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Anniversary gossip: black roses tea time

Beautiful roses have thorns.

I didn't teach anyone, but I remembered it sometime.And I know what I'm trying to say without knowing the exact meaning.It may be a human instinct.

Beautiful things also have drawbacks.It's dangerous because it's beautiful. Such a warning.I wonder if that's the right answer.Even beautiful flowers like roses are imperfect, and anything that touches them hurts.

A group with such a rose in its name, the Black Rose Ten Holy.

It is a group led by Rosalie Quentice, an executive who serves Lunaria the Demon King.

Now the Black Rose is sacred, but before the world changed, it was a clan named "Black Rose", and it was strong enough to be in the top four in clan warfare.

Everyone was dressed in black Gothic Lolita clothing, combining the elegance and beauty of black roses.And not only the beauty of appearance, but also the way to fight it.

Black rose women attacking in groups without ever being alone.Collaboration alone would have been much higher than the most powerful clan.

Such a clan also defeated the clan "Ambrosia" led by Lunaria at the time.

From that time on, the members of the Black Rose can be said to be intoxicated by Lunaria.It lost its memory and was the same in the next world.

A room in the castle of the demon king.

A member of the Ten Saints of Black Roses sits around the round table.Now there are nine. I was waiting for my leader, Rosalie.

The Black Rose Ten is at the top of the Demon King Army.

At the apex of Lunaria, the demon king, there are ten executives underneath.

Eight of them are called Mages and are closest to Lunaria.It was a member of Lunaria's clan before the world changed and is said to have comparable power to Lunaria.

And the Black Rose Ten Holy Rosary, the leader of the Dark Ten Knights, is in the same position as the executive.

There was now a meeting called the Executive Council, and the members of the Black Rose were waiting for Rosalier to bring the report.

After a while, Rosalie comes to the room.

Reactions vary. Person who behaves correctly, person who is drinking tea unchanged, person who is sitting on a chair with a hug, person who is murmuring while looking at their weapon... they don't hesitate to each other.Even when Rosalie, the leader, came, the attitude was free.

"You've kept me waiting.Now, I will report back to the executive committee. "

Rosalier reports to the executive board in an administrative manner.We listed the income and expenditure reports of the Magic Kingdom and the problems that are occurring, and asked each person to take measures if necessary.

The report continued for about thirty minutes and was dissolved when all reports were completed.Nevertheless, the black roses are coming to life.Their tea time can be described as irreplaceable.

Because the tea party comes with handmade cookies made by the demon king Lunaria.

A demon king cookie that boasts enough sales to account for 10% of the magical country's financial resources.If you try to buy it in Magic Country, it will be quite a price.But the executives, Rosalie, can get it for free directly from Lunaria.

"Thank you again today for your mercy."

Each member of the Black Rose poses as a thank-you before eating a cookie.For them, this is the vitality to live every day.

"It's as good as ever."

"Kuku, this is the taste of happiness...!



Some people eat silently, but others express their feelings.However, whatever you say, it is definitely the impression that it is delicious.

Start talking while eating cookies.But today alone, it was different.

"Onee-sama Rosalie.Last time, I heard that Lunaria showed off her cooking skills. Are you sure?Besides, some of them cooked together.Why wasn't I there?

Some people are annoyed by the words.

Cook with Lunaria, the demon king.Killing from members who do not participate.Some of them already had weapons.

"I needed a lot of food in the clan Lunaria is welcoming, so I just went to make it with a member who has cooking skills.I only went there as an on-the-spot supervisor. "

There are three members with cooking skills on the spot.The three of them have a rough face.

"Kh! But I'm good at dealing with poison!

"I don't know what the appeal is, but I don't cook with poison skills.

"Anyway, that bothers you.What exactly did Lunaria make?

"You've made a custard cream that is a super-eclair ingredient.When I said Lunaria's majesty at that time, it was already lovely.Exactly like a demon king. "

The three black roses who participated in Rosalie's words nodded.

