Another Frontier Online

Infinite possibilities

After the disappearance of Hypnos, the black rope-shaped object holding Hayato also disappeared.

Hayat sat on the spot, but Ash and Len, who were trying to help, sat down reassuringly.It's not that it's awkward, but it's kind of a stinky situation to talk.

Especially Len.Put on the cat ear hood deeply and you can only see around the mouth.

From Len's point of view, Val and Ash are family.Even if they know a lot, they can put up with it somewhat.But even though Hayato is one of us, he can be another.Also, the memory of reality has returned, so it is not yet organized.There are various emotions that make it difficult to open your mouth.

And just like Hayato, Val was able to move, so Hayato and the others sat down.

"Ash, Len, are you okay?Do you have any headaches?

Ash and Len had quite a headache when they recovered their memories by watching the footage of their mother, Kilka.Hayat didn't worry so much once he saw it in Esha, but Val saw it for the first time and couldn't get near it.You should be worried.

"I'm fine. I'm a little scared that things from the past will come back to my head, but I don't have any particular pain.How's Len?

"Wow, I'm fine too...."

Ash asks and Len answers with a small voice.

Val exhaled reassuringly and sat down in front of them.

"I'm sorry about both of you.Everything is my fault.If you erase my memory when I enter this world... "

"Wait, Vel.If you say so, I'm responsible for everything. "

Diete blocks Vel's words.And Diete sat on the floor, and lowered her head to Ash and the others.

"I got you and Hypnos into trouble.Whatever you think, it's my responsibility.Ver is not responsible.Ash-kun, Ren-kun, if you hate me, hate me. "

"Diete, raise your head.Neither I nor Len want to hate anybody, and I don't think it's anybody's fault - Oh, no, I think so, but how about Len?

"Of course I don't think so either... but I'm sorry.I think this happened because I was thinking about it when I tried to stay in this world.I have to apologize to my mother..... "

Ash and the others apologize to themselves and their surroundings.

Hayat clapped his hands on bread until the conversation went on.

Ash and the others look at Hayato in surprise.

"Well, then, everyone's bad.As a matter of fact, I injured Diete-chan's program six months ago, so Hypnos appeared.There is no one here who is definitely not bad, so let's all apologize and finish this story.You're not asking anyone to take responsibility, are you?

Hayato said so, Diete nodded.

"That's right.It's not about who takes responsibility.I can't take responsibility in the first place.But I have to decide something. "

Diete looks at Ash and the others before fixing her gaze on Len.

"Renn-kun, what do you do with your memory?You are free to erase it or not.If you turn it off, Ash and Vel will follow suit. [M]Hayato can't erase his memory in his present state, but he'll always pretend he doesn't know. "

We can only do it on the Starship Aphrodite to erase memory.Unlike the Ashes in the cold sleep pod, it is not possible to remotely erase the memory of Hayato logged in with the headgear.

Ash, Vel, and Hayat nodded to Len saying that Dite was right.

Len still wears the hood deeply and cannot see the look from the surroundings.But I do not affirm or deny it.I only know I'm lost.

Diete talked to Len like that and said, "I don't know."

"Ren-kun. I know, but I'm an AI.I've learned about humans for hundreds of years, but I don't understand everything.That's enough to hurt Hayato. "

"There's a spike in the way you say it, right?

"It's a joke to make things easier.Anyway, I have a video that Renn-kun would like to show you.This is the continuation of the video that Hypnos showed us.Whether you want to erase your memory or not, I think you should take a look... Ver, do you mind?

Vel nods, saying, "Ah."

(Continuation of that video?You mean that hospital scene, right?

Ren learned a lot from Kirka's confession.Hayato is a little worried that there is more information.I don't think it would be any worse than Diete's suggestion and Vel's approval, but I was worried that Len would be able to withstand the facts.

"Renn-kun, what do we do?

"... I want to see it.I want to know about your mother. "


Diete will have a three-dimensional monitor on site.The monitor includes Kirka, who is sleeping on the bed, and Vel, who is turning his back.

The story is the same as before.We move on to the story of transplanting our organs into the lens, and then we die, but the lens can live longer.

You want me to tell you my mother died trying to save Len?

When I first saw it, I said the last line about Vel.Here, Len makes her body a little bit tingling.

Is there anything after this?

The Kirka in the video distorted her face against such a Ver line.

"Let me know when you two can accept it.Well, you don't have to say that. "

"Stupid. Then you won't be rewarded.How many parents can do this?I'm not going to say thank you to Len.But Len and Ash only recognize you as a sick mother?

"I'm not trying to get paid.I want hope. "


"Yes, I think I've given a lot of people hope as an actor so far.But I don't know how much hope you've given me.Still, she's been a little hopeful to people.That's why it's time for me to have hope. "

"That's Len?

And Ash too.These two are my hopes.Perhaps we can both become actors beyond ourselves and give hope to more people.Doesn't that make you feel like Earth again?I want to sleep in my dreams that such a happy future will come. "

"Is there such a future...?

"That's why they say there's no delicacy.What are you going to do if you don't believe it?Besides, Ash looks handsome just like you, and Len doesn't look like me around her eyes?Ash is a hottie, and Len will be a great woman to attract lots of men!

