Another Frontier Online

Treasure Hunting

What Diete said about treasure hunting is simply a treasure hunt.

There are several systems that fall into the category of treasure hunting in this Analyzer Frontier Online.

The easiest is the chest in the dungeon.

A random Crate appears in the Dungeon.There are different types of chests and the quality of the contents varies depending on the material.From iron crates to Adamantite crates, the contents are said to be as good as chests made of valuable metals.There are also rumors that there is a chest made of metal, hyirokane, above Adamantite.

And the chest is locked.Killing monsters in a dungeon rarely drops a key, but using that key to open a chest is a good practice.

It can only be opened in the same dungeon and must match the material of the key and chest.As a result, many players have trouble finding the chest and sell only the key at auction.

Also, in the first place, chests made of low-value metal do not contain much, and it is more expensive to fight normally.Without chests per mythrill, oliharcon, and adamantite, the time and contents will not match.

"I've never opened a treasure chest in a dungeon, because basically my main focus was on killing dragons.In the case of a dungeon, I only went to the boss's room and did something to get rid of it. "

When Ash said so, Len nodded.

I remember going to the boss's room many times to get the equipment for the curse in the Labyrinth Castle, which contains many monsters of the Reaper system.Not only Ash, but most of the players will have more.It would be easier simply to defeat a monster.A good reward for that.If you use the same time, it would be normal to go there.

"And there's a trap in the treasure chest, right?I've heard it's troublesome to disarm it. "

The treasure chest is trapped.Not only will you unlock the key, but you won't be able to get the contents unless you unlock the trap.There is also a way to deliberately activate a trap, but depending on the type, it is said to be dangerous because it triggers a trap that causes a lot of problems.

Unlocking requires a Trap Unlocking skill, but fewer players have it. Even fewer have it up to 100.Besides, the total value of skills is capped, so if you put in extra skills, it is mainstream to put in productive skills.You will not be able to improve your skills unless you are a player who is role-playing bandits.

"It's not an event that everyone can enjoy.Few players may want to change their skills now... "

"Why not increase the chance of dropping keys or reduce the effect of traps for a limited time at events?And make the contents better. "

"I see. That way, there might be more players playing."

"Besides, you get points for events, and you get even more prizes, right?

"That's right. This time, it's more about collecting items called treasure coins than points.Any treasure hunting system can get it.If you collect a certain number of coins, you'll get a prize and eventually the top ten with the number of coins will get a prize.Of course, I'll give you the top prize per clan. "

Diete answers Esha's comments and questions.

As for Hayato, I think everyone will eat if they get a prize, but I won't say that.Recently Dite has been thinking a lot about getting players to enjoy it, so I don't think that's a bad idea.

Hayato was listening to Diete's conversation with Hypnos, but he doesn't know what the AI or administrator should do and what's right.

However, I feel more like Dite today than before.Originally it wasn't bad sensitivity, but now it's more human and Hayato welcomed it.

"Hayato, what is it?You're looking at me like you're looking at something funny?

"Oh, I'm sorry. By the way, what is the treasure hunting system other than dungeon chests?

"Well, there are a few.Hayato, do you know something called an old scroll?

"I've heard of it, but I don't know the details."

"Then I'll explain."

The old scroll is, to put it simply, a treasure map.The treasure chest is asleep in the place it shows, and you can dig it out to get it.

Whether it's a map or an actual map, there are many ways to indicate the location of a treasure, whether it's just coordinates or encryption.

This has to be solved by yourself, regardless of skills.There was also a mechanism whereby the old scroll was time-limited, and if it was not found within an hour of looking at the contents, it would become worn out and collapse.

Even if we know where the treasure is, there is a possibility that there are powerful monsters wandering there, and we don't need any combat power at all.

There were other reasons for this, but it was a less popular content in the game.

"You don't have a key like a dungeon, do you?How do I open the treasure chest I dug up?

"That's the only way to unlock it.As a matter of fact, dungeon chests can also be opened with unlocking skills, but this is also the reason why they are not popular.It will be rare for players to have unlocking and trap unlocking skills and both for 100.No player will be able to disintegrate their current skill structure from the start of the event. "

It's the same for everyone who can't afford the upper limit of their skills.Moreover, it is difficult to increase the skill up to 100. I think it is the colon that will destroy the skill composition up to 100.Hayato doesn't even think about changing the skill composition anymore.

"Shouldn't we be able to ask the Bandit Alliance for unlocking and untracking skills?

Len said such a thing.

"Before, Relic said he occasionally teaches unlocking and trap unlocking skills in bandit guilds.I don't have a good image of the Bandit Guild, but why don't you use this as an opportunity to improve your image?Safe, secure, always with Niconico Bandit Guild catch-up copies. "

"Hmm, that's right.Invite members of your Alliance to the party, or let them bring their own chests.If you can carry the treasure chest without having to open it on the spot, you'll be able to do it. "

"Oh! Are you hiring?How about that, Mr. Hayato?

"Huh? Ah, yeah.I think that's a good idea...

(What appeal?Besides, it seems like Ren-chan is stirring up Esha with the feeling of "fufu".Esha looks at Ren-chan with her half-eyed eyes.Ash looks at me a little bit complicated. What's going on?

Hayato wonders, but asks Diete about the next treasure hunt.

"Next, I can say NPC's quest, but it's an act of lifting the treasure from a ship wrecked in the sea.Do you know what salvage is?

Basically, the sea monsters are said to be strong.There are a number of ships set to sink as a result, and the NPC in Port Town will give you that information in a quest.

Travel by boat to where you've been taught and use salvage items to lift them to earn chests.The chest itself is no different from what you get in Dungeons and Treasure Maps.

This content is also not popular for that reason.But with Len's suggestion, we can fix that.

"You don't need to unlock Salvaged Crates on the spot, so you can take them home as an item.Bring it to the Bandit Guild to open it. "

"That's fine, but do you have a regular player with a ship?Isn't that a carpenter's skill?

Esha's question is correct, and some clans don't have a ship in the first place.Content that can only be played by some players.

"If it's a small ship, the NPC store will sell it.Negotiating with NPCs and players with carpentry skills will make a big ship.That's right, I don't think it's easy to get to a big ship, so I don't think there's any tech in it... but what do you think, Hayato?

Diete asked about her lack of confidence.

"I think so, too.I think it would be boring as a game to make anything easier.Every skill is an unfortunate positioning, so sometimes I think it's okay to get some footlights... because I have woodworking skills. "

"Well, that's good.Then let's do it. Well, there's something else... "

Diete's explanation continued.

There were many other ways to collect Treasure Coins, but there were things to investigate on an undetected island, such as defeating pirates and ghost ships and stealing treasures.

Diete seemed anxious about these content for the first time, but when Hayato said it seemed interesting, Diete felt reassured.

In addition, the system such as ambidextrous flow was scheduled to be released at the start of the event, and Hayato and the others were told that they would enjoy it.

Afterwards, the game ended and I enjoyed a normal conversation, but since it was late at night, it was dissolved.

(Diete-chan is also worried about various things.I'm busy, but I'll log in as soon as I can.For now, I've often been here for purposes other than making money, preventing the collapse of virtual reality, or playing games, so I need to enjoy it purely.)

Hayato logged out with that in mind.