A few days have passed since I hired Rose, my maid of assassination.

In the meantime, there is no particularly noticeable movement around.However, it is possible that Hayato does not know about it and that it is being "processed" in secret.

Relik and Sonia also knew that Hayato was being targeted, and that organizations from the Butler, Old Bandit, and Made Alliances were working with each other to protect Hayato near the base.

In the first place, Sonia, the guild master of the former Bandit Guild, brought the request to Hayato.Now I've changed my name to Trehan Guild, but it's only natural to protect Hayato.

The Butler Alliance is an Alliance belonging to Relic, and this is usually a request from Relic.Many members of the Butler Guild took care of Relics and took pleasure in accepting their requests.

The maid's guild is a nuisance.

In this way, there was an invisible struggle between organizations without Hayato's knowledge.

"It's hot. I have a tall nose as Master's maid."

"I'm not happy."

Hayato reacted immediately to Esha's joke.It is the same thing that nothing has happened to Hayato's eyes, but I don't care if there is a battle going on about myself.

"It's okay, Hayato.Esha and I will escort you.Security measures are perfect. "

"Thank you, but the first thing you want is the store number, right?

"Don't worry about that.You are doing the same perfectly.The daily income and expenditure is as reported, so I don't think there's a problem?

"Whatever the balance of payments, don't report the number of assassin guilds or bandits you've defeated, okay?

In addition to daily sales reports, Rose reports on the number of Assassin Guilds that have been masquerading as customers.I wonder if this is also a kind of competent appeal.Nevertheless, I would be grateful if you could tell me what sold properly every day and what kind of things tended to sell.

In doing so, Relic came to our base.

"Hayato, thank you for waiting.Will you be on your way soon?

"Yes, let's go.Thank you, Mr. Rose. "

"I understand.I'm going to update my high score today. "

"That means a double-digit attack, right?

A high score refers to the number of people defeated.Even if it is difficult, Hayato's desire to do something about it in a direction that will not be attacked.

Hayato was targeted, of course, but the base was also targeted.

That's because there's talk of Sonia leaving some kind of information behind.As a result, there are many bandits who break into the base even without Hayato.Rose is knocking them out while serving as a shopkeeper.

I don't know if the high score is a joke or a real one, but I have to think about it before I get ready to leave.

Yesterday, I gathered the wood I needed to build a large ship.

We are going to build a large ship, but this can only be built in places called the Shipbuilding Dock in the King's and Imperial Capitals.The materials themselves are used automatically in the base warehouse, but only where they can be made are fixed.

Hayato is going to be there today, but he needs to be escorted and moved because he is being targeted.There are limits to how many of each Alliance's surroundings are protected.

That's why Relic and Esha were supposed to escort Hayato.

Well, thank you, Relic, Esha, Hayato.

Rose lowers her head to Relic and Asha.

"I understand.Please be assured that it will be safely delivered to the shipbuilding dock.However, Hayato should also attach a transfer ring as a precaution.If anything happens, I hope you get away with the metastasis. "

"I understand."

"I'll shoot you if you need me, so come back to base."

"I don't really want to go through that."

The so-called "return to death" that Hayat did when he fled from Dith.That's what I'm saying, but it's only for emergency use.

(You should be able to metastasize unless it is a very special field.You won't be caught even if you get caught)

Hayat left the base with relics and shade.

The three were walking eastward on the main street called the Avenue of King's Landing.There's a port ahead, and there's a shipbuilding dock.

King's Landing is often played in the morning because of a treasure hunting event.I wonder if it was influenced by that. NPC stores were also vibrant, and there were many calls in outdoors.

The weather is nice, and even though I just woke up, I'm feeling sleepy again.Though it was virtual reality, Hayato talked to Relic thinking that he would really fall asleep.

"Mr. Relick, if you know, could you tell me about this bandit called the Greedy Flaming Snake?

Greedy flaming snake. One of the bandits targeting Hayato.

The maid commander told us about the bandits who fought with the old bandit guild.They said they were looking into it at the Maid Alliance, but it would be quicker to ask Relic and Sonia.

Relic turned a little thoughtful, but smiled and opened his mouth.

"You must be the largest bandit in the world.Unlike me and Sonia, the Commander is a young and ambitious man.His name is Van Fergart. "

"Is this Van Fergart? You must have figured it out with the Bandit Guild.Does Sonia know about Relic anyway?

"Yes, we've been acting together for some time.Rather, Van is my apprentice and Sonia's apprentice.But I could say I failed to raise them. "

"Are you a disciple of Relic and Sonia... a failure?

"The van has absorbed all knowledge from us.Should I say that dry sand absorbs water?They soon acquired the same level of technology as us.But better talent than others grows people.I guess Sonia and I got in the way by whispering that you shouldn't be slow.Or do you think we won't be able to teach you anymore, because Sonja and I were betrayed and caught in a job.After that, he reigned as an Alliance Master for the Bandit Guild, but Sonia took it back. "

When Sonia took back the Bandit Guild, the van left King's Landing to take some of them with him.Afterwards, they form a bandit called the Greedy Flaming Snake.

"Did that happen... before we met with Esha?

Relic and Sonia met with Ivan when they were doing Trehan's family business in the dungeon.Then it is strange to be caught.Hayato guessed it would have been before Ivan and the others, considering the chronology.

"Yes, I was caught before I met Ivan and the others.When we got out of jail, we started doing things like treasure hunters, trying to stop the crowd, and then we met Ivan and Esha.It wasn't until then that I took back the Bandit Guild. "

"You were in the clan a lot when that happened, right?I've never heard that before, but I don't think you'd like to hang out with young people like Sonia. "

Esha is right.If someone betrays you, there is an overwhelming number of people who don't want to betray you again.

Relic smiles bitterly. Hayato thought perhaps it was a smelly face.

"As you get older, you become aware of death.When that happens, I look back on my life.And you want to leave something of yourself in the future after you die.That's why I joined the clan.I've never heard of it, but maybe that's what Sonia thought and took back the Bandit Guild.Maybe he wanted to take care of himself before he died. "

"So now Mr. Relic wants to leave something behind as a butler?

"That's right. Before Hayato hired me, I taught various young butlers.But I was really surprised when Esha called me to hire me.In fact, it was Esha who felt the most dangerous in the clan, so I wanted to see her again after the clan was dissolved. "

"I see. It's beautiful enough to grow."

"As usual, but no.Esha was like me and the van in the old days, so I was a little worried about that.But... "

Relic somehow smiles at Hayato instead of Asha.

"Because of Hayato and the maid director, I thought the danger was no longer there.That's great, Esha. "

"Hah... I don't know, but I do think it has changed considerably since then.I remember that because of the maid and the master. "

"Meetings with people change things.I'm glad Esha turned in the right direction. "

Esha looks complicated.You know, you don't know that kind of face.

(Meet people?Has anything changed since I met Asha and everyone?I was able to open a coffee shop, but I don't feel like anything has changed.I don't know if it is good or bad to not change.)

"You're seeing the shipbuilding dock.I think Sonia is already waiting, so let's hurry up. "

Hayat felt relieved by Relic's words and walked out a little earlier.