Another Frontier Online

First day of the event

A week after Hayato and the others were consulted about the event, the "Treasure Hunting" event began.

Today is the first day of the game, but a lot of information has already flown in the game and is showing considerable success.

In this event, the focus is not on combat skills, but also bandit skills, and players who have not been able to participate in the event before can actively participate, which is a good reputation.

Of course, not all fighter and production players can participate, so I'm not dissatisfied with it.Rather, many players tried treasure hunting for the first time, so it was festive.

Especially since the chest keys sold at the auction were usually about 100,000 G made by Adamantite, today it is a laugh that the price has already risen to 10 million G.Other old scrolls were also quite soaring.

(It's more exciting than I thought.Diete-chan might have regained her confidence.)

Hayat was thinking of such a thing as he strolled the King's Capital Grand Belle.

Nothing in particular. I came here simply to taste the atmosphere of the first day of the event.

Hayato was unable to log in when the last Stampede event started.I was only able to enjoy it with the last person, so I decided to log in from the first day.

Hayat came to the most bustling central square in King's Landing.

This is where the most players gathered, and many people used the central fountain as a meeting place.

Hayato came here to say that he would be able to hear a lot of information.

Hayato sits on a bench near the fountain and blurs in the warm sun.Nevertheless, I was focused on the voices I could hear.

"Dual wisdom really sucks.They also have their own weapon skills. "

"Pirates and cannons shot each other!He came out to Kraken on the way out and he was screaming!

"Don't you have a lot of invitations lately to work?

"Death strap is no good... if I activate the trap, everyone will be killed..."

Words are packed with information.Information is only collected in-game because it is not published on the web or the like.

The information that is really important will be kept secret, but I still want to say what I know, and Hayato is trying not to miss out on that kind of information.

It's not a very praiseworthy act, but it was a good thing to do when looking into Clan War opponents.

(Dual wisdom, pirates, traps... part-time?There's still a lot of information on the first morning.Probably started at midnight before the event.Start Dash is important, right?)

It is not a bad thing to monopolize information that is not well known.Hayato also made money doing things that no one would do with Nay and the others when the game started.It's connected to now.

(Diete-chan has told me a little bit about the consultation, but I can't help it.You don't have to go to the top for a prize anymore, and let's just enjoy the game.And all I want to do is get recipes and production methods that I haven't seen yet.Treasure hunting is secondary.)

Hayato has previously been taught how to make paper by Jolt, the leader of Clan "Bandit".It was in a dungeon chest.

Dungeon's chest is one of the systems of treasure hunting.Hayato was trying to collect treasure coins while collecting paper on how to make them.

How to manufacture a production item you haven't seen yet.As a production job Hayato, I want it so much that it comes out of my throat.

Nevertheless, there is a little problem this time.

Ash and Len have difficulty attending this event.The reason is that reality is busy.A little more time will give us a little room, but we can't afford it now.

Until now, Ash and the others had been asked to escort them to various locations, but Hayat's combat might make it difficult for them to go anywhere.

In this case, Relic is mandatory.Relic is excited about all bandit skills, not just theft skills.Relics with unlocking and trap unlocking skills will also be the most important position to earn treasures.

But it's not much to think of as a combat force.In places like Labyrinth Castle, where there are many undead monsters, it's not a problem because of the weapon you have, "Le Québem," but it's tough to escort Hayat to a normal monster opponent.

Depending on where you go, the next two want a member who can melee.

Hayato was thinking of inviting Diete as a healer.

It is unclear whether AI has something called stress, and I don't know if going on adventures together will relieve stress, but sometimes Hayato wonders if it's important to forget about being a manager and play.

That makes it possible for Lunaria, the Demon King, Mist the Vampire, and Maris the Tamer, but this time all members have a little problem.

Esha is also a candidate when it comes to combat power, but for some reason it's out of the question.

Esha has the disadvantage of being targeted by monsters who do not attack because of her negative animal training skills.It would be dangerous just to take him.

Lunaria is imprisoned in Demon King Castle for an attempted world invasion.It's hard to get out.

Lunaria has sent a voice chat to Hayato before.

"Help me because I'm imprisoned in the Demon King Castle.If possible, it's like riding on a white horse and appearing refreshed.This is a maiden dream. "

"Remember the demon king in front of the maiden."

Since then, there have been regular voice chats asking for help, but I mostly listen to them.I feel sorry for you, but recently Lunaria has had a bit of a problem with her behavior and has had to be angry and has done nothing in particular.

The Vampire Mist is busy under the influence of Stampede.Basically, Hayato has delivered the reconstruction items, so there is no problem, but it seems that there are other problems with the old companions and they are literally flying around.

Tamer's Maris is tough in a narrow place like a dungeon.Griffon's Lancelot is powerful, but it's only outdoors.They can't demonstrate their true value because they are deprived of mobility in narrow spaces.

(Someone who feels a little smaller would be helpful.)

There are many types of dungeons, each with a different size of room and aisle.You can swing any weapon in a wide area, but in a narrow area you can't swing without a small weapon such as a knife or a dagger.

Whether it is a huge double-handed sword or a small knife, it can be handled with a swordsmanship skill, so there is no problem with the skill, but it is easier to handle what I usually use.It is common in this game that if a weapon of the same sword size changes, it will not be able to strike instantly.

(It's hard to be a member of a clan.I'll talk to Ney later.So, me and Relic, and Diete-chan go to Nay's party together, and it feels like the problem is solved... yeah, let's do that)

Having thought about it and gained some information, Hayat decided to return to his base.

Events are also important, but there are times when craftsmen want to make items at the base and sell them, so they are excited.

When I was at Stampede, I only made items for countermeasures, so the store was closed.I think it's time to reopen the store in earnest.

(I can get the timber of the world tree from the Spirit Kingdom on a regular basis, and I think I'll try to make a lot of them... I also feel like an ant to build a large ship with the world tree.I want to do salvage anyway, so I'll save up some wood.Then do something else without using wood.)

Hayat walks through King's Landing with all sorts of thoughts.

I could return in an instant with the ring of transition, but I walked slowly because I had no particular reason to hurry home and it wasn't far away.

When Hayato came back to the base, he saw someone wandering at the entrance in front of the store.Not to mention suspicious behavior, but I think I have something to do.

Hayat approached and tried to speak, but was noticed before he came near.

The person is approaching.

Black jacket and black trousers.And a black tent gallon hat and a red scarf.Slightly brown skin and bright white hair.I have just said that I am in the first half of thirty cars.

(Is that it? Is this guy somewhere...?

"Are you sure it's Hayato?

"Hmm? Yes, it's Hayato, who is it?So, where'd you get my name?

"What, he didn't say anything about me?Why don't you introduce yourself? "

Women take their hats off.

"It's called Sonia Welat.Call me Sonia.Simply put, you know Relic. "

"Relic's...?Ah, is this the Guild Master of the Bandit Guild?

Hayato remembers seeing the final clan war.When Hayato and Dite fight each other one-on-one, this is the Relic opponent.When I remembered talking about relics and chess, Hayato asked.

"Oh, that's right.I came here because I wanted to talk to Relic.I'm in a lot of trouble going to the Butler Guild. "

Bandit Guilds don't have a good image.It is certainly problematic for the Alliance Master to go to another Alliance.

Hayato doesn't have to be wary if he can take such care and even become an acquaintance with Relic.

"I'm not here right now. Shall I call Mr. Relick?

"Oh, that would be helpful.I can also send you a voice chat, but he's muting my contacts at work. "

"I see. Then go to the base.I'll be in touch. "

Hayat said so and invited the woman in front of him, Sonia, into the base.