Another Frontier Online

Request for cooperation

Hayato is gathering members to help him salvage.

Because Sonia is a former but bandit Guild Guild Master, her friendship is narrow.I know people who are strong, but I don't trust them.

So I threw a round at Hayato.From Hayato's point of view, anyone who could be trusted would be fine.

However, as a condition, I could tell you about the airship, but there was something you wouldn't tell anyone until it was finished.And the reward is for splitting things apart from the airship blueprints.Only the blueprints are Sonia's rewards and you can do anything else.

Hayato is somewhat troubled with the conditions.

Basically, everyone Hayato knows can be trusted.Nei the Black Dragon, Cecil the Collector, Noat the Primadonna, Ivan the Brave, Lunaria the Demon King, everyone will hear Hayato's request.

But modestly speaking, it's usually a bump.There is a possibility that you will say it in a flash.It is definitely strong and trustworthy, but even if it is not malicious, it is likely that information will be revealed outside.

Though I wondered what was going on, Hayat decided to be prepared.

Even if the blueprints were discovered and the battle started, I thought it would be an adventure.Something that's common in creativity.Hayato often sees movies like that.Besides, I can definitely win with my strength.

Hayat called out to the members because he saw the battle so far and was sure of it.

To explain the situation, I first called Nay to my base.

Somehow Rosalie came with me.

Apparently, we are more likely to act together, and Rosalier can be said to be almost a member of the Black Dragon.It is not normal because I serve Lunaria the Devil King, but I go to various places with him almost every three days.

"I haven't had salvage relationships yet.Mostly going to the dungeons with Rosalie. "

"... well, the stress accumulates in the cage of Demon King Castle.Besides, Lunaria-sama is in the process of reflection, so I have plenty of time.Oh, yeah, it's super-eclair these days, but thank you.Everyone had a good reputation. "

"That's good.I only kept the ingredients made by Lunaria apart.I was afraid of the black roses. "

When they received the ingredients made by Lunaria, the members of the Black Rose looked at the ingredients with the eyes of a killer.If I use it, my soul will be taken away. It's like that.

"I think that was a good decision.Anyway, I'd like to ask Hayato for something else - no, first of all, from Hayato. "

Really? Well, then, I'd like to talk to you...

Hayat taught Nay and Rosalie the details of the salvage.

I explained briefly when I contacted you via voice chat, but I went further.They are quite surprised and quite excited to get to Nay.

"An airship! Of course I can help!But I can't forgive you for keeping your mouth shut until now!

"I just wanted to keep things to myself."

"Airship... I see, airship..."

"Um, is there a problem?

"No, I don't.However, I would like to borrow an airship if I could. "

"That's not good, Rosalie! I want to borrow it too!

"The airship will be Sonia's, as I said, so I won't say anything, but I'll try to negotiate.I mean, I don't know what's on the island that's floating in the sky, so I thought I'd ask you to come with me when I go. "

They both agreed to it.In addition, Rosalie brings along members of the Black Rose.

I would say we have about twenty men in combat.

"Yes, Hayato, thank you for this Alondite Replica.We are now fighting the Excalibur Replica in duplicity.This is strong. "

That's good.

Hayato wasn't able to log in much after the Stampede event, but he thanked the players and NPCs themselves.

As for Nay, it was an Alondite replica that was also requested by Lunaria.I've given various items to other members that can be crafted with production skills.

"Ney, when you meet Lunaria, please only equip yourself with Alondite.Because Lunaria-sama is stubborn. "

"I think Lunaria is a troublesome character, isn't she?

"I think that's a good idea."

Neither Hayat nor Nay knew half of Rosalie's good deeds, but Hayat was asked to prepare himself for battle in the sea.

Efficient equipment and items for sea monsters.

Basically, monsters in the sea attack with water attributes.For this reason, the damage can be suppressed if you have strong water-class defenses, and Marine Life's Special Attack performance is quite advantageous when it comes to attacks.

(Last time I made a Dragon Eater Replica, a Dragon Special Attack because the opponent was a Dragon, but Marine Life Special Attacks only have spear weapons... did you know anyone with spear skills?He seems to be in Bandit's clan, but I don't want to ask for his help this time)

Bandit has a variety of players on board, and ten clans together make it a 100-person clan.There are also validation teams and investigation teams, and it can be said that they play the most games.

Hayato is a little rival to such a clan.I don't want to be found out about this airship before we build it.

(I wonder if it is Cecil.If you like weapons, you may have Spear Magic skills.The Beast of the Moon - I'm a Dragon Busters now, but I want everyone to help me and I'll call you back.)

Hayat told Nay and Rosalie that he would contact them again for a detailed date and gave them sweets as a souvenir before contacting Cecil.

Was it free? Cecil came to the base at once.

"Hey, Hayato. Give me some kind of weapon.You got an interesting weapon, didn't you?

"As always. I told you I need your help over voice chat.

"I forgot in seconds - it was a joke.Well, it's like a greeting, so don't worry.So, what?

Hayat talked about asking for help in the fight against the sea in Salvage.It ends with a "good" word.And Hayato asked if he had any spear skills.

"Of course I do. Of course it's 100.But I don't want to equip my spear because it's a bit ugly.A sword, after all.Hayato made me an excalibur replica.I'm a little too dressed for my balance. "

Cecil has two two-handed swords on his back, one behind his hips, and two one-handed swords on both sides of his hips.Equipping one of his hips with an Excalibur replica says it's not well balanced with the other sword.

Hayato comes with a pin.There were two swords on Nay's waist at the base earlier.As opposed to that, I think the balance of beauty is good.

"I have a sword that matches the Excalibur replica, but if I give it to you, will you equip me with a spear?

"Let's hear more."

"I can make an alondite replica."

"On board."

(It was good that it was easy to understand.This may be Kraken, Leviathan, Zaratan, but we can win - Zaratan is impossible.Well, I don't think that's how many monsters come out.)

Clarken is a giant octopus, Leviathan is a giant sea snake-like dragon, and Zaratan is a turtle about the size of an island and is said to be the three largest rare monsters of the sea.It was also said that Zaratan alone still had no reports of a crusade and was not a monster.

Cecil promised to bring the members of the Dragonbusters home.We couldn't all get on board, but it was decided that we could get on the boat as close as we could.

After that, I will send a voice chat to Dieter to try to speak up.

"Sure, let's go. I've been having a lot of trouble lately, and I'm feeling stressed out, so I think it's a little disturbing."

(Even AI is stressful... but it seems like I'm in a good mood and I've been depressed before, but it seems to have healed.That's for stress relief, but breathing out is important.)

With that in mind, Hayato began to prepare for salvage.