Another Frontier Online

Preparing for the Treasure Hunt

There are currently only two bases, Hayato and Relic.Sonia has already returned to the Bandit Guild and is not here.

It was a request from Sonia, but it was decided to work with each other to prepare immediately.

There is no problem there, but there is another problem.

Relic looks sorry and apologizes to Hayato.Besides, I kept my head down.I told Hayato many times earlier that it was okay, but Relic didn't lift his head.

Hayato has no choice but to be troubled.Hayato is grateful in the first place.

Hayato has only used his production skills to make items, and he has not done much of an adventure.When I was in the Black Dragon, I went to collect materials to make items, and I was basically at the base all the time.

I just found out what this game looks like in Clan War.I became acquainted with many NPCs and became interested in a variety of things.I feel it is a waste to be locked up in the base just by producing.

Sometimes, Relic's apology is totally out of line, and Hayato is rather happy that he has this kind of connection.

Hayato laughs at Relic, who is still lowering his head.

"Mr. Relic, I'm really happy to be involved in this way this time.That's why you don't need to apologize.If you really don't feel comfortable, please do your best to deal with this. "

At last, Relic raised his head and said, "I understand."And smile.

"We will do everything we can to make it work.I'll tell Sonia exactly what Hayato says. "

"I trust you because I know Mr. Relic - Ah, yes.Actually, I was chatting until Mr. Relic arrived, but is Sonia really in her 60s?He said he knew Mr. Relic when he was young. "

"Yeah, definitely.It looks like the first half of my 30s, but it seems to have been caused by the side effects of the medicine I took in the past. "

"Side effects of medicine?

"Yes, by the way, I'm not talking about getting younger.It's just that it looks like that.It is said that my body is as rattled as I am.It was a habit that I didn't want to get old. "


Hayat gets caught up in Relic's words.

Are you crazy about your body?It's not virtual reality, so you had that conversation in real life?I mean, is that what you look like in reality?I don't believe it.Is that the setting, or is it possible that the memory came to that because of Diete-chan's request?

A tournament-style clan war before the NPCs erased their memories.I was able to ask my superior clan for a reward from God, Dite.

It's about breaking the limits of Esha's skills or leaving a memory of Vel, but it's also a disadvantage and a nuisance.Ash and his clan have fallen apart as a result.

Whatever the circumstances, Hayato thought it would be a bad idea to stimulate memories when it comes to reality.

"Well, then, Mr. Relic.I also want to reopen the store, so can I ask you for another purchase you made before?I want you to buy more and more groceries, wood, metal, cheap stuff and put them in the warehouse. "

"Of course, thank you.But is there a request from Sonia?

"That's right. So I only want to prepare the treasure chest first.The ship needs a lot of timber, but that's only after the ingredients are gathered.I don't mind if it's a normal tree, so please buy it a little higher.Until the ingredients are ready, I'll make a store sale. "

Hayato initially wanted to build a large ship out of timber from the world trees, but it stopped.There's an airship, anyway. I want to use it there anyway.

With the achievement of protecting the world's trees during the stampede, I was able to receive timber from the world's trees on a regular basis.I don't know how much it will take to manufacture it, but I definitely use it in bulk.I can't afford to use anything else.

Hayato gave Relic the materials he wanted as a matter of priority.

"I understand.I'll go around the world and gather the ingredients. "

"Thank you.Please let me know if Mr. Relic needs anything.I'll make everything. "

"Yes, thank you in advance.Okay, I'll go. "

Relic bowed and left the base.

(Even if this is fine, what about the store number?Even if I ask Asha, it will only be in the morning, and I will hire another NPC with the store number.Maid or Merchant Guild... I'll talk to Esha later.)

Hayato switches his mind.The first thing Sonia asked me to do was sort out what I had to do.

Use Production Skills to arrange Hayato's requests.Hayato creates two large pieces.

One is a chest.

This is a practice chest used by Bandit Guilds to increase their unlocking and trap unlocking skills.I agree to provide multiple chests of various materials.

Essentially, it is difficult to judge skill development.

The chest material, quality, and complexity of the key determine the difficulty.Skills don't improve when you open a simple key many times, but they don't improve when you try and fail a difficult key many times.It means you have to prepare a chest of difficulty that matches your skill.

For Hayato, woodworking and blacksmithing skills are up to 100.Crates are guaranteed to be 4 or 5 stars in quality, making them a treasure chest for advanced users.Conversely, chests of low quality cannot be prepared for Hayato.Nevertheless, as for beginner crates, they were sold at the store, so Hayato no longer had to prepare them.

And when it comes to traps, Hayato is completely untouched.

Trap difficulty affects craftsmanship skills.

Of course Hayato has 100 craftsmanship skills.I use an item called the Trap Tool to set a trap on a chest, but Hayato will set a trap of super difficulty, so it won't be practiced.

The difficulty will eventually be necessary to make the Untrap skill 100, but I'm not going to increase the Alliance member's skill to that level, so I decided not to set a trap this time.

Hayato became a little sad because his skills were too high and meaningless.

The second is a large salvage vessel, like the one that asked Relic for wood.

One of the airship blueprints is loaded onto a submerged ship, so we have to pull it up to get it.We also needed a salvage item called a winch, so we undertook to create it.

If someone had diving skills, they could dive directly to the sinking ship, so it wouldn't be a problem on a small boat, but since it was a more unexpected skill than unlocking and trap unlocking skills, I didn't know anyone.

There are many things I would like to ask of you in the Great Prison Explorer, but there is nothing in particular at the moment.I'm waiting for a request from Sonia.

Ultimately, the airship Anra Manyu will also be built, but that's only after the blueprints have been collected.Hayato gets in the mood first because he has to prepare these two well.

(We need to have other members to help us with the salvage.The Bandit Guild said they weren't very strong.I've heard stories of sea monsters attacking during salvage.And if there are pirates, we'll need combat power.Nei and the others aren't enough....)

Hayato thought about various things to do, but first took his feet to the warehouse as a training chest.