The ghost ship stormed the side of the ship that Hayato and the others were on.

The location of the assault is to the right from the direction of travel of the ship.In other words, starboard. Laterally, we threw ropes with hooks onto the boat where Hayato was on board, creating a bridge with ropes.Are you used to it? It happened in a short time.

And Pirates Skeletons, a pirate-looking skeleton, came aboard Hayato's ships.The weapons the Skeletons have are curved swords called Kathras, and they have no shields.Some Skeletons remain on the Ghost Ship and hold their bows.There were also Skeletons that could use magic.

(I ran into a ghost ship before I ran into a pirate.I've never heard such a story.)

Hayato has a reason to think such a thing in his breath.Because the members who had fallen on the first impact started intercepting as soon as they got up.And near Hayat comes Esha and Relic.

"Master, I was rolling flashy, but are you okay?If you fall into the sea, you'll be in trouble.

It doesn't mean you can't breathe when you fall into the ocean, but your HP gradually decreases.With a diving skill, we can slowly reduce it, but no one will ever acquire it just for that purpose.

"I'm fine, but it looks like the ship took a lot of damage from the impact we just had.We need to repair it with woodworking skills. "

Even ships with reduced durability can recover up to 80% by repairing their woodworking skills at sea.It is necessary to return to the shipbuilding dock for complete repair, but there are such restrictions at sea.We'll also need wood for repairs, but it's loaded onto the ship, so we can fix it as long as we have the wood.

Woodworking skills are quite useful from this point of view, but there are an overwhelming number of players who do not go to the sea in the first place, otherwise only furniture and wooden equipment can be made, so woodworking skills are treated unfortunately.

(There are still not many people trying to salvage the sea right now - well, that's not what I'm thinking.No matter how strong they are, the ship will sink.Let's fix it.)

Thankfully, the Ghost Ship doesn't have a cannon.Although they are attacking the hull with bows and magic, the damage is much less than when they hit the body, so Hayato thinks they can handle the amount of wood loaded.

However, since we can't fix it infinitely, we still have to defeat the opponent.

It would be quick to sink the opponent's ship.However, using Esha's Destroy to sink the Ghost Ship seems delicate.Then we should either destroy the opponent or defeat the pirate captain.

And even though the opponent is a ghost ship, there is a physical ship.The reason for the attack is unknown, but it is possible that he is engaged in looting.In other words, it is possible that the ship is full of treasure.It is faster to fish the boat as-is than to salvage it after sinking.

"There may be treasures, so let's explore after without sinking the Ghost Ship.So go for it all. "

Hayat said so, and some members shouted.He is mainly a member of the Trehan Guild.The member crosses the opponent's rope bridge and embarks on the opponent's ship.Sonia is the first one.

"Uh-huh, that's my cool sword the captain has!Don't leave Trehan's men behind!

As soon as Cecil said so, he crossed the rope and boarded the other ship.Then attack the Skeleton as if it were the Captain over there.The members of the Dragonbusters followed with a bit of a bitter smile.

(Unlike Ash, Cecil will be the type that moves intuitively, so everyone seems to be in trouble... but I don't think it was a good idea for Cecil to have a spear.I think an undead opponent would have preferred a different weapon.)

Cecil is equipped with five spears.That's because I gave them a weapon with Marine Life's Special Attack skill to combat sea monsters.Even if I didn't have that Special Attack skill, I gave him a spear that was pretty strong, but it wasn't effective.Cecil also has the disadvantage of not being able to use item bags instead of being able to equip multiple weapons and not being able to switch gear on the spot.

"Cecil will be fine.Usually, I value beauty, but if I let them handle a variety of weapons, it could be stronger than that Ivan. "

Esha said something like that when Hayato's thoughts appeared on her face.And Relic agrees.

"Cecil is a fighter with a hunch, but he's definitely strong, so there won't be a problem.However, the scaffolding is still unstable, so can Esha help Cecil?I'm here to protect Hayato. "

"Then I'll take care of your husband's escort.Cecil won't need any backup, but we have a remote attacker.I'll clean up the area - I'll lend you a chocolate parfait. "

"Huh? To whom?Is that me?

