A week has passed since the disturbances at Dragongrave.

Although there have been many things about the demon king Lunaria in the past week, it can be said that the world of "Anazar Frontier Online" has returned to normal state.

However, Ash hasn't logged in at all since then.According to Diete, Ash and the others decided not to erase their memories.

And Pat and the Genesis Dragon members have regained their memories and are now logged out.Hayato doesn't know what happened, but Diete said it wasn't a bad reason.

And the Genesis Dragons on the game are moving like regular monsters with simple AI.Stampede seems to be happening, but players are wondering because it's no longer as difficult as it used to be.

In the game, Diete seems to be spreading rumours that some players have weakened because they defeated Shadow Dragon Ver Brandle, and it was becoming entrenched.

Some of the players are kept secret, but some think it's Hayato.Among them, questions from Bandit's leader, Jolt, were intense and troublesome.Hayato himself says it's not, but Jolt is sure of something and won't let go of the pursuit.

(I've been teaching you how to make dragon eater replicas, so please forgive me....)

Hayato began to prepare the coffee shop with that in mind.

It's afternoon and lunchtime, but the doorbell doesn't ring at all.Only artificial sunshine enters the store.

Hayato tells himself not to lose his mind because it's a weekday.

There's no visitors.

"Don't say it out loud."

"I don't think it will change whether I say it or not.Now, do you want to clean up... I don't have anywhere else to clean up. "

While saying that, Esha cleans quite pleasantly.

I've never cleaned in virtual reality, but in reality I never did.However, I can't cook at all because I'm a person in an era of resource depletion.At that time, Esha had never even had a simple dish because she was cheating on her taste.

Now Hayato is teaching me a little bit, but all I make is chocolate parfait.They want to make the best chocolate parfait of their own.

Hayato sees such shade.

Esha is not made to wear, but dressed up as a white shirt for men, black slacks, and black half-approns with black vests and knees.Because it is originally Hayato's product, the size is not suitable and it is a little big, but I think it is not bad for Hayato.

In Hayat's opinion, Esha is beautiful.Because of that, I think the number of male customers has also increased.It is sad, however, that no one asks for coffee.I asked for a first-time customer, but never again.

(I wonder what's different.If we don't reach the four stars of the game, no one will drink...)

I've tried a lot, but it's not quite the ideal flavor.I tried to prepare myself for coffee practice today.

But then the doorbell rang.

"Welcome - ah"

Hayato and Esha were surprised at the guests who came in.There were three of them: Ash, Len, and Vel.

"Hey, Hayato. It's been a week."

"Long time no see! Mr. Hayato!

It's not a bad store.

Each of the three speaks a word.Ver smiled a little, but Ash and Len smiled.

"Welcome, customer.Please come to my seat. "

"Wow, Mr. Esha!That's cool!

"Thank you very much. Len is also cute in clothes like this.Ash and Vel dress up somewhat lewdly, but there's an awesome aura.In front of the store, I was afraid that the woman would peek inside with flickering.Hayato should also be apprenticed. "

"There are things people can and can't do - more than that.I didn't think you'd come here.Sit down and wait.I'll have water and a menu now. "

Hayato said so, and Len raised her hand vigorously.

"Pudding! Bucket pudding, please!Be quick!

"There's nothing you can't make if you work hard, but I don't have any fantasy sweets like that.Patience with regular pudding. "

"Unfortunately... please use a regular pudding.Enough to build a house.You said that, didn't you?

"That's virtual reality, isn't it?Be patient with reality alone.Ash and the others... "

"Please ask me and my father for a cup of coffee.Diete told me.You're trying to make the best cup, aren't you?Let me have a drink. "

"Oh, I think I'll have a drink, too."

"Okay. Then one pudding and two coffees- Esha, I know what you're trying to say, but I feel like I can do it today."

"It's my fault.I'll make a chocolate parfait for Ren.It's a match between pudding and delicious. "

Hayato and Esha went into their own cooking.

There were two coffees on the table, one pudding and two chocolate parfaits.

"Esha? I've been wondering since I was making it, why do you have two chocolate parfaits?

