Another Frontier Online

New Store Number

A week has passed since the delivery was completed.

Hayato has heard from members of the Bandit Guild that the chest has a good reputation and is very useful for improving unlocking skills.

Thanks to that, there were also quite a few players who asked me to bring the treasure chest to the Bandit Guild to open it, and it seemed quite busy.

There is talk that bandit guilds are overwhelming, but Sonia wants to use this as an opportunity to rename Treasure Hunter Guilds, Treasure Hunter Guilds, etc.

Sometimes players say they want them to train to improve their skills, so they can practice to improve their skills within their Alliance.

Sonja seems to be working hard to "switch to a decent job from now on."

By the way, the Bandit Alliance is in a place called the King's City Slam, but lately it has become busy with many players coming and going, causing a dark and dangerous image to be paid off.

Having listened to those stories, Hayato thought about selling items in the store that could improve bandit skills, as well as Trehan skills.It is mainly a treasure chest, but I thought that some people would buy several kinds of chests if they sold them with different materials.

So the problem is the store number.

Esha can run a shop in the morning, but there is a coffee shop in the real world in the afternoon.

Esha said, "Do you call the store in the morning and wait for the afternoon?Can I activate a bulimic stampede in reality? "So I immediately dropped the proposal.

Afterwards, after consulting with Esha, I decided to hire another maid.

When I told the maid manager about it, he was about to give me another letter of appreciation, but he refused.Because Hayato is troubled by more items that can't be thrown away any more.And then I said I wanted the Saviors to stop, but I didn't hear anything.

That's why a new maid is coming today.

Hayato and Esha were waiting for the person while drinking coffee at the base.

"Do you know who the new maid is?

"I know.When I was in the Guild dorm, it was next door. "

"Ah, the one who heard Asha's tweet.What's your name?

Hayato was brought to trial because Esha said in her dorm room that she had been made into a body she could not marry.At the time, I was surprised because I was surrounded by maids and brought in, but now I have a nostalgic memory.

"You're Rose Belts. Unlike me, I am a super first-class maid.It is no exaggeration to say that the Ace of the Made Alliance is also said to be the next maid director.I'm an angelic maid who speaks kindly to me in times when I don't have a job. "

"Huh? Can you send someone like that?

When I told the maid manager that I wanted to hire a new maid, the price was 100,000 G per month, similar to that of Esha.

Also, I asked if it was an esha-level maid, but the maid chief said strongly, "That's impossible," but I didn't expect to send the maid that far.

"You can't hire me anymore."

"What do you mean?

"I can't get hired because I don't have the skills of a maid, but Rose is the opposite.Because I can work, I have heard voices from various places, but do you think there are horns everywhere I send them?It seems that some aristocrats hired a million G a month, and it was a huge battle. "

"I have a lot to say, but did you send her here?Nobles are after me, aren't they?

The King's Capital has an NPC of nobility.There may be some good aristocracy, but as an image of aristocracy, I feel like I would show power and commit tyranny.It is difficult for Hayato to watch from such a place.

"It's okay. That's where I come in."


"If we hire Rose, we'll hire Asha together," he said.Then it seems that no one wants to hire me like a drag - so you're putting your hand on my shoulder and crying?Sexual harassment?

Esha was so pitiful that Hayato almost cried.Virtual reality is too sad.

"I'll hire only Asha."

"I'm a little irritated by that pitiful eye, but I don't care because it's a virtual reality.Well, that's why I was able to hire a cheap, talented maid.You owe it to me.I would like melon juice, ice and chocolate parfait.Even in real life. "

"It's tough in reality... by the way, does Rose need a chocolate parfait every day?You eat Esha every day, don't you?

"I was proud to be in a maid's guild before, so you might want me to."

I wanted to ask what you were doing, but I heard a knock on the store entrance.

"I'm from a maid's guild.Is Hayato here?

Hayato opens the door wondering if a new maid Rose has arrived.

There stood a woman in the same maid's clothes as Asha.

