Another Frontier Online

Large Ship Construction

Hayato thinks the shipbuilding dock is just a huge port.

The perception may not be the same as it is, but Hayato has never seen the real ocean in the first place.The colony doesn't have a sea in the first place, it's on Earth, but it doesn't have a sea or a continent beyond it, so I don't know.

In other words, what you see in virtual reality and what you see in online photography is Hayato's knowledge.And when I was told this was the shipbuilding dock, I could only hope so.

Sonia and several men were at the end of the stone pier on the shipbuilding dock.

I've never seen it before, but perhaps a member of the old Bandit Guild, the Trehan Guild, approached without being particularly wary.

"Thank you for waiting."

"What are you talking about?I don't care because I'm in the position you're asking for.By the way, are you going to build a big ship today?

"Yes, I'll make it right away, so please wait just a moment."

It's only natural that it takes time to make something as huge as a large ship.NPCs who believe that only virtual reality is real seem to agree, and there is real knowledge that it takes time to make giant things.

It is unclear how the integrity of the area is, but it is not surprising.

Regardless of knowledge of reality, there are few large ships to build, whether they are players or NPCs.In the first place, woodworking skills are said to have been encountered in this game, so few players have improved their woodworking skills.

(Skills cannot be built without a minimum of 90, and 90 is also likely to fail.It is rare for a large ship to go out into the sea, so I don't know how it will be built.)

Simply put, no matter what a large ship is, production items can be done in an instant.I knew it because Hayato had built a large ship before.It is the same this time, and I take out the saws that I am a regular user of.

"I'll build it, so please step away.It's dangerous around here. "

Hayato uses the saw to check for large ships from the woodworking menu.

100 Woodworking Skills has a 100% chance of 5 Stars. Does not change the appearance, but changes the Durability of the ship.The higher the quality, the less fragile the ship will be.

When I chose a large ship from the menu, I heard the effects of carpenters such as Gikogiko and Tongton. At the next moment, a huge rainbow of light shined and a huge ship was floating slightly above the sea surface.

It falls into the sea according to gravity.A huge splash of water struck Hayato and the others at that time.Nevertheless, I instructed Hayato to stay away, so no one is wet.

When I made it for the first time, Hayato remembered that the members of the Black Dragon had gotten wet and his mouth was slightly loose.

"It's amazing!

"Sonja, it's too shabby.Think of your age. "

"Hah, this is why I don't want a dead man.I'm sure you'd be excited if I showed you something like this.

Sonia is so excited about Relic's stupid face that she looks at the ship and makes a scene.Of course, the members of the Trehan Guild seemed excited.

The ship is called a Galeon ship.

It's a fairly old ship, a wooden ship that seems unbearable from this time of year, but this is virtual reality.It is set to move with magic, and the movement is not affected by the wind.

And the ship can be made smaller by magic.It's about the size of a miniature and can be put into an item bag.Once built, it will be easy to carry.

Nevertheless, miniaturization and mega expansion can only be achieved in the port.The ocean doesn't mean it can be anywhere, so it's really just small enough to carry around.

Sonia looked at the ship all the way through with a smile.

"That's good!I knew you were right to ask Hayato!

"I'd appreciate it if you'd be happy.But it's not finished yet, so please wait a little longer.You're free to look inside.I'm going to get on the boat and do my work. "

"What are you gonna do if it's not finished?

"Of course, you can install a winch for Trehan.However, there is no cannon, right?I don't know how to make it, so please wait a little longer. "

"Oh, that's right.Thank you very much.We'll take a look around on the boat. "

Sonia said so and took the men of the crew aboard.Relic looked at it with an astonishing face from earlier.

"I'm so sorry, Hayato."

"There's nothing for Relic to apologize for.Besides, I'd be happy if I shook my feelings with something I made.If you were so excited, it would be worth it. "

"Perhaps, but it's been a long time, so I want you to calm down a little...."

Relic is laughing bitterly.Hayat boarded the ship with such relics and sha.

The three of them go out on the deck of the ship.Attach a magic winch here.

Originally, you can't salvage just a winch, but if you hang the hook at the tip of the winch to the sea, you'll find something magical and pull it up.

I would say it's a game.

"I don't need a winch if I have a diving skill, but who has that skill?Does Esha know?

"You've never met him, have you?Isn't that what you only have for a treasure hunter?In general, diving skills can only be used for salvage, right?Can you use it for anything else?

"I don't know. But, look, if there's a submarine shrine or something, isn't it going to work there?

"Don't seek such romance. Live steadfastly."

"It's true that submarine temples are romantic, but that's not what you're talking about, right?

Hayato prepares for such a conversation.

The winch should have metal, rope, and hook.This is already in Hayato's item bag, so I chose it from the menu with my favorite hammer.

I can do a five-star winch without any particular problems.

We're ready for now.All you have to do is salvage where the airship's blueprints are sinking.

But we still need to get ready.

The same goes for monsters in the sea, but there are pirates in the sea.It's unlikely, but Hayato is being targeted by the Assassin Alliance, the Greedy Flaming Snake, and the Holy Devil's Ten Swords, so there's a chance he'll attack us at sea.We need the strength to fight.

Hayato is also a problem that can be solved if he is confined to his base, but I would like to see the salvage event.Production skills can also be helpful when something goes wrong.

Not what Esha said earlier, but it's not as romantic as a submarine temple to lift the treasure from a sinking ship.

I was wondering what to do with my strength, and the Sonia who were looking inside the ship came back with a smile.

"You can do it without complaining.It's called the last chest, Hayato is good at it.I want to continue to work as a dedicated producer. "

"It's not an exaggeration to say that you've made the most of your production skills.I'd appreciate it if you liked it, but please be careful as it breaks if you deal with the chores.If we run out of durability, this ship will break, right?

"Of course I know.I'll ask Hayato for maintenance when it's in danger.Of course it's for a fee. "

"I can't do it anytime, but I'll do it if you tell me.By the way, when do you go out to sea?You're not ready yet, are you?

"I think we should go as soon as possible, but we certainly don't have enough power to go out to sea - and Hayato is being targeted.This is my mistake.I'm sorry. "

Sonia lowered her head to Hayato with a serious face.

"Don't worry about it.However, since there is one, it is better to think about the timing of going out to sea.I think we should have as much power as we can. "

"That's right. I want to hire someone else to do something."

When Sonia says so, the men in the guild say, "That's right, Sebastian!"and complained with a little laugh.

"Don't you dare stop.I'm going to call you Alliance Master.You look better, don't you?

Sonia is laughing and saying such a thing.

On his way here, Hayat heard that Relic and Sonia had been betrayed by their disciples.

I don't think so when I look at the current situation, but Hayato wonders if there are many things going on.And Hayato laughed that it was best if it was fun now.

"Well, Sonja, we'll get to know each other on the battlefield, so let's go out to sea when we're ready."

"It would be helpful if you did.What about the boat?Can Hayato keep it small?

"No, Sonia has this.You bought this in the first place, right?

"Oh, I see.Then I'll transfer it if you contact me later - don't worry, I'll pay you properly.If I do something like a fraud in front of Relic, my life is in danger. "

Relic smiles without answering anything.However, the Alliance member's face was slightly drawn to the pressure from the smile.

I didn't worry about it at all, but I wonder if it was possible.And when the reflection was over, I began to think about who to speak to as a force.