About a month after the Stampede event ended, players wondered what the next event would be.

Events that start with Clan Wars are now rewarded.Because there is a sense of expectation that the next event will also have a prize.

Top the stampede contribution points, and there are quite a few people who have received the prize.It's not a hundred million per person bounty, like in the Clan War, but it's still huge.

In the next event, many players will be excited and ready when they get big money.However, I didn't know what kind of event would happen, and I expected what would happen next, and even before the event, it seemed like I was enjoying it.

In such a situation, Hayato had been consulted by Diete.

A coffee shop crown, where they have a conversation over the monitor.

"- So, what do you think Hayato will think about this kind of event?

"First of all, isn't it strange when you ask me?

Diete seems to be losing confidence after what happened to Hypnos.It is still too loose to express it, and it is enough to consult Hayato about what it is from the significance of my existence.

Hypnos, who was himself a hundred years ago.Even though it was a backup, I was shocked by the way I used to feel when I didn't think of people as people.

Even though I am an administrator, I have not been able to grasp and manage all the virtual reality.Then I started thinking about the philosophy of what I am and what AI is.

From Hayato's point of view, what seems like this is growth or evolution, but Diete is worried about whether Hypunos is his nature, and has recently begun to ask Hayato for his opinion to do anything.

"Hayato, please don't say such things and help me a lot.I'll pay for it. "

"First of all, should we stop trying to solve it with money?If you're having trouble with that, I can help you, but it's a little troublesome to be thrown out of the event before the game starts.You know too much, don't you?

"Even so, I can only consult with Hayato.I'm worried about whether or not I can hold the event like this. "

As Hayato, I want to help Diete.But what you're doing is like counseling.I wonder what it would be like for AI to discuss the game.

"And Hayato has been logging in less often lately.Sometimes I wonder if I'm tired of virtual reality. "

"I'm sorry about that. I'm busy right now.I'll log in every day if I can afford to. "

"I'm listening.Mr. Ash, you're seeing more women coming to you, aren't you?And Vale, you're going there, aren't you?Business is thriving, above all.I miss logging in less often. "

"Well, coffee's still not going to sell, but chocolate parfait and pudding are up.Vale and the others bought an apartment nearby, so I think it's a regular.Looks like you're making a real movie these days.It's hard because I have to do all the scripts and performances. "

Val and the others bought an apartment near the coffee shop.

Sometimes it's a short walk away, but dining is mostly done at Hayato's coffee shop.

It was rare for people to be able to cook in an era of resource depletion.I don't have the opportunity to cook in the first place because most meals are covered by nutritional supplements.

But these days, there are more ingredients than there were then.The colony "Farm" produces enough food.There are also injectable nutritional supplements called energy tubes in this era, but this is only for medical use and no one uses it as a dietary substitute.

That's why Vale and the others don't cook on their own and come to the coffee shop to eat.It's sad that you can't get me a coffee after dinner.

Hayato is worried about how to restore Diete's confidence.

When I tried to think about it, something hit Hayato's leg.

"Yes, it's time to open a shop.Don't play around forever. "

Esha said so, poking Hayato's foot lightly with a mop.I'm just saying I'm in the way of cleaning.

"I feel uncomfortable when Asha tells me?I mean, isn't there a lot of room for me here?Something wrong?

"Because there is nothing, it is because of Hayato's mind.I think I forgot to turn off the air conditioning after I left the house. "

"... I don't know, but I think it's my fault.Okay, Dite, I'll log in tonight, and I'll see you then. "

I see. Then I'll be waiting.Of course, Asha, come with me. "

"I see. Ash and Len will also be invited.I think I'll be fine tonight. "

"Got it. I'm looking forward to it."

Diete said so and the monitor turned black.

"I'm sorry about Dite, but let's open the shop first.Maybe Vel and the others are coming for lunch. "

"That's right. But afterwards, there will be feminine guests for Ash.That's Stampede, right? "

"Stampede has an edge.Ash should do about two hours a day.The rotation rate is poor because even when guests come in, they're sitting there. "

"Isn't that what's going to happen?

Hayato started preparing for the opening, thinking that it would be no trouble.


Hayat, Esha, Ash, and Ren each log in and wake up in the base room.Then I moved to the cafeteria.

Diete was already sitting in the dining room chair, and Hayato and the others came to the dining room with a smile.

"Hi, it's been a long time.Everyone was waiting. "

Diete was delighted and welcomed Ash and Ren, who had not seen her in a long time.

Everyone sits in their chairs after an exchange of greetings.

"Ash, what about you guys after that?Hayato told me you're busy, but I hear there's nothing wrong with it. "

"Oh, no problem.I've had an affair with Agnes, but it's evidence that he's trying to make a good work.And every day is full. "

"That's good.Renn-kun, are you okay?I think there's been a lot going on. "

"You don't have to worry so much about Dite anymore.After that, everyone apologized and forgave me, and I plan to play the role of choi in the next film.You'll be a bigger actress than your mother!

There were a lot of things, but everything settled round.Hayato doesn't know what words were left behind in the doll left by Kilka, Len's mother.But Ash and Len said apologies, thanks, and hope for both of them.

Ash and Len decided not to forget that.The doll was carefully decorated in Ren's room in the apartment that she bought.

"I'm going to be an actor beyond my father, too.I'm sorry about that.I haven't been able to log in very much lately. "

Diete shook her neck sideways.

"I can't help it.Honestly, I would like you to prioritize this, but I can't help it if the reality is full.Well, it would be helpful if you could log in when something happens. "

"Oh, I can't do that, but I'll log in."

Ash and Len haven't logged in here recently.He teaches Ver acting in the morning, works part-time at a coffee shop in the afternoon, and scripts and performances in the evening.I don't have time to log in.

And Vel and the Genesis Dragon members are not logged in either.Rather, they would not log in anymore.It is possible to login, but now the virtual dragons are running with simple AI and are just simple Rare Monsters.

The players became obviously mechanical from their previous movements, so they made noise for a while saying "no one inside", but eventually they put an AI for NPC into the dragon during the event.

"By the way, how are the mercenaries doing?

"You're a member of the crescent beast club, right?I'll be fine. Cecil is taking on a squad member and doing something similar to Ash.It seems to have subsided in the form of Imperial vs. Dragon Special Forces. "

The mercenary group "The Beast of the Moon", headed by Ash, was dissolved because Ash reconciled with hard-line dragons.Now there are no hard-line dragons, but they are distinguished by whether they attack people or not.

In the first place, the distinction between moderates and hardliners is information that only appears in monster atlases, so only a few players know that there was a distinction.

Regardless of these factions, a special unit, the Dragon Busters, led by Cecil, was created in the Empire to hunt down dragons that are like attacking people, and all members of the regiment now belong there.

It is not a precarious profession of mercenaries, but a knight belonging to the Empire, so it can be said to be a great success.

When the mercenary regiment broke up, there was a huge party at this base, and it was quite exciting.

Nearly a month has passed since then, but there is no particular problem.Cecil must have come to our base so often.

As soon as the conversation was over, Diete looked over at everyone.

"Okay, okay?I was talking to Hayato, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinion. "

Diete began explaining the next event, Treasure Hunting.