It is a mystery how you can describe yourself as a male when you look at how you cook, but the three of you nodding with your ecstatic expression have the same feeling.

"Kuku... I've never resented having no cooking skills like today...!But Rosalie.Do you have something to say to us when you say it without hiding it?Don't hesitate to hit me. "

"I was surprised to hear that story all of a sudden, but it's also an idea to have a sharp intuition.I wanted to create a surprise, but I couldn't help it.But I'll just tell you what happened. "

Everyone nods at the words.

Phantom Dragons stamped in the Spirit Kingdom are dragons that wield their Bud stats.Other dragons were guarding a place where the ingredients were needed to prevent the drug from being made.

But there are other ways to avoid Bud status.

It is a huge eclaire called super eclaire.This was a substitute for disabling any bud status during a time that varied depending on quality.The problem is that you will need a lot of materials.Lunaria, the Demon King, and members of the Black Rose with cooking skills worked together to make it.

That way, only members who fight Phantom Dragons in the Spirit Kingdom can eat super-eclairs.Black Rose members cannot participate in the fight because the Demon Kingdom is their country.I mean, I couldn't eat it.

And the members of the Black Rose fought on the spot to prevent the dragons that were protecting the ingredients of the medicine from merging with Phantom Dragons.

"As a thank you, Lunaria used custard cream and chocolate and dough to make ultra-eclair.The final creation is not Lunaria's, but the ingredients are definitely Lunaria's.That's enough for the number of people, so I'm going to distribute it. "

Everyone stops for a moment in Rosalie's words.But I immediately shouted.

"Was the sweet feast going to be real?"


"Too much, I'm too happy to die tomorrow."

"That's it!

Everyone but Rosalie is bloodthirsty on the roundtable.Even here, if there is no such thing, it is not strange to be killed.

Rosalie slowly pulled the ultra-eclair for the number of people out of the item bag and gave it to everyone.

Black Rose members spend time eating Ultra Eclairs.

Everyone looks happy and happy.One of them was so stunned that he fell down on the round table.

"It was delicious, now we can fight with full power for another year!

"I understand."

"It tasted like a demon king cookie.It wasn't Lunaria who finally made it, but it's no exaggeration to say that it's Super Demon King Eclair. "

"Really super bad. This is serious."

All members admire Ultra Eclair.Although the ultimate maker is not Lunaria, the demon king, the ingredients are undoubtedly Lunaria's handmade.Then it was made by Lunaria.

"Kukuku... let's ask, Rosalie.I'm a little curious, but who made this super-eclair, I don't know, but who is it?Are you strong?

Rosalie gets stuck in the answer to the words.This was unusual and the other members thought something was going on.

It's as simple as explaining.

Rare leader of clan "Daedalus" with only productive skills.Regardless of Rosalie, other members may not have spoken in person, but they have seen it several times, such as at a celebration.It also explains that Lunaria has entered the clan.

But I don't know what kind of person to ask and what kind of impression to convey.

It's hard to answer.

"Onee-sama, what makes it difficult?

"I can't explain this kind of person easily.I think a man who doesn't get along is the best suit.... "

"What is that?He's the leader of your clan, isn't he?I hear the Clan War was at the top last time, too, isn't it strong?

"No, it's not strong at all.As I've explained before, I only have productive skills, so I can't have any combat relationships. "

Most of the people on the spot said, "Huh?".

I've explained it once, but I guess I was asking you if you weren't very interested.There are many members who say they've never heard of it before.

"Isn't that strange?The last time I went to take down Agnes Berlion, you were the one who, disrespectfully, gave instructions to Lunaria, right?Why are you following Lunaria?By and large, that brave man was following orders with him. "

That's it.

Hayato gave instructions several times in the battle against Agresberion, but Lunaria, the demon king, and Ivan, the brave man, followed them normally.It had the effect of surprising everyone who was there, but it could be said that the person did not understand at all.

