Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: the meaning of life

The old man was hungry for wine alone at the table.

It would be nice to say that the appearance of wearing a robe and only exposed around the eyes is a strange smell.If you don't know anyone, it's hard to speak up.

The old man poured the wine placed on the table into a glass and enjoyed the aroma and put it in his mouth.I was dissatisfied with the lack of people with wine hobbies, but I enjoyed it slowly at my own pace because it wasn't bad to have a monopoly.

This is the stronghold of the Clan "Blackjack".Today is the last day that virtual reality ends once.

The clan "Blackjack", who won the event called Clan War, also had many players from other clans.They are filled with people who want to talk to members of their strongest clan.

I could have relaxed in my room, but on the last day or so I was drinking wine that I kept in a crowded place.

The old man looks around.

The hustle and bustle around me is different from my mood, but it's completely irrelevant and will make me happy.I mocked myself a little bit that the vibrant and energetic surroundings - the power to live - was the privilege of youth that I no longer had.

These are times when we cannot expect a future of resource depletion, but they are not.Virtual reality is a fictional world, but there are expectations for the future.It energizes the young people around us.

Youth is possible.It is still possible for me, but it is slight compared to the potential of young people.It takes time away from health, energy, and everything.And even if you try something, you know your limits.Time will be taken away from the feeling of trying to break it.

But I don't want to. I've lived to my liking.I will live as I please until I die.It is not a case of possibility.It is important to know how much peace of mind you can live for the rest of your life.

I just think. I wonder if my life made sense.

Life is just born and die.Enjoy it while you're alive.What do you know after you die?Even so, I sometimes wonder what my life was like.

I don't want to be respected by anyone.I just want to think that my life meant something.

The way I didn't feel when I was young, I feel terrified every day at this age.The promise to go to bed at night and wake up tomorrow morning is no longer a promise.

With that in mind, the old man looks at his hands.

The thin, wrinkled fingers make you feel the age.But it still works as it should.That's because this is virtual reality.

My body is sleeping with a special cold sleep.I haven't logged out in years.If I log out, I am worried that I will be able to move my body as I wish.

Sometimes I wonder if my body is already computerized.

How wonderful is that?Even old people can move as much as they want with virtual reality.That's as likely as you can say.

But it's not that convenient.Perhaps if you log out, your body will not be able to move properly.It's not a muscle weakness caused by cold sleep, it's just aging.That's for sure.

When I was young, I was not afraid of death, but at this age I was afraid of death.I'm not afraid to die.I'm afraid I didn't have any meaning in my life.

Don't you feel such fear in the next world?The old man put wine in his mouth again with that in mind.


I realized a little late that I was called by a woman's voice.

I drank too much wine and was a little overwhelmed.Even though it is virtual reality, the state of drunkenness is also reproduced.And I felt good about the fun noise around me.

Relic slowly opened his eyes.

A familiar woman was sitting opposite the table where she was sitting alone.


That's what Relic called the woman in front of him.Sonia Wellato, an acquaintance from before entering virtual reality.

Black leather jacket, trousers and matching black tengalon hat.And there are about thirty women with red scarves around their necks.

The woman put her hat on the table and raised her short white hair.

"Are you going to sleep now?Enjoy your last day even more. "

"You're old. I think I overwhelmed myself when I was drinking the hidden wine.You're as young as ever. "

"I don't know why, but I turned it into a drug lab.Well, it's just what it looks like.I appreciate it because virtual reality reflects what it looks like. "

"Indeed. By the way, what about today?

"This is the last day you can remember reality, right?I'm here to play chess.You're not gonna win or run like this, are you?

Speaking of which, did you win?All right, let's play the last game. "

Yeah, it's gone.

Sonia removes a set of chess from the item bag and places it on the table.

They lined up with each other to start a match.

There have been many chess matches between Relic and Sonia.We all know each other's hands, and strange hands simply create gaps.It took longer than usual to compete whether the prudence was influenced.

"Speaking of which, they're all going to stay in this virtual reality."

"Even though the depletion of resources is likely to be eliminated, it is natural because it is a long time ago.There's a difference between reality and virtuality, but that's the only difference. "

"Real or virtual, I think that's the most important thing.But I didn't think Relics would stay. "

"Do you think we have a choice but to stay?

"Are you okay with him?You haven't seen anything, have you?

While talking, the game of chess proceeds.Sonia's words stopped Relic's fingers for a moment, but he immediately pointed to his next hand.

