Another Frontier Online

Three Blueprints

An airship. It's a flying ship.

In reality, flying in the sky is not uncommon, and cars fly in the sky on Earth.It's not even unusual for a spaceship to have a baby that hasn't been born before, such as someone who's never been on board.It's so easy to go for a walk that you can fly to space instead of the sky.

But it doesn't feel like a safe vehicle just carries people and is flying in the sky.Of course, the view from there is great, but there is no special feeling because there is no maneuvering and the view does not change.

It's an act of flying in the sky, but in a fantasy world, it looks and feels different.

Flying in this virtual reality is a privilege granted to some characters.

Vampires become bats, Tamer rides monsters flying in the sky, and so on.Now that there is a means of riding two people, it is no longer a privilege, but there is still a yearning to be able to fly freely.

How good would it feel to be able to fly freely by your own will?

Hayato still thinks about it, but it has bitter memories.

Hayato was temporarily able to fly because Dite had changed his settings before, but it felt like Dite had taken him away, not flying in the sky.

(It never flew.The view from that place was certainly beautiful, but I want to fly the sky with a different feeling)

I kick that memory out of my head and look at the blueprint in front of me.

In the first place, the vehicles that fly in this game are like Griffon flights that Hayato has used before.A vehicle that utilizes flying monsters.That's a fun thing to do, but I still can't fly it.Maris' riding skills and animal training skills make this a great vehicle.

As far as the blueprints are concerned, this airship, Anla Manyu, is no ordinary ship except to fly in the sky.In other words, Hayato can also fly.I don't know if I can actually do it, but it's likely.

Hayato was more tense than he looked.

Sonia laughs at Niyari and Hayato.

"Oh, Hayato already seems motivated, doesn't he?

"Yeah, well. I tingle as a craftsman when I see something like this.I really want you to do it. "

"It's worth showing you that.But unfortunately, this isn't enough. "

"Not enough?

"I have three blueprints.This is one of them.I mean, we can't build an airship without the other two. "

Hayato shudders. I was going to work on it right away.

I've never done such a thing, but Hayato thought it would be comparable to the feeling of despair that I felt when I offered a parfait in front of Esha and said I wouldn't give it to her after all.And I swear to God I will never do that.

Sonia smiled and said, "Well, calm down."

"I know where the other two blueprints are.I'd like to ask you to build a ship, but I also want you to help me get the other two blueprints.Of course, I'm not talking about getting it.Tell them to help me with Hayato's skills. "

"Do you know where it is?

"Of course. I can't tell you, but I'm in a position to ask for a job and I'll share the information.You don't mind relics, do you?If you ask me this, I'll let you do your job.

"When I showed you the blueprints - no, what are you saying to me that you're going to get involved without telling me when you're here?"

"Well, that's right.Relic told me about Hayato.I thought Hayato would catch it when I showed him the blueprints.If you can't catch this, you're not a craftsman.It's impossible to kick the world's first big job. "

"Isn't that right? Please let me do it."

Hayato will be motivated if you say so.Hayato is weak in that way, even though he knows that he thinks he is weak.Everyone has the word unblockable stabbing.

Hayato thinks it would feel pretty good to be the first to play online games.It is difficult to stand out, but sometimes there is a contradictory feeling that I want to stand out.

There are a lot of things I think I've done first, but I don't know if it was actually the best.However, this airship is definitely the best.

Hayato was quite motivated not to give this to anyone.

Sonia smiled at such a hayato, but Relic looked stunned and smiley and complex.

Well then, let's share the information.One of the blueprints is at the bottom of the ocean.The ship carrying the blueprints sank in the ocean, so I'm going to pull it up and get it. "

"You mean salvage?

"Exactly. My guild doesn't have any ships.I want to borrow it first.Or I want you to make it. I don't know what's going on, so I'll take a big boat.We can't salvage small ships in the first place. "

A big ship?

Small ships and large ships have different numbers of people on board.There are up to ten in small ships and fifty in large ships.