"One is reserve.I made it for when I failed.I think I can give Len a delicious one.I'll dispose of the subtle flavor. "

"It doesn't look different.So, you sat down next to Ren-chan and let it flow?

"You can say I'm half the customer now."

"Half of them are employees, right?

Ash laughed at the exchange.

"I was surprised to hear from Diete, but is that how they feel in real life?"

"That's right! And I can't believe you two lived together!Ah, pudding, delicious!

"Ren-chan, calm down because the tension is a little too high.And eat the pudding more slowly.It's not a virtual reality, so my stomach startles me. "

Ren eats pudding happily, and next door she eats her own chocolate parfait.They dressed differently, but they saw it again and again in virtual reality.

The two who were eating sweets happily left alone, and Hayat saw Ash and Vel.

"I haven't seen you in a week, but you've been here..."

"I think Diete told me, but I decided to live in reality without erasing my memory.Not only us, but Pat and I are together. "

I see.

"But you're not saying that the characters of virtual reality disappear?I don't think I'll be able to log in much longer. "

"I know. I can only log in in in the morning and at night.But what are Ashes gonna do in real life?

The cold sleeve pod on the spaceship Aphrodite will nourish you, so you won't die.But if we are to live in reality, we need to eat.To do this, we need money.I have to work.

I'll answer that.

Val said so and began explaining to Hayato.

Ver was going to make a movie.That's why I forced Pat and the others back to their memories.Of course, I planned to erase my memory if I wanted to live in virtual reality again, but everyone wanted to work as an actor.

Hundreds of years have passed since then, and thanks to that, the planet has considerable resources.Actors are now obsolete, and most of them become colonial life, but there is an environment where you can work as an actor much more than back then.

We also need scripts, productions, directors, etc., but it seems like we're trying to make it all from scratch.

For the time being, the money will be paid from Dite.There is also the annoyance charge of stampede disturbance, but it seems to be a test case of whether we can leave virtual reality and live in reality.

Diete hacked the family register and said that Ash's information had already been added.

(Speaking of which, Diete-chan did a lot of things for me when I was in Esha.A spaceship Aphrodite in stealth orbit on Earth.It was made a hundred years ago, but now that the technology is lost, it is impossible to find it with the current technology.If you have that kind of technology, is it easy to hack?)

It's a criminal act, but I don't think it's uncovered.Hayato is not familiar with it, but he concluded so.

Hayato was curious to hear the story so far.

"Does Ash and Ren-chan do actors too?Is that what Kirka wanted in that video?

"I intend to.Len... "

"I'll do it too.Because it's your mother's child.I intend to become a woman who attracts various men. "

"... it's troublesome to say that a part of the pudding is stuck in my mouth, but I'm happy for you.Then let's do our best together.But before that-- "

Ash got up from the chair and looked at Vel.Ver is a little surprised.

"What's wrong?

When Vel said so, Ash lowered his head to Vel.

"Dad, give me an acting instruction-no, please.I want to be a top actor like my father and mum.I want to entertain everyone - I want to be an actor who gives hope.So please. "

Len, Esha, and Hayato remain silent and await Ver's answer.

Val closed his eyes for a short time, but opened them immediately.

"I'm a third-class actor.I couldn't act to reassure a woman I liked, or play a good father in front of you.And I can't work properly from the shock of losing my wife.You want him to teach you how to act?

"If you feel like acting okay on that scene, I'll give you a hand.Besides, you stayed home all the time because you were with us, right?I know you turned down all your work, not stopped working.And I want to learn from my father what he did in his old room, how to make a small world. "

Ash said so with his head down.

Then Len stood up and lowered her head just like Ash did.

"Wow, I need acting instruction too!

Val closed his eyes again, but after a little deep breath he opened his mouth.

"My mentoring is tough.If you don't mind, I'll tell you. "

Ash and Len smiled at the words.And they made a high touch with both hands.

Val smiles at the behavior and sticks his mouth to the coffee.


Hayato and Esha speak out simultaneously.I drank Hayato's coffee in a nice condition.On the contrary, Hayato herself thought there was quite a problem.

Val pulled her face for a moment, but drank it all at once.

"Ve, Vel, are you okay?

"... it's okay.I just don't like the taste. "

"I see...."

