Another Frontier Online

Bandit Guild Request

Hayato contacted Relic.

Relic has apologized to Hayato many times for asking him to wait a little longer, as he seems to be working on his paperwork at the Butler Guild.

Hayato has been taken care of by Relics many times.Hayato decided to entertain Sonia after telling her to come slowly because there was no problem.

I don't know much about their relationship.From what I've heard before, he was an old partner.When the so-called relics were bandits.It's probably a virtual reality setting, but even if it's a setting, it's definitely a friend.

"Can I have a drink with coffee?There are many other things in stock. "

"Ah, coffee, please.I hear it's delicious from relics. "

It's a pretty nice word to talk about in real life, but this is virtual reality.Everything depends on the quality of the item, so the gap between reality and reality is quite sad.

Nevertheless, hospitality is hospitality.I served coffee, swearing to do my best to be told in reality one day.

Sonia drinks the coffee served.When I took a sip, I immediately smiled.

"I see. This is delicious.It is said that the relic that is noisy to the taste is delicious.Because even if you drink tea and coffee from our young men, you just look reluctant. "

"Thank you... my young one?

"I'm a member of the Bandit Guild.Relics come to play chess once in a while - oh, speaking of which, I'm sorry. "


"My young man came here to harass me, right?After that, Relic came to the guild.It was a smile, but it was pretty clean.Well, because I quickly pulled my hand because of the clan that was welcoming Relics, Relics also stood up and pulled me back. "

Oh, that's what happened.

During the Clan War, a clan named "Bloodnites" hired a Bandit Alliance NPC to harass this stronghold.

Many members of the Bandit Alliance wandered around, but when they found out that Relic was friendly with the clan at this base, they abandoned their work and left.

I was surprised how influential they were at the time, but Hayat remembers hearing that the Alliance Master was his old partner and convincing him.

"I'm sorry about that time.You must have been at work. "

Sonia stopped moving in Hayato's words.He looked surprised, but shook his shoulders so that he could smile immediately.

"I'm the one apologizing.Why are you apologizing?

Well, the Bandit Guild has a job too.

In the first place, the Bandit Alliance has not taken much damage.Moreover, the members exchanged feelings that they did not hate anything.Bad is Gardell, the leader of the "BloodKnights", and members of the Bandit Alliance only work.I don't hate it or hate it.

Rather, the harassment that followed by the Clan under the umbrella of "Blood Knights" was so angry that I still remember it.

"That's interesting. I like relics."

"Well, is that so?

"That's right. Basically, relics don't get along with anyone.I've known each other quite a long time, but I've worked with them a few times.He says he's my partner, but he's like a stepsister. "

"But Mr. Relic used to be in the clan of the brave, right?And now I'm in the Butler Guild.I don't think it won't be boring. "

"Sure. I feel uncomfortable knowing about relics when I was young, but I think I've changed my mind a lot since I got old.Still, if no one likes it, it won't hurt. "

For a moment, Hayato felt a little uncomfortable thinking it was something like that.

(When Relic was young....?

Esha has told me that Relic is over seventy.I don't know the exact age of the Sonia in front of me, but from Hayato's point of view, I was in my early thirties and I was convinced even in my late twenties by the tension of my skin.

Although it is a virtual reality, the basic appearance is all reflected in reality.The scar is also reflected, and it is no different whether it is NPC or not.

Because of that, I wondered what it meant for Sonia to say that she knew about Relic's past.

It's easy to talk if you're dating in the real world and you know something about the relics of the past.Or if they say it's just a game setting, it's until then, but the discomfort in the hayato in front of Sonia becomes so big that it can't be ignored.

It's just curiosity, but Hayato opens his mouth to check.

"Um, Sonia.Excuse me, but I don't look like I knew Relic when he was young...?

"Oh, I'm glad you said that.But even if I look like this, I'm in the late sixties.I live nearly three times as much as Hayato. "

"Late sixties...?

Hayato didn't know what Sonia was saying.And the next moment, I thought I was joking, but Sonia's face was laughing, but it wasn't like I was joking.

