Hayato was bringing Esha and Rose to the headquarters of the Maid Guild.

If you want to talk to the maid, you will meet him immediately and he will go to the office.

There was a maid with a smile.The documents on the desk are rushing at considerable speed, but the gaze is fixed on Hayato, so much so that it seems like he is pretending to be doing something.

"Welcome, Hayato.And Escha and Rose.I feel like I'm in a lot of a hurry. Can I help you?

Do you know and say it or do you say it without knowing it?Either way, you can say it's bad.

I came to ask for a maid, and if I became a maid who was good at assassination, I'd complain.

"Um, this is Rose, but what I'm good at is escorts and assassinations."

Hayato is a little bad, even if his opponent is bad.This will be personality.

I thought you might take an apologetic attitude, but the maid chief hasn't changed anything in particular.However, I stopped judging the documents.

"Yes, a militant maid seems to be second only to Esha.What's that...?

"Don't worry. The destruction of evidence is also at hand.I can't be a famous detective. "

"If I were you, I'd do every detective.It's an assassination. "

"Um, would you excuse me for a moment, Mr. Rose?I want to talk to the maid. "

When the maid chief nodded at Hayato's request, Esha and Rose lowered their heads before leaving the room.There are only Hayato and the maid in the room.

"Well, Hayato, it's Rose. Is there a problem?Unlike Esha, I'm proud to have sent a very capable maid. "

"It's a problem because you're too competent.I wanted you to send me a regular maid. "

"But there are many maids who want to work for Hayato, and I have to send Rose who won the right by force."

"I think there's a problem with that."

Rather, it's a problem level.I don't intend to talk about the way the Made to Work Alliance operates, but Hayato would like to ask why force is needed to win rights.

"Um, aren't there any ordinary maids?You don't have to fight. "

The maid does not answer the question and feels like thinking about something while taking off his glasses and pointing his right index finger between his eyebrows.

After I put on my glasses again, my face became serious.

"Hayato, I was wondering if I should say this, but I think Hayato needs to know."

"What are you talking about?

"Simply put, Hayato is being targeted.There's no risk to my life, but I was wondering if I could be taken somewhere. "


As for Hayato, I only have opinions that it's all that kind of stuff these days, but I have no idea where it's coming from.

"I can't help being surprised, but it seems that several organizations are targeting Hayato.The Maid Alliance is investigating these organizations a lot, but I didn't report them because I don't know the full story yet.... "

"Multiple organizations?

"Yes, one is the Assassin Alliance.You're an guild that undertakes assassinations.It feels like it's going to be crisp. "

"I know that, but why should I...?

Hayato has never been involved with the Assassin Alliance in the first place.I know there are, but I've never asked for it, and I've never had enough grudge to get killed.

"Hayato seems to be buying a grudge against the Bandit Guild for making the King's City slum healthier.It's called resentment. "

That's unreasonable.

"Life is like that.I'm not trying to kill you, but I want to borrow the skill to make the Bandit Alliance healthy.Assassin Guilds want to image themselves like Bandit Guilds. "

"Shouldn't we stop the assassination...?

In the first place, I would like to know what to do to improve the image of the Assassin Alliance.But it was unreasonable, but I found out why.If there is anything else, I should check it.

There's more than one, right?What other organizations do you have?

"The other is the bandit 'Flaming Serpent of Greed'.There are other bandits we're targeting, but this is probably the most troublesome place. "

"Bandits? I didn't know there was such a thing, but is it famous?

"You're famous. It's an organization that figured out about the Bandit Guild.If the Bandit Guild is an orderly bandit, then a greedy snake is a random bandit of all kinds. "

"Actually, bandits are like that.But why are they targeting us from there?

Today, I've been targeted by bandits I've never known before.I don't know why.

"Sonja, the guild master of the Bandit Guild, must have come into contact with Hayato.I don't know what you're talking about, but did you get a job other than crating?

Leave aside what you know about it.I may already know the details, but Hayato can't say it from his own mouth.

"If so, why would you be targeted by a bandit?

"It's rare for Sonia to move in the first place.In the bandit neighborhood, the mountains moved, and this was rough, of course.And now, the hottest topic among the bandits is Hayato.The treasure chest is camouflage, and I've been searching for a lot of requests. "

It's unreasonable.

It is unclear whether it is destiny or not, but it does undertake to look for and build airship blueprints.However, it makes no sense to be targeted by various organizations because of this.

And one more thing.

"Do you still have it?This is all I'm hungry for. "

"This is the last time.The two organizations are different, but they are being targeted by the Holy Magic Ten Swords. "

"Ten knives of the Holy Devil?Did you hear that somewhere...?

"It's a Samurai group in the eastern country.It's not about Hayato's grudge, it's about having him build the strongest sword, as if he's paying attention to his smithing skills. "

"Hee, that's a little interesting.I think you can make it if you tell me. "

"... according to our investigation, the production method is not going anywhere.If they teach you, you'll end up in a jail cell in the eastern country.


No one was targeting Hayato for a good reason.Everything from Hayato is irrational.I touched the ring on my right hand carefully because I couldn't remove the transfer ring that I could return to my base at any time.

We have to build big ships and prepare for salvage, but it's a lot of trouble.

Hayato breathed heavily.

"Assassin Guilds and bandits will be fine as long as Relic has a good eye, but it doesn't mean he's with Hayato all day.You and Esha seem to be together a lot, but ranged attacks alone will make the escort tough.Then it would be one hand to put a maid who is good at assassination next to him.As a matter of fact, when Hayato asked me to come across, I thought I'd come across the ship. "

Apparently, the Maid Alliance used to wear a maid escort to keep Hayato from noticing, but I thought I could wave a big hand to escort him.

I didn't know who to escort, but just after Rose ran for office, she gave her opinion by force, so it was the maid chief's word that she decided to hire her.

"That's what happened before I knew it."

"I think Hayato is an important person from many places.I think you should be vigilant yourself.Is that okay with you?Do you think Rose is the best maid to send to Hayato?

It's not a maid's story.Hayat tells Relic if it's a lie that makes Rose hire.There is no way that the maid can predict what happens when that happens.I mean, it's true.

That's all Hayato can say.

Thank you very much.

"I thought you would understand.I will contact you through Rose if I find out anything.By the way, do you mind if Rose lives in the same house as Asha?I think it's safer. "

"I think that's better.Then please do it in that way. "

"I was afraid. Esha, Rose, and the Made Alliance have enough combat power to say two tops.We're here to help. "

Even though I should have hired a maid, Hayato was told that it was a combat force, and Hayato was a little weak, but decided to give up a lot.

While hoping that the afternoon job would not be affected, Hayato lowered his head and left the office.