The ship is heading northeast from the port of King's Landing.

The scent of the tide passed through Hayato's nose.As a Hayato who doesn't know the real sea, I only know that expression, but I breathe deeply wondering if this is the case.And it stretched.

The weather is nice, the waves are mild and the wind is pleasant.Sailing day. Without a salvage purpose, I'd like to have a vacation and be stylish here.Nevertheless, I can't do that because the monsters are coming.

The voyage is going well so far.After fifteen minutes, we will reach our destination.

Since the ship is set to operate with magic, it does not use the wind in particular.It's sailing, but it's just a look.The speed is about twice the speed at which people walk, and anyone can move by operating the steering wheel.I don't need any skills there.

For that reason, many people are waiting for the order in which the steering wheel is moved.Dite was also lined up.

Hayato was steering many times during the Black Dragon era, so he didn't particularly want to do it, but he was just a bystander this time.Ney and the others didn't have to steer for the same reason, but they were waiting in turn.

(I'm not here to play, but okay.I wish I was on guard.Even pirate ships should be careful)

Hayato was looking out at the sea with that in mind.

Sea monsters suddenly attack from the sea.Huge monsters can also be seen, but small monsters don't know until they are attacked.

Monsters like crabs, turtles, and half-Milk Sahagins that climb up on deck can be defeated with Melee Attacks, but monsters like sharks and sea squids cannot be defeated without some Ranged Attacks.There is also a way to catch it on deck and crush it, but it would be quicker to take it down with a Ranged Attack.

And when attacked, the ship's durability is reduced.It's not that easy to break, and with woodworking skills, first aid is possible, but complete repair is only possible with the shipbuilding dock.

This time, although salvage is not the main battle, I have heard that pirate ships have a high incidence in the recent seas.As for Hayato, that was a concern, and I put together quite a lot of power.

Hayato heard rumors that even a large ship was sunk after only one battle with a pirate.The sunken one didn't have a cannon, but I'm guessing it's probably pretty powerful.

(I want to know how to make it, but I don't know how to get it.I don't feel comfortable asking Dieter, and I feel like I lost when I asked Bandit's clan.I wonder if it's in a dungeon chest... I really want it)

Originally, I wanted to put a cannon on my ship on this voyage, but if I don't know how to make it, there's nothing I can do about it.If we don't hurry, someone else could get the blueprints and build an airship.

That's why I decided to salvage even though I thought I was underprepared.

Instead, I have a lot of power for that.

(Things are going well so far and I wonder if it is ok.We're almost there, but there's nothing around that looks like a pirate ship - is that it?Fog?)

Behind Hayat's gaze is something like fog, and beyond that, it is invisible.Moreover, the ship is headed there.

Stop the ship for a second.

Hayato said so, and everyone saw Hayato.It was just Diete's turn to say, "Why?She looks strange.

"Sonja, there's fog in the direction you're going, but do you have coordinates?

"Hmm? What the hell is that?The coordinates are correct, but why is there fog in such a place?

Hayato wants to know.Looking at the surroundings in the first place, it seems that there is only fog in that place, and even though it is virtual reality, it is a fog that clearly ignores the weather.

Hayato glances at Dite.Diete noticed it and felt a little smelly.Of course Diete knew the answer, but when she heard it too much, she was distracted.

"Dear Hayato, how can I help you?Do you want to keep going, or do you want to stop today? "

I wonder what Hayato would do about Relic's proposal.That said, the answer seems to be certain.It would be a waste to leave all the members gathered like this.It's not always possible to gather this much power.

There is also a sense of reassurance that this member will be able to manage even if something happens.

"Let's go. I can't go home without my hands.But if I think it's dangerous, I'm going home at full speed. "

"It's really boring to go home like this.I see. Now, Dear Dite, please proceed to that fog. "

"Leave it to me.I know how to call you this time, Yosolo. "

Diete says, "Yosolo!".

The ship then moves towards the fog.

(Is it suitable for use?Well, come on. Dite-chan, it's Norinori.I guess there was a lot of stress.In that case, it's time for you to be vigilant.My vision gets worse in the fog.If monsters or pirates attack us here, it's dangerous.)

Hayato thinks so and asks members to be vigilant.

Most of the members heard the request, but the Rosary and the Black Rose members were all thinking about why they wouldn't move.

"Mr. Rosalie, what's wrong?

"No, I somehow came to follow Hayato's instructions, but since this salvage is hosted by Sonia, aren't the leaders Sonia?

"Shit, that's right.I'm not coming out! - Hey, Sonja! "

"Ah, no, that's not it -"

Sonia had already reacted when Rosalie tried to say something.

"Can I help you?As I was told, I tried to warn young people. "

"No, Sonia was the leader in this case in the first place.I thought it would be better for Sonia to give me instructions again. "

"Stop it. I'm an Alliance Master for the Trehan Guild, but that doesn't suit me.That's why I asked Hayato.I think you can give me more precise instructions than I do. "

"Um, is that okay?

"Anyway, nobody's wondering - and the black rose ladies can't move on Hayato's instructions?

"I'm sorry.I was just wondering, so if Sonia is good, we'll follow her instructions. "

I see. Then please.Ladies are such a group as the Demon King's Sword, I expect them in battle.Well, I don't know if there's a fight. "

Sonia smiled and said so, moving towards the members of the Trehan Guild.

And the members of the black rose are tilting their necks.

"Well, that's what this is all about, isn't it convincing after all...?

When Hayato was afraid, Rosalie bent her arms and leaned her neck.

Hayato is strange.

"Um, what happened?

"No, I only have production skills, and I can't fight at all, but I trust something like this.If strength is the magic country of justice, Hayato can't be trusted at all, but it still seems strange that he can be trusted. "

The member of the black rose nodded in Rosalie's words.

"Well, that's fine.We will follow Hayato's instructions, so please say anything.But you'll have to help us later.

"Help me? Well, tell me anything I can do."

"You've got your word, right?Okay, everybody. We need to be on the lookout.As Sonia said, we are the swords of the Devil who defeats everything.Let's leave no shame as Lunaria's closest associate.It's all for Lunaria!

"For Lunaria!

The members of the Black Rose sang in harmony with Rosalie's words.Everyone in a circle raises their weapons and aligns their tips.

"Um, it's a small place. Could you keep your voice down a little bit?

Hayat said so, and the ship went into the fog.

Soon the surroundings become almost invisible.

(It would be terrible if something attacked me here.But is it with the other party?As expected, we will not fight pirate ships.Maybe the monsters are the only ones to watch out for... but what?Not the scent of the tide, but the smell of unpleasant feeling is mixed slightly.It may have been a bit quick)

Speaking of fog, Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki was using fog with a Bud status.Hayato checks his status when this fog may also contain such ingredients.

But there is no particular problem.It's health itself.

(Does it bother you too much... hmm?Black shadow...?

"Shadow at three o'clock!Pirate Ship Potential!

When someone screams like that, everyone looks at you.But it's already too late.At that moment, the black shadow struck me.

The ship swayed and some members rolled onto the deck.Hayato also fell on deck under considerable shock.

(Damn, when? But what about the body?A giant monster?

Hayat glares.Even if the fog is thick, you can see it if you bring it to your eyes.

From what I've seen, it was a ship, but not a pirate ship.The opponent's ship has a run-down hull.But that would be worse than a pirate ship.

(A ghost ship....)

On the deck of the opponent's ship, a skeleton wearing eyeballs and flashy clothes rattles his mouth and points his sword at us.Then a large number of skeletons jumped aboard our ship.