"No, no, it's just about half sixty... you're kidding, right?

Hayato asked, and the door from the cafeteria opened.

There is a relic standing at the front of the open door.

"Dear Hayato, Thank you for your patience."

"Oh, Mr. Relic, I'm sorry I'm at work with the guild."

"No, I apologize here.I apologize for disturbing Hayato's private affairs. "

Relic carefully lowers his head to Hayato and sends a sharp gaze to Sonia, who is still smiling in his chair.

"Sonia, I told you to stay away from this clan."

"I thought it was bad, but I'm in a hurry.You're mostly muting voice chat. "

"... okay.Then let's move the place. "

Relic encourages Sonia to go out.

However, Sonia looked like she was thinking of something while looking at Hayato with her right hand on her chin.

"Hey, Hayato. Will you listen to what I'm about to tell you?


"What are you talking about?Don't get Hayato involved with the Bandit Guild. "

"Well, that's good.And I need the skills of a production skill.Apart from whether or not you can actually help me, I just want you to listen to me.I wanted Relics to find someone who could do that in the first place, but I also like Hayato, and I'd like to ask him if I could. "

I'm interested in Hayato.

I was attracted to the reason that I needed skills in production skills.

"No, get out of here.Listen to me at the Bandit Guild. "

"Mr. Relic, would you mind telling me your story?I want to know why you need production skills. "

"No, but - Master Hayato, the Bandit Guild doesn't have a good image.I can't tell you about people, but when you're dating someone else, you might see them with white eyes. "

"Don't worry. The Bandit Guild is going to work hard as a proper guild.However, I only have a bad image now, so I need your help to pay for it.Of course, I'll pay you. "

Relic had been cruising for a long time with wrinkles between his eyebrows, but he shook his neck vertically.

"I'm telling you, I won't let Hayato or the clan do anything dangerous."

"You said you needed production skills.It's not dangerous. "

Nothing more dangerous than virtual reality, but I'm purely happy to be worried about you.

Hayato encouraged Relic to sit on the chair, then made coffee and put it in front of him.I will serve a new coffee before Sonia.

I heard about Sonia's age, but I switched my mind to ask Relic later.The first thing you need to do is listen to Sonia.

Sonia put her mouth on the coffee and then looked at Hayato and Relic, respectively.

"There are two things I want to ask you.One is to build a training chest to boost your Alliance members' Bandit skills.Thanks to the event, there are more people hiring our members and bringing in treasure chests.Nevertheless, my young man is still skilled.It's time to earn money, but I want to improve my skills. "

I thought Hayato was going to be sick.

Unlocking and Trap Unlocking abilities increase their abilities when opening chests.However, it is difficult and dangerous to find treasure chests with old scrolls or to pull them up with salvage.

That's where crates created with production skills come into play.Crates can be crafted with woodworking and blacksmithing skills depending on the material.And you can apply keys and traps to that chest with craftsmanship skills.The dimension is that if you unlock it, you can improve your skills.

"There's no problem with that.Of course, you'll get paid. "

"Oh, of course.I'd like to ask you to procure the ingredients, so can you count that as well?

"Okay - but what's the other one?

"This guy."

Sonia spreads a sheet of paper over the table.It was like some kind of blueprint.

"Is this... the ship's blueprint?

"You know what I mean?But it's not just a ship.Can you take a closer look?

Hayato and Relic look further at the blueprints.

Did Relic notice it? He looked surprised.

"Where did you get such a thing...."

"Hey, don't tell me where the treasure comes from, okay?Nevertheless, it's not illegal.I found this in some ruins a long time ago.When I said treasure hunting, I pulled it out thinking it was this.What do you think? Worth making?

"No, but... how can I make this for Hayato-sama?You were going to get Hayato-sama involved from the beginning. "

Relic and Sonia are talking a lot, but Hayato still doesn't understand what's amazing about this.Hayato's eyes are nothing but blueprints for a large ship.

(What are you surprised about?Aren't they blueprints for a big ship... hmm?

Looking at some of the blueprints, Hayat rubbed his eyes.And look again.

It said, "Airship Anra Manyu."