"My name is Rose Beltz and I'm from the Maid Alliance.Thank you from today. "

Rose, a maid with her head down and greetings, pinches the sides of the skirt a little.Unlike Asha, it somehow creates a harsh feeling.

Black and purple hair is a medium short on the shoulders or not.From the look on his face, Hayato's impression is that he is the same age as Asha or a little lower.

It's rude to stare so Hayato invites Rose inside.

"Yes, thank you very much.Please come in. "

"Yes, excuse me."

"Don't hesitate, Rose.Please relax like your own house. "

"... Master Hayato, is Esha always like this?

"By and large, you can be as relaxed as Esha says.Now, let me explain from the job description. "

Rose was taken away, but as soon as she returned, she started talking about her work with Hayato and Asha.

Basically, I only ask Rose to do what Asha did, so there is nothing particularly difficult to explain.

Of course, Rose looked strange for some reason.

"I heard about the store number beforehand, so there is no problem, but is this all you can do for work?

"Huh? I meant to, but is there anything else?

"Cleaning, cooking, sewing, maintenance of cloth and leather products."

"Huh? Can you do that?

Rose and Esha were surprised by Hayato's real surprise.

"Master, you can make a regular maid."

"You can't shake it, can you?

"I'm not normal.In a good way, of course. "

For some reason, Hayato was convinced by Esha's bragging words.You can ask the maid who hired you to do that.

"If so, can you please clean the base?Because it is a little sad that the condiments get dull.I cook and sew by myself.You may have to cook and sew sometimes, but it's usually just the shop number and cleaning. "

"Yes, sir. Speaking of which, Hayato is extremely skilled in the production system.I said something I couldn't help but offer. "

"No, don't worry.Is there anything else I can do, by the way?I don't really know what to ask the maid because the standards are so neat. "

"You can do anything but this Esha Crown, the maid.

"What's the point of hiring Asha as a maid?I told you I'd hire one. "

Hayato's interaction with Esha was the norm, but the first time she saw it, Rosa turned down and shook her shoulders.And I laughed at you for not being able to run out.

After laughing all the way, Rose smiled and saw Hayato and Esha.Somehow a friendly smile.

"Hayato often hires Asha.It's called the Savior. "

"Would you never call me that here?"

"Yes, sir. By the way, there's something I'd like to check."

"What is it?

"Is it true that chocolate parfaits come out every day?

Rose's eyes are serious.I feel so pressured that I don't know what to do if I say I don't leave here.As for Hayato, this is the only answer.

"One every day."

Rose shook up her arms and put on a guzzle just like the previous Esha.

(It has the same atmosphere as Asha.)

After showing joy, Rose looked at Hayato and smiled.

"In fact, when Hayato asked me, there was a battle among the maids."

"I hate to ask, but what are you fighting for?

"If we had a chocolate parfait every day, everyone would run for it if they wanted to.By the way, I was able to run because I had Esha. "

(Chocolate parfait amazing)

"Then you should thank me, Rose."

"Yeah, I appreciate it.There's no such a good place to work. - Excuse me, Hayato. "

I apologized because I spoke too casually, but Hayato had no particular problem.

"Oh, that's okay.I want you to be polite with your customers, but I don't need them. "

"... as rumored.I would like to keep it going as long as possible. "

"Greetings - Oh, by the way, I was on my way, but what can I do for you?

"You can ask for anything.You're good at escorts and assassinations.There's something else you can do, so let me know if you think of anything else. "

"Oh, yeah. - Yeah?

I heard Rose in front of me say it normally, but Hayato's ears heard strange words.I think my ears are bugged and I touch both ears, but it seems that there is no particular problem.And Esha wasn't surprised either.I decided to think I heard it wrong.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, but what did you say you were good at?

"Guard or assassination.Cumming like this. "

Rose smiles and squeezes the rags.It may be cleaning, but it's not cleaning.

There were no mistakes in my ears, but others are all wrong.Hayato vowed to go to the maid's guild.