Escha did not answer Hayato's questions and stood up for Belzeb.Destroy the Skeletons with a Basic Attack.

Originally, the gun attack was harder to hit the skeleton, but Esha's attack certainly shot through the skeleton's head and was almost defeated with a single blow.

Inspired by that, Nay and Rosalie also defeated the Skeletons who boarded the ship.

Nay is a duel between an Excalibur replica and an Alondite replica.Originally, it was a type that used not to use a shield, but fought with a sword in both hands, but I am quite accustomed to fighting in a way that was not particularly uncomfortable even if it became ambidextrous.

Rosalie is attacking with her usual scythe, but the Black Roses have a variety of weapons.Some are huge hammers, while others are like spiky whips.Some members felt like they didn't know how to load an arrow with a crossbow in both hands.

All I could say to Hayato when I saw it was that everyone was strong.

(You can't beat a skeleton like that.All right, let's fix the boat while we can.)

Hayato takes out the saw and selects "Ship Repair" from the menu.The ship's durability gradually began to recover.

"Please be careful, Hayato.Something's wrong with the other person's movements. "

That's what Relic said and Hayato looks around.

Pirates Skeletons dressed as pirates are almost gone.But there are more skeletons.It's not human, it's monster.

A half-fish skeleton or some fish is unknown, but fish-shaped bones float in the air and swim.

"Oh dear, I can't believe we're destroying the undead that we've built.Then let's be a little more serious. "

I hear voices coming from somewhere.I don't see it well in the fog, but it's probably up there.From around the mast of the opposing ship.

"Looks like you're the leader, huh?

I couldn't see it from Hayato, but I had a hunch that I was talking about myself.

And in the next moment, a black object came towards Hayat from above.

Hayato stood up, but soon Relic entered between the object and Hayato.When Relic hits the attacking black object with the right hook, the black object slips the deck with the impact.

"Oh, let's be human, huh?

Relic stayed silent.Hayato speculates that a black object may have stormed himself.

(I could only see it for a moment, but that figure...)

Hayato wasn't attacked thanks to Relics, but he did.Not now, but until now it was a giant bat.

Somehow I know who I can be a giant bat with.


"Did you get that in a second?It's quite a motor vision. "

Long ago, there stood a man dressed like a nobleman when he was said to be medieval.

Long blonde hair on the shoulders, neutral face, but male voice.Overall, she is dressed in black and wearing a coat that runs down her knees, and the nuisance is somehow gentlemanly.But his face looks pale and unhealthy.The look and shape of the face are different, but the atmosphere is similar to mist.

"This ghost ship is yours?

"That's right.I've been studying since I left the world of mystery, but there are people who get lost from time to time, so this is how I sometimes play.Nevertheless, it is difficult to destroy the undead so far.So I'm going to join the fight from here. "

"Oh, it's been a long time, right?Thank you very much. "

Suddenly Rosalie spoke to the vampire.

"Oh, beautiful lady, you're fashionable against vampires... are you Rosalie Quantis...?Why are you here?

"A little favor."

Rosalie and her vampire seemed to know each other.Hayato thought that there was no need to fight any more, and the vampire turned slightly upwards and laughed with his right palm so as to cover his eyes.

"This is good! I owe you back now!

"It's the same no matter how many times you fight.And unlike back then, aren't you alone?You think you can win?

"You won because of the field effect.I couldn't lose at night.But this time it's the other way around.Don't think you can fight like that.

"Um, I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know him?

Hayato's words did not seem to reach the two, or the black roses and the vampires, and they confronted each other with a faint smile.

In that gap, the relic moves in front of Hayato and retreats back.

"Hayato, that vampire is probably one of Mist's people.Can I say one of the top ten immortals? "

"What? Really?

"Yes, and the Immortal Ten have lost the previous Clan War to the Black Rose Ten, so I thought it was then."

"Ah, that's how it is - I'm with Mr. Mist, but can I fight?

"We seem to be motivated by each other, so let's leave it to them.Hayato, evacuate now. "

Hayato nodded and moved with Relic from the wheel to Diete, who was nicotine.