Three days have passed since Sonia, the Guild Master of the Bandit Guild, showed me the blueprints of the airship Anla Manyu.

In the meantime, Hayato prepares training chests to improve his unlocking skills.Three pieces of wood and three pieces of metal, from iron to adamantite, are all of the highest quality.

Even wooden products are of intermediate quality, but this can't be helped.Hayato can't be made with low quality.Originally, Hayato had no choice but to prepare a chest of low quality.

And today is the day of delivery.

Sonia herself is coming to get the Alliance members.The treasure chest weighs a lot.Whether it's made of wood or metal, there's a limit to about three chests per person.That's why we need men to carry it.

"I'm saddened that it's a treasure chest without contents."

"Is that what you're asking me to do for the chocolate parfait?I'm not giving it to you, am I?

Asha and Relic are here with Hayato.

Esha has been eating parfaits until just now and has just finished eating them.When you look at the remaining parfait glasses and say the sadness of the empty treasure chest, nothing resonates in your heart.

"I see, can't you go far?Now, please have a chocolate parfait. "

"Straight away, the answer is the same."

It's no big deal, but Relic looks at them with a smile.

"Esha has become a lot rounder."

"Did you say it was fat?You're confident that even an old man can shoot Destroy?

"That's not true.My personality has rounded up.I used to feel like I needed more people. "

"It would be like each other.Which one was worse, Relic.Do you mind if I give everyone a majority vote?

Hayato is interested in interacting with Asha and Relic.

I don't know much about Esha and Relics when Ivan was in the clan.

Unlike now, Esha was a wizard and Relic was a bandit, but she became a maid and butler as to what the cause and effect was.

Esha said that Diete's request was reproduced in a complicated way, but she doesn't know what Relic wanted to become the butler.As much as Relic is erasing his memory, he probably knows Diete.

It happened before I erased my memory, but Hayato thought about asking.

"What was Mr. Relic doing in his previous clan?I've heard from Esha that he's a famous thief. "

"It's not a bandit.Then why don't we talk about it for a while until Sonia gets here? "

This is what Relic said.

Relic was working with Sonia as a treasure hunter, finding the treasure of the dungeon.

He also engaged in banditry - stealing items and money from others.Bandits are bandits.I have never been proud of it.

One day, Relics failed to unlock Crate Traps in the Dungeon.There were several types of traps, but at that time they were used as alarm traps to attract monsters around them.

Basically, being defeated by a monster is not a disadvantage.There is no loss of items and there is no death penalty.Because we can normally resurrect in places that are registered as places of resurrection.

But Relic and Sonia were so famous for banditry.He was caught in the sight of the vigilante at the time because he had entered other people's bases and stolen items.

Relics do not have a base, and only the grassland stone monuments, known as the "starting place", will be resurrected.There are many people hanging there.When it was defeated, it was resurrected on the spot, and it was obvious that it would be troublesome.

We can't let monsters defeat us, but both Relic and Sonia are weak.The combat skills were lower than the Bandit skills.

It was Ivan and his clan who showed up at the time of extinction.There was also Esha there.

Ivan and the others who listened to the alarm immediately destroyed the monster.So the Relics got away with it, but then Ivan asked me to join the clan.

The treasure chest at the bottom of the dungeon really needs bandit skills, so I've been thinking about getting those members into the clan for a long time.

Relic accepted it.

But Sonia didn't join the clan because she said she wasn't good at hanging out with the younger ones.Nevertheless, just because I didn't join the clan, I occasionally get along well enough to visit the base.

Afterwards, Relics will be active in the clan.I stopped stealing items from nodes and people and started using my skills only in crates in the dungeon.

"In Clan War, I was a luggage because I was a fighter, but Ivan left me there."

"Relics were strong, not luggage.The strength as a single member was certainly not so much compared to other members, but it was much stronger than ordinary people.And the clan was strong because the relics who supported everyone were in a good position.Cecil didn't think about it or anything, but it was Relic who was still doing well.I don't think he noticed. "

"I'm glad you thought that way.I wanted to ask you that. "

"I can't say that.The flowers were a disgraceful maiden back then. "

"You can say that the things that I can say have become rounded.Because I felt that Esha was not interested in anything other than strength.But it's nice to see young people grow up. "

"Grandpa? - I'm an old man."

As long as Hayato is listening to the conversation, I think Esha and Relic were close at the time.It may not have been a good time to talk, but it seemed like we trusted each other.

"But it's not Hayato's influence that has rounded your personality, is it?I didn't think it was that long before we met when we came to the guild. "

Hayato nods.

I went to the Butler Guild with Esha about a month after I met her.When I first came to the base, Esha already looked like this.

Esha's eyes are a little distant.

"The maid guild is a lot of trouble.Especially the maid length. I suspect you might have skills like a Made or Esha Special Attack.If you say your personality has become rounded, it may be because of the maid's maid. "

Esha says the maid leader is an expert in melee warfare.Esha is incompatible with her combat style, and she boasts strength enough to be sure of losing if she fights normally.

Hayato knew that, and even when he fought the Tyrannosaurus Aggressiverion in the Stampede event, the maid captain fought and won with Relic and Pat, the dragon with the gun.

It was a fight between Relic and me, but Relic said he would have defeated me without me.

The maid chief.That man is quite a mystery, too.I don't even know his name, but what do you say?

"Well, I don't know either.I don't need a name because the maid leader is coming. "

You must be Silva Cravery.

Relic tells me the name of the maid who doesn't even know Esha.

Hayato only had such an impression of what the name was, but Esha looked at Relic strangely because she couldn't understand what she was saying.

"What are you saying all of a sudden?What's wrong with you?

"From the flow of the story, it's the maid's name.In general, why doesn't Esha know? "

"I don't think anyone in the maid's guild knows about this.Rather, I'd like to ask why Relic knows. "

Hayato somehow understands the situation.Relic would have had the chance to know his name at the many meals he had with the maid director.But Esha has no idea what the situation is.

"Recently, the Made and Butler Guilds have come to feel like they're working together, so I guess that's how they found out.Mr. Relic has been talking to the maid director several times as a representative of the Butler Guild, right?

As for Hayato, I owed the maid director several times, so I made up an appropriate conversation to try not to make it unnecessary.

"I'm not a delegate, but I've had to attend a few meetings.It certainly was named as a greeting at that time. "

"Oh, at the meeting.Looks like the Maid Alliance has been busy lately.I don't know the details because I live here... my colleagues are very kind right now, is that it?I have all the paperwork, so I feel supported to work hard there. "

(I wonder if Esha is trying to keep me from coming back to the guild...)

I don't think my colleagues hate me, but I'm afraid I'll be in trouble even if I stay at Alliance headquarters.When Esha told me to live here, Hayato heard that there was a drop off at the Maid Alliance.

Hayato feels sad when he pursues the situation, so he tries to stop the story.

However, no matter what you say, Esha feels sorry, or the maid director is in love with Relic, so Hayato changed the story considerably by shrinking his nerves.

When Sonia came to the base, Hayato was very pleased to finally be released.