Scaffolding is important when fighting sea monsters, so it is a classic to go out to sea on a large vessel with a large first edition.Small boats are not as good for combat as those who fish in the sea.

Also, salvage must be a large ship.We'll need a giant winch for the salvage, so we'll need a large ship to get it on board.

(We originally built a large ship to destroy Kraken - oh, no, they have it?Do we have to build it again?

Klaken ink is used as a material in Hayato's favorite knife, Adamantite's Knife Pole.When I was in the Black Dragon, I had to hunt Kraken in large quantities to make knives many times.

There was a large ship built at that time, but Hayat didn't bring it when he left his clan.

I thought about borrowing it, but Hayato decided early that Nai and the others would participate in the event, and that they would have to build it again.

And I heard something interesting in the square of King's Landing.

(I heard that the pirate and the cannon were shot at.I want to say what the world view is like, but it's probably a cannon that fires magically in a similar way to Esha's Belzeve.Maybe there's a manufacturing method somewhere... damn right, I want to play the game, but I can't take the afternoon off work)

New elements are emerging, so I would like to work on them right away, but time is limited.For now, I am determined to listen and prepare again in the evening.

"Large ships will be ready.Um, by the way, can I follow you when I salvage?

It's impossible to just wait for such an interesting thing in the base or the real world.I know it won't be a fight, but Hayato wants to follow me anyway.Because I have romance.

"Of course I don't mind.You don't mind relics, do you?

"If Hayato wants to go, I can't help it."

Um, I think it's dangerous because there are monsters, but is there a problem?Did I just tell you not to get involved in anything dangerous...?

"Oh, danger is a criminal act.In the case of Sonia, you could say that you're going to steal from the Imperial Castle.Killing monsters isn't dangerous if we just return to our base. "

Relic's meaning of danger was different from Hayato's.

It is difficult for Hayato to get involved in criminal activities.It was common at the start of the game to say that a criminal player logged in and started in the jail.I want to avoid that.

That's why Hayato has a big ship and he's going to follow the salvage.And Hayato asks Sonia about another blueprint.

"Where's the other one?

"Did you know there's a place in the basement of the Imperial City called the Grand Prison?

"Grand Prison? No, I don't know."

"Long ago, the Empire was only one country at first, and it became an empire by force following its neighbors.At that time, the royal families of other countries were locked up in that prison.There's a story that one of the captured kings hid the blueprints somewhere in the prison. "

Hayato nods, I see.

And I always think. I wonder why the story is out there.Hayato is a type of person who feels uncomfortable having a map of a place where he is said not to come back alive.

"Well, how believable is that story?I think it smells a little sexy. "

"I guess. But listen to me.That prison is no longer in use.It's off-limits, but I think they're asking me to go in with a bandit.Don't you think there's a treasure in that place?

"Well, from the side where you hide the treasure, you want to make it off-limits.But is that...?

"I looked into it and found out what the King's handwriting looked like.In chronological terms, the first thing I found was the handbook, and then I found a piece of the blueprint in the ruins.I think it's very believable because it was written in the manual. "

Is that what this is all about?In that case, it is highly likely that they will be in the Great Prison.And what about those who sank in the ocean?

"Oh, that's right.According to the script, the King was gathering blueprints, getting an airship, and going to an island floating in the sky.They say there are treasures of gold and silver. "

"An island in the sky?

If it's an island floating in the sky, dragon graves come to Hayato's head, but there's no treasure there.If Dragon Seoul's treasure is a treasure, it may be, but you can go with a griffon instead of an airship.

"Do you know Olga Doms Falls?It's in the Holy Spirit Kingdom. "

"I know that.Have you ever fished in a lake made of water from that waterfall before - and you think there's an island before that water falls?

"At least the King thought so.What do you say? Let's build an airship and get there.Even flying monsters can't get there, but airships should, right?

"That's the only way to go."

Hayato is a producer, but he is adventurous.I gathered the blueprints anyway and swore that I would have to build an airship and go to the island.