"But it was the best coffee I've ever had.I guess I'll never forget this flavor.Of course, in a good way.

"Uh, yes.Thank you very much. "

(I wish I had the best cup here.)

Hayato is disappointed.It makes no sense to be the best in a situation, not the taste.

"I have a favor to ask Hayato for."

"What is it? If there's anything I can do to apologize for a bad coffee, I'll ask."

"I want you to stay here for a while.And can you get Ash and Len to work here?

Everyone is surprised at Vel's words.Regardless of staying, I just told Ash and the others that I would teach acting.And yet I don't know what it means to be able to work here.

"Shouldn't we be teaching Ash and the others to act?I don't think I have time to work here. "

"I don't teach acting all day.Ash, Len, I need you to work here and keep an eye on the guests.It would be rude to listen to people's behavior, gestures, expressions, and conversations, so you should stop, but watch and learn how people behave naturally.Let's start with that. "

I don't know Hayato well, but I was forced to convince him that it was something like that.But I have a problem.

"Um, there's only this coffee shop and the room upstairs, right?Besides, I can't pay Ash and the others in my current state, and I don't have many customers. "

I'm saying something sad, but it's true.There is no way we can hire three people, including Asha, in a coffee shop where few guests come.

"Having said that, we can't find a place to live right away.I want you to stay here for a while, because I'm going to be based here and do a lot of work.In the meantime, Ash and the others are free. "

Ash and Len nodded.

"Well then - no, but, um..."

To be honest, Esha and I are both narrow.There is only one room besides this coffee shop space.Asha and Len will be able to sleep in Hayato's room and the three men will sleep in the coffee shop space, but I feel that it will be inconvenient.

"Please, Mr. Hayato.Hayato and we are like family, aren't we?So help me!

"I can't refuse Ren-chan to say that... but my family?Not a friend or a best friend?

"Yes, because you saw me as I was born, right?I was hugged very strongly by that, and I thought I could say family now!

Silence dominates the area.It's enough to say that the time has stopped.

"Wow! Ren-chan, what are you talking about!?You didn't do that!


"No, I'm the one!Why is that happening!?

Hayato doesn't remember anything at all.But there are two people who trust Len more than Hayato.

"Hayato, I need to talk to you.Shall we go outside for a moment?You have no right of veto. "

"I need to talk to Hayato, just like Ash.It might be a situational virtual reality story, but let me explain what it is.Depending on the answer, I don't know what happens. "

"This is an unjust crime!Uh, that's it, someone's trying to trap it!It was a backup like me!

Hayat was driven outside by Ash and Vel, with no separatist manners or resistance.

Esha and Len remain here.After finishing the parfait, Esha looks at Len.

"Mr. Ren, is that true?

"Do you care?

"Well, a little.If Hayato gets caught as a criminal, I'm in trouble. "

"Is that all? Is there any such thing as a jellyfish?

Nothing in particular.

"Heh... Mr. Esha is also quite an actor, isn't he?

Really?So, is this true?

Len smiles sharply at Shah.

"It's true. Only the people who were there saw my dragon, and Hayato saw it.Before that, Hayato hugged me with her head.I just stopped showing you my mom's video.Surprised?

"Oh, that's the setting.You think the dragon is naked?But you've done a lot of nasty things.Those three may not be back for a while.

"Because that's the goal.Actually, I wanted to declare war when I was alone with Mr. Esha. "

"A declaration of war?

"Yes, I think I'll attack Hayato in three years.If you don't do something by then, you'll be taken by me.

Ren said that with a smile.

Esha frowned a little.

"You have a lot of confidence.But are you serious?Acts? Acts are great actors.I don't need acting instruction. "

"Now, which one is it?I'll know the answer in three years... but if you let me tell you, Hayato doesn't feel like a refreshing hero, but somehow you can rest assured.I think I can rely on you in a different way. "

"... well, I don't even know."

When Esha said so, the coffee shop doorbell rang.

"Hey, Len!Explain this to Ash and Vel!I didn't do that!

"I can't help it. Then I'll explain it properly."

Len walks toward Hayato with that.

The remaining Esha cleaned up the dishes with a slightly more complicated face.