Another Frontier Online

Black roses and vampires.

The battle between the members of the Black Rose and the vampire remained intact, and Hayato and Relic approached Diete, who was steering the wheel.

As it stands, the hooked rope from the ghost ship is entangled, so even if I try to move the ship, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Dite.He plays by turning the steering wheel to the right or to the left with pleasure.

"It's not a bad retro ride."

"Diete-chan, do you know what's going on?

I know you're doing it, but it's too unprotected or too hasty.Hayato wonders where the cool old Diete-chan went.

Diete also had a little feeling about it. She regained her calm and coughed a little.

"You've shown me something embarrassing.It's been a long time since I've been stressed out.I want you to take a closer look at it.Relic, don't look so complicated. "

"Sometimes that's true.However, a vampire, the owner of the ghost ship, has arrived, so I need your help. "

"Vampire? Oh, is that your ghost ship, Damien?"

"... do you know?

Hayato asks such a dumb question.Diete, the supervisor, knows all the NPCs.This question is like a deliberate attempt by Relic to be nearby.

Diete also seemed to realize it, pretending to know the wind as a character, not as an administrator.

"His name is definitely Damien Trence.He's one of the top ten immortals. He's with you, mister. "

"Oh, that's definitely the name.I've seen it many times in the previous Clan War.I remember that I preferred to fight with the magic of Creates and Deads to create and shield large numbers of undead monsters. "

"Yes, Mr. Mist often fights for himself, but Damien often fights for creative magic - but not now."

I see Damien while Diete is so nice.

Hayat sees you too, but Damien seems to be fighting each other with ten members of the Black Rose.There are no skeletons, and there is a one-to-ten battle.

If you look closely, there are fallen fish and sahagic bones rolling around the black rose.Hayato thought that all the monsters made with Creates and Deads might have to be defeated and fought for themselves.

The members of the Black Rose are challenging the battle with five front men, three middle men, and two rear men.The collaboration is incredible, with two or more people always attacking at the same time, which could be described as a series of furious attacks.

But Damien is doing it well.It is the vampire's ability to succeed in one-to-ten.Damien seems to be able to turn himself into a fog and regularly blends into the surrounding fog.

If they do that, Black Rose members can't attack at all, and they suddenly get attacked from a completely different location.When taking damage from that attack, one of the black roses with a black bandage wrapped around his face uses healing magic, so his health is fine.But there's another problem.

I'm not tired of this game.I can swing as many weapons as I want, but I'm mentally tired.The situation of not knowing where to attack gradually exhausts the mind.

"You seem to be using the field effect well in this weather.It only lasts a few seconds, but it's invincible in the fog, and I don't know where it comes from.What a lewd attack. "

Vampires have a unique ability to "atomize".Just as you become a bat or a wolf, you can also become temporarily foggy.While this state can't attack at all, it is invincible and can move without taking any damage.

Originally, you can see the fog, so you know where it will return to, but now that the surroundings are covered in fog, you don't know where the fog has moved.We don't know where they're going to attack us.

"Can we do something about it?

"Let's hope that the Black Roses can help.The fog state is not permanent, and there is a cool time until the next fogging.I think I can handle it. "

No, but...

Amber Queen!

When Hayat was about to say, the voice of Rosalie echoed around him.

Then the members of the black rose formed a circle-shaped dense formation in which the avant-garde surrounded the inner guard and the rear guard.The five people around him are turning their backs to the center, from which they hear a countdown voice.

"Huh? What is that?

"It's like a code used by all the black roses.Rumor has it they're using rose varieties to name their formations. "

"Is it a rose variety?But that countdown... "

At the end of the countdown, all five of the Black Rose's avant-garde attacked themselves in front of them.An all-out attack that seems to have enemies there but doesn't matter now.

Damien appeared at that time, but he was either alert or out of range.However, it seemed that the attack was imminent, and I could see the expression that he fled the attack area in a hurry.