"Lunaria and the brave man wrote an affidavit after they broke out at Hayato's base.You can't go crazy at the base, and you can help me if anything happens.That's how it affects me. "

"Kuku... but there's a hole in it, right?The content of the affidavit does not mean that you will definitely listen to the order.You don't have to follow the Hayato's instructions.But Lunaria and the brave obeyed.What are you gonna do about it?

Rosalie gets stuck in her words again.That's true, but Rosalie doesn't know that either.I think it's because it's the leader of the clan to which Lunaria belongs.

But Rosalie denied the answer from herself.

The hero, who had nothing to do with the clan in the first place, followed Hayat's instructions.It was not a big instruction, and it was an instruction that felt like I had been put on board, but the fact that I followed it was unshakeable.

Another member opens his mouth instead of Rosalie, who has trouble answering.

"I don't know, is it possible that he is an attractive man?I don't think Lunaria will fall in love with that man, but that brave man is following, right?

"I've seen it from afar, but it didn't feel handsome, did it?Rather, Ash was handsome.If you look at that face, you can have three meals. "

Before defeating Agressberion, there was a meeting at Mist's Mansion to celebrate the Phantom Dragon Crusade.

The members of the Black Rose were there at that time, but they were by the handsome Ash and did not talk to Hayat.

"I think men should compete with the contents.Besides, being handsome is perfect. "

I know.

Onee-sama, what do you think?Does Hayato have the charm of being handsome inside?

Rosalie gets even more stuck in words.

To be clear, I don't feel that the contents are handsome.I thought Rosalie's only act was handsome when she confronted Ivan, a brave man outside her base.

Hayato broke between Rosalie and Ivan after losing to the brave.There were no disadvantages to being defeated, and Ivan could not have attacked out of sight, so there was no danger.The same holds true for Hayato, who came in between.

But I can appreciate and thank you for trying to get there.There were also times when Hayat came to the Demon King Castle with Nay and others, and there were times when he could not leave strongly even if he did disrespect Rosalie.

And the Unopened Room in the Demon King Castle.For some reason Hayat could have gone further.

Honestly, Rosalie has no idea who Hayato is.

"What, you're thinking a lot?Is that so hard?

"It's hard.I don't think it's even appealing.Though not aimed at Hayato, Lunaria has often gone to visit that base, and the Goddess of Destruction is also a member of Hayato's clan.You said you hired him at the maid's guild, but you think he's under someone who doesn't have anything?

The question caused the surroundings to roar.

Esha Crown defeated the Brave and Demon King.The NPCs are afraid of the person.Hayat has made the shade his companion.That's certainly not normal.

I don't know if it's strong or attractive.Yet it is seen at a glance by the world's most powerful people.Hayato with such a strange rating is difficult to explain.

"Kuku... why don't we all meet that Hayato next time?You know better than to listen to Rosalie's mouth. "

"Isn't that quicker?Next time, let's go to the base together with Lunaria.Hayato is a production job, and it's possible to have dinner with Lunaria... "

Everyone but Rosalie stood up to the words.Looks like the member who was stunned woke up.

Rosalie explains it slowly to calm it down.

"Not for a while.As a punishment for the invasion of the world, Lunaria is making cookies in captivity on the top floor of the Demon King Castle. "

Lunaria tried to invade the world as a demon king, but the executives were angry and are now reflecting.He is imprisoned on the top floor of the Demon King Castle to make cookies for ever.

"Onee-sama, how about helping Lunaria escape?Basically, that's what the Black Knights are doing to monopolize Lunaria, right?There may be resistance from both black knights, but the demons don't care. "

"... I see.It won't be a problem if we get out of jail.This time, we work hard enough to get a reward for our monopoly on Lunaria.Let's use Hayato as our base for escape. "

"No objection!

Thus, "Operation Lunaria-sama Escape", which was passed unanimously, involved Hayato on its own initiative.

Beautiful roses have thorns.

That's why it's a good word of warning to stay away from circumvention.

But the warning is meaningless if it comes closer to the rose.