Another Frontier Online

Causes of stress

A few days after the big boat was built, Hayat asked for help in the port of King's Landing.

First of all, there are nine members of the "Black Dragon".And ten members of the Black Rose, led by Rosalie.In addition, Cecil led the mercenary group of the former "Beast of the Moon" - now there are ten "Dragonbusters".

Hayat called out to Mist and Maris, but they were busy turning him down.I also called Ash and Len, but the reality is busier, and I'm sorry to say no.

As a precaution, I also called Lunaria, who was imprisoned under the name of discretion, but the only answer I had was to go and help her, so I gave up.

So the members of "Daedalus" are Hayato, Esha, Relic and Dite.

"Master, I've heard many times, can I come with you?

"I weighed Esha's attack power and the disadvantages of attracting monsters, but the attack power was better.And if the pirate ships are going to shoot cannons, we have to fight them.Let go of Destroy when it's time.I've prepared a lot of melon juice. "

Esha has the disadvantage of making any monster aggressive because her animal training skill is negative 100.Instead, they are breaking the limit of their ability to shoot and use magic to increase their power when attacking with Belzeve.

Hayat did not know how to make the cannon that he would equip his ship with.In other words, Hayato's large ships have no attack power.Then I decided to take Esha, who needs a powerful Ranged Attack.

"I see. Destroy the pirate ship.I think it would be better to fly to a pirate ship and take the treasure... Ah, you're going to salvage it after it sinks?

"When I hear only words, I think I'm a pirate."

It is certainly piracy to do such a thing against a ship that does not attack, but it is Hayato's idea that if it is attacked, there is no problem in attacking it.So-called self-defense.

While talking like that, Relic approached.

"Hayato, I'm sorry, Sonia seems a little late.It takes time to elect members. "

"Oh, it's okay.I heard from Sonja that the place to salvage is pretty close, so I don't think it will take long to get there. "

"But it's a little problematic to keep you waiting.I'll tell them to come soon. "

When Relic said that, he turned his back and scolded Sonia with a voice chat like "Come quickly" or "Why didn't you decide yesterday?"

(Relic is a kind of crazy type, but Sonja feels kind of ragged... huh?

Hayato felt his gaze.

Looking closely around, the members of the Black Rose Decalogue look towards Hayato.

This is the first time Hayato has seen a member of the Black Rose Decalogue, but his gaze is scary.And the words you hear are "normal."Everyone would be scared, even if it wasn't Hayato, who is normal and normal.

Hayat talked to Rosalie because of the trouble.

"Um, Rosalie, do the Black Roses have anything to say to me?

"No, that's not it.I'm just trying to figure out who he is. "

"Hah, let's see...?

"It started with sending us super-eclairs, and everyone was interested in what Hayato was like.Well, it's okay because there's no harm. "

(If a group of women look at me and say "normal", I'm suffering a lot.)

Hayato may be a little happy if it feels like a fan of Ash coming to the coffee shop, but that's not what I think.It's like seeing a rare beast.

In the meantime, I turned my back to the black roses and tried to make sure nothing happened.

Diete approaches Hayato with a smile.

"Hayato, you're an assassin guild, a thief, from all sorts of places, right?Are you saying there was no madness in my eyes?

"Why am I not happy at all?

Normally, Esha would make fun of me, but it seems that I started talking to Cecil earlier and he was not near. It was Dite who told me to tease him instead.

"Anyway, thank you for inviting me today.It's a virtual reality, but it's been out for a long time. "

"That's good.I don't know what to say, but does the AI keep you stressed?

"I wouldn't think so if I were just an AI, but it's kind of close to people.I like or dislike the work, and I get stressed if I keep doing things I don't like. "

"Is that what this is about?By the way, why is there so much stress?Can I ask you something?

"Of course. Simply put, I got in the way when I started the event.That's disgusting. "

"Excuse me?"

"That's hacking. Someone is hacking this Anather Frontier Online.I don't know if it's an organization or an individual, but it seems like I have a lot of technology and I can't really identify it. "

"Are there people still doing that?

The game "Analyzer Frontier Online" showed off its unlikely technology as it started its service.Moreover, we don't know where Aphrodite is, and we still don't know that.

Virtual reality technology can be applied well beyond games.Rather, a certain number of people believe that the latest technology is not used in the first place for gaming.

Naturally, it was natural for various fields to want the technology.But I couldn't get in touch with a company that didn't know which colony it was on, and I couldn't get the technology.

In that case, organizations and people have emerged who are trying to take away the technology used in the game in an illegal way.Dismantling headgear, unauthorized access to communication destinations, etc.

But Anazar Frontier Online defeated all of them.

Instead, it went as far as disclosing and socially erasing the information of the organization or individual that was trying to hack it.

At that time, the organizations and individuals who were counterattacked said that it was an unjust crime, but the information disclosed by "Aphrodite" was so perfect that it was unacceptable to counter it, and since it also disclosed information that the organization was hacking into another organization, it became a huge disturbance.

Such a thing happened and I often heard about it immediately after starting the service, but recently, such a topic has not been discussed.

"Essentially, there's no problem with security because it's done by Infinity, but it's going to slow down the upgrade of this world.And this time, it's like a pretty good hacker, and I can't grab my tail. "

"Oh, that's what I mean."

Infinity refers to the program that is building this world and Dite.It was not just a program, but a program like AI that thinks and acts on its own, in the sense of infinite evolution.

Infinity is basically building virtual reality, and Dite manages that virtual reality.

"For my part, I want to make this event a success.We need a lot of fine-tuning to do that, but the infinity makes security a priority, so we can't do it right.That's what makes me nervous and stressful. "

"Oh, my God. I want to help you, but there's no program or hacking."

"I'm just happy with my feelings.Besides, I don't think Esha-kun can handle this either.If only I could... "

Diete stopped her words there.

Hayato leans his neck and looks at Dite.

"If I could... what?

"... no, it's nothing.Well, it's impossible to break through the security of the infinity.And one day we'll find him.Until then, I don't know what to do about it - it looks like you're here, Sonja. "

Looking beyond Diete's gaze, I saw Sonia bring some people over here.

"I'm sorry I'm late.I'll be ready in a minute. Just a little more. "

"Oh, my God, you've been loose too long."

"Don't be so angry. I'll get ready soon."

Angry with Relics, Sonia floats her miniaturized ship to the sea.

The ship quickly became huge enough to accommodate many people.

"Come on, get in!It's the first time this ship has sailed, let's go flashy!

A good member of Sonia's voice shouts with his fist up.And Sonia started boarding the ship from Tarap.

"Actually, I've never been on a ship before.I've been looking forward to hearing from you.Come on, let's go. "

Diete said so to Hayato and headed happily to Tarap.

(Diete-chan seems to be having fun.I'm glad you asked me out... (Shall we go?)

Hayato began walking after Dite, who was walking happily.