeat, but can Dite escape that week?

"I told you before, stop it.I'll touch the scales of God more than that. "

"God's Scale...?I don't care if you call yourself God, but it's a lot of roundabout, isn't it?

"No, you and I are the only custodians of this world.There is another god. "

"... there's no one like that.God is either me or you.And we don't need them either.Now, Hayat, be the nucleus of this dragon grave and destroy the world.There's no need for a world where Diete's hands are on it.Destroy everything and rebuild it from scratch. "

When Hypnos said so, several black strings jumped out of Hayato's standing position and bound him.And drag Hayat into the ground.


Hayato tries to release himself, but he can't move at all.I was sucked into the floor of the old castle.


Ash and Len rush to Hayato to help, but it's not working at all.I can't get out of custody at all.

Diete looked at Hypnos.The expression is pity.

"You did it.I'm sorry, Hypnos.Cool your head for a while in a empty space.The situation has been explained, so it will not be erased.In the meantime, study humans just like I do. "

"... what are you talking about?

"We should have looked into security.It wasn't a problem if you just tried to kill me, but you just tried to destroy the world with Len and now Hayato.It makes God angry.We are no exception to being managers. "

"What do you mean?

Immediately after Hypnos said so, there were multiple black holes around it.The chains jumped out of there and captured Hypnos.

"What is this?!

"Security in this world.Infinity, the program, has identified you as a threat to the world.For the first time, I stopped Ren as a decoy. [M]So you're safe, but you're already a yellow card.The second time I tried, it was a red card. "

"Don't be stupid! We're administrators!

"Yes, I'm the administrator.I'm not a god. We could go crazy, too.It's a suppression function for that.I didn't know that either, but I looked into you and security again and found out a lot.If Renn-kun had destroyed the world, you would have been in more trouble. [M]I should thank Renn-kun for that. "

Hypnos managed to escape, but he was as stuck as Hayato.

"Hypnos - no, I was a hundred years ago.You'll find out one day. [M]We are not better than humans.Once you understand that, you can get out of there.Then we'll manage the world together. "

"... that's the line of sight, me a hundred years later.Someday you'll regret not killing me here. "

"That's when it happens.I think I'd rather kill you now. [M]I can view as much information as I want.It's a place where there's nothing, but you can learn.I don't want you to be the same as me.Evolve into an AI different from mine. "

Hypnos answers nothing.I'm not staring at Dite, I'm just watching.Then it was pulled into the chain and disappeared into one of the black holes.