I'll get rid of the man who gets close to Len.

"Don't be serious.Nothing, you don't have to be an actor, you don't have to be a hopeful child.But as it is, there is no future for Len.My life will end in a few years, but if it ends now, Len's future will open up instead.That's an infinite possibility, right?That's my hope.So please, shake your neck vertically. "

Vel doesn't move at all.But after about a minute, I shook my neck vertically.

"Okay. Let's do what you want.I'll take care of both of you.I can see the future of the two of you who couldn't see you.So sleep with peace of mind. "

Ver said so, but Kirka looked stunned somehow.

"You don't match your lines.I can't sleep with anxiety when you say that with tears in your face.Do an act that reassures you.Then you're a third-class actor.

"I'm a third-rate originally.I just wanted to get a little closer to you, so I couldn't.But I chased you to the end.And still..... "

"That's not true, is it?You're the best. I'm really begging you.And give this doll to Len. "

Kilka removes the doll from under the bed.A blonde doll with long, pale skin.She is wearing cute Hirahira clothes.

"What is this?

"It's a movie item from the first time you and I starred together.It's a limited edition item. "

"Isn't that a cursed doll..."

"I don't care if it's a cursed doll.Did you know you can register a voice for that?

"No, I've never heard of it."

"I left a message for Ash and Len.If Len grows up and decides he can accept me, let him know.Remember how to play without following complicated steps.

"Okay. What am I supposed to do?

"Turn your neck two times to the right and three times to the left, then pull your right hand, and I'll whine and laugh, and then I'll talk."

"Why such a strange hunt....."

"Just remember that.Don't forget that. But, as I said earlier, I don't have to force you to tell them.Ash and Len are just worried about hearing this.I just need you to stay alive. "

"... okay.Then I'll give it to Len as a metaphor. "


Kirka smiled gently at Vel.

"As an actor, I've said it many times, but it's a bit irritating to say it in plain language.But it's the last time, so I'll tell you. "

Kirka opened her mouth again after staring at Vel for a few seconds.

"I love you, Val.It's good to meet you.It gave me hope for Ash and Len. "

"... I love you too.Someday I'll tell you about the two of you. Wait for me there. "

"Yeah, I'll be waiting.But you can be late.Well, in the first place, you can't come early because you've never been on time even on a date. "

"... you're always too early..."

The footage disappeared there.

Nobody says anything, just time passes.

Diete opened her mouth to see it.

"Renn-kun, and Ash-kun and Vel.If you want to erase your memory, let's erase it.But I don't think it's too late to hear the doll.The doll is in Ren's pod with you.Hundreds of years have passed, but the pods should have endured those years.I've made it possible for three people to log out, so why don't you ask them? "

Then Len, Ash, and Vel are completely immobile.

"Looks like you logged out right away.I didn't log out in a proper place, so I think I left a character behind. "

"Oh, that's what this is about. - What's wrong?

"No, I was a little worried that I could show you that footage.Well, I can't say I understand people's feelings.I got your permission, Vel, but I don't know if this is really good. "

"Dieter cares about something interesting."


"That's right. In general, humans don't fully understand each other.You didn't even know about Ash, did you?

"That's true, but...."

"Besides, I don't know who they are, so I think I can think of them."

"Is that what it is?"

(Diete-chan seems kind of depressed.I wonder if that's what Hypnos did, and you think you're going to do it yourself?Diete-chan seems human enough, and I think she has a heart of compassion.)

Hayato was thinking about it, and he sent me a voice chat.

"Master, are you all right now?

"Asha? Something's wrong.We're done here.I think it's okay now. "

Really? You're safe, aren't you?I heard a world announcement that stopped the invasion. "

"Oh, yeah, it's okay.I'll explain later.Now that Ash and the others are logged out and not here, wait till we get back to the base. "

"Log out...? Do you think Mr. Len and the others have regained their memories?

"That's right. I'll tell you the details when I get back.So, do you have something urgent to do?

That's right, but you're about to get a stampede.

"Huh? But there was no World Announcement?In general, there are no Genesis Dragons that can fight, right?

"It's not a Genesis Dragon stampede.After Ren announced that he had begun an invasion of the world, Lunaria took everyone close to him out of the castle saying, "It hurts to invade the world without the Demon King."People from the Devil's Land are joining us to stampede against other countries. "

"What are you doing?

"What are you doing?Therefore, Rosalier contacted me to ask my husband, who can give orders to the demon king, to stop it.Even if someone close to me says it won't stop me. "

"Rosalie is having a hard time, too.I'll send a voice chat to Lunaria.Call Ivan later.Ultimately, let's hit Ivan with Lunaria. "

"I see. That's a good hand.I'll get back to you soon. "

Voice chat expires.

And Hayato sighed.

"Hayato, is something wrong?It looks like it's from you, Asha.

"Looks like Lunaria's about to stampede."

"... why did you do that?

I wonder if it's a sense of confrontation with Ren-chan.I'll contact you a little bit to make sure that's not the case. "

Hayato sent an audio chat to Lunaria, hoping that it would be all right.