"I already did what I could.God alone knows what happens. "

I see. Well, even if it stays in reality, can't you see the results?Then I'm sure it's still better this way.Besides, there's nothing I can do about the food.At least I wanted you to fool me into eating my taste. "

"You can't do that to criminals.But it looks like he escaped.I'm sorry I can't see the warden's regretful face. "

"I wanted to see that too."

"Checkmate, you're too focused on conversation."

"... it's dirty.I can't believe you come with different hands when you're concentrating on conversation. "

"It's the same as magic.You distract yourself from something... and we do the same thing, don't we?

"Yes, but... what's the matter?

A girl dressed as a wizard appeared in Relic's eyes.

"No, one of the clan members went up the stairs.Looks like he went to the roof. "

"Ah, the Goddess of Destruction.He's a pretty funny kid. Do you care?

"A little. I think she resembles her old self.It's not what it looks like, it's what it looks like. "

"Where do you seek power without purpose?

"... a child who knows that he needs strength to accomplish something.I wish I could have found something, but if I hadn't, I'd be able to play and show my strength like me.I'm with you, and I'm not worried. "

"If you're worried, why don't you go?I'll have a drink with my secret wine here. "

Relic considers Sonia's opinion.But the answer came quickly.

"Okay. When you talk, you'll lose your memory, but you won't be rejected even if you're together for the last time.Well then, Sonia, say goodbye for once.See you in the next world. "

Ah, well, in the next world.

Sonja lightly raises the glass of wine.And I started drinking.

Relic walks down the stairs to the rooftop along the wall.In the meantime, I looked at the people here.

Undead Mist, Dragon Seoul's brand brother and sister.That's all I know, but I was a little surprised that the top 8 clan members were here.

For Relics, virtual reality is nothing but play.I'm not really old enough to play games, but my clan is pretty strong for some reason and won an event called Clan War.

It would be a lie to say that it wasn't fun.Here you can move freely without feeling your body decay.It wasn't like exercising in the first place, but I was able to move as much as I wanted without getting tired.Repeat the same behavior over and over again to make the virtual body remember.The real body won't move that much, but virtual reality has no limits.

As a result of my efforts to keep my feet off my feet, I can say that I was able to produce quite a result.

I sometimes wondered what I was doing to get serious about the game, but I laughed a little bit that it was not a bad time.

"Could I have a moment?

I was called while walking.Two strange women in front of Relic.The figure is maid.

"Can I help you?

Relic changes his tone when talking to Sonia.In the first place, the crushed tone was only for Sonia, and others used polite words.

"Do you know where Ivan is?

Ivan. This is the leader of Relic's clan, Blackjack.It is said to be a brave man, but regardless of strength, it is two names because it is known to confess to a woman who can be regarded as unstoppable.

Relic got in a little trouble.Ivan's not here, he's gone to another base.I can say I don't know, but Relic decides to tell me that he does anyway.

"Ivan has gone to another base.I'm not here. "

One of the maids shrugged his shoulders at Relic's words.It felt exactly like the end of the world, but I decided not to pursue it deeply.I want to do something about it, but Relic can't do anything about it.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

The maid who seemed to have no particular problem lowered her head.

"No, that's not true.Thank you for telling me - you're in a hurry, aren't you?I'm sorry I stopped you. "

"Never mind.Now, if you'll excuse me - I promise I'll help you when I see you in the next world. "

The maid woman was surprised by Relic's words, but she quickly smiled.

"Yes, thank you in advance."

Relic walked out after a light meeting.

(My mouth is strangely light.I wonder if the wine is still intoxicated.Or are you expecting the next world?Either way, I don't feel bad)

I told the maid that I would never say a word to her.After I said it, it smelled bad, but I went up the stairs of interest that I would forget anyway.

When I went out on the roof, there was a beautiful sunset and a girl watching it.

Relics like beautiful things.But the beauty of relics is in an orderly order.I think there's beauty in the process.

I put my knowledge, experience, money and everything into it to gain its beauty.

The result is the branding of the criminal.

There is no regret, but it is a little pitiful to think that the girl in front of you may be the same.I want to use my power for no reason if it is the only purpose of getting it.It always calls for misfortune.Even in virtual reality.

It's not going to be the same as me, and it's not going to change anything when we talk.Maybe I want to change myself.Or do you want the girl to be like herself?

Relic approached the girl in front of him with a clumsy mind.

"Were you here?"

The world is almost over.Talking to a girl similar to herself on the last day didn't mean anything to life, but Relic called out to the girl hoping something might change.