That's not the end of the Black Rose attack.The central guard and the rear guard were also pointing in their respective directions, and they were ready to attack.When the five avant-garde men bent over their heads, the inner guard and the rear guard started attacking.

In particular, one of the black roses, who perceived Damien appearing in front of him, gladly shot off a crossbow in both hands.


There is a cool time after the atomization is released, and it cannot be atomized immediately.And just after the avant-garde attack, Damien was not prepared for the next attack, so he was properly attacked by the crossbow.

Rosalie chased Damien in a hurry to retreat.

Rosalier's favorite scythe "Scream".Use that unique skill "Madness" to improve your stats and movement speed.

"I won't let you escape!

Rosalie attacked Damian from the front with a red and black aura.The attack appears to have dealt considerable damage and Damian's HP bar was down to millimeters.

I don't think there is any pain, but my health is decreasing.Still, Damien looked like he could afford it.

"Exactly. Was he also defeated with strength?"

"I don't know.But now it's a one-to-one match.I can't lose.Now, let me stab you to the end - but ask God for forgiveness!

"No, I refuse."

Before Rosalie approached, Damien quickly retrieved the item and drank it.

Is that Dragon Blood?

For a moment, that was what Hayato saw in his eyes.Vampire Elixir, Dragon Blood.Instantly boosts HP and MP and improves stats in a short amount of time.

As soon as Damien attacked Rosalier, he turned into a bat and fled into the sky.Due to the heavy fog, I can no longer see Damian fleeing over the sky.A ranged member is attacking the dark clouds, but they won't hit.

"I lost again this time.But next time, let me fight my people, not just me.Well then, beautiful ladies.I'll see you again. "

I heard a winging sound, but it gradually faded away and I couldn't hear it.

Relic solves his stance and looks at Hayato.

"Looks like you fled to sea."

"It's amazing to say you can fly from here to land.I want to learn the magic of the Dead Spirit, but that outfit... I don't know. "

No matter how handsome they are, bats are creepy.I may be handsome in bats, but I can't make that decision.

"I don't mind if your husband bats.Just make me a chocolate parfait. "

"Is that a way to thank Asha?What do you mean, all of a sudden?

It may be touching in some situations to say that bats are okay with the appearance, but it's ruined when the conditions for a chocolate parfait are attached.

"In the meantime, I've taken care of the surrounding undead, so I'm going to report it.The ghost ship is now searching for treasure, but your husband won't participate?

"May I... Yes, Mr. Relic, if there are keys or traps in the treasure chest, can I ask you to unlock them?

"Of course, thank you.Nevertheless, Sonia can do it, so there won't be any time for me.It looks like Esha is back, so I'm going to watch Sonia and the others.It's not good because it's too fake. "

Relic smiled a little scared and went towards the ghost ship.

And only Hayato, Esha, and Dite will be here.

"Hayato, I don't mind if Hayato is a bat.I'm fine without a chocolate parfait. "

"What appeal is that?... good luck to Rosalie and the others.Thanks to you, I was able to defeat them. "

Soon a member of the Black Rose came near the Hayats.And while looking at Hayato, he talks in private.

"Uh, what?It's a little spiritual to be secreted by a lot of women. "

"I'm sorry.I just thought Hayato was a hottie.It's normal to look at it anyway. "

"Normal is not a compliment, right?So, Motemote? Who is it?

"You said 'Hayato', right?

"Are you blind?

"Both eyes are 2.0 so you can see Lunaria from anywhere."

So, the level of delusion is dangerous?

"What is it?Rather, you say you're dull enough to get super - well, that's fine.I don't like being pointed at Belzeve's muzzle, so I'll retreat.Let's make it tea time, everyone. "

The rosaries left Hayat and took out a table on the deck that seemed luxurious.And really start making tea.

"Um, what do you mean?

Hayato is often used to use the term "motemote" these days, but it is clearly different from the type of "motemote" that is directed at Ash.

"Doesn't your husband think bats are better than bats?

"First of all, I've never been a bat.

Hayato took out the saw to restore the ship's endurance.