Another Frontier Online

Treasure Distribution and Salvage

After defeating the Vampire Damian Ghost Ship, it's time to verify the treasure.

I don't know what to do here right now, but I decided to open the treasure chest right away with the majority of opinions that I was concerned about if I didn't open it on the spot.

I found three chests.All had keys and traps, but Sonia unlocked them.

There were many things in there, but the players Hayato and Nay were also automatically given treasure coins.The number of sheets is ten per person.It could be said that there are a few small pocket money winnings.

Redeem Treasure Coins for any item in addition to winning prizes.The ranking is not the number of pieces you have, and you compete for the number of pieces you win, so if you exchange them for items, the ranking and the prize will not be lowered.

This is the first treasure coin I have as Hayato, so I don't know what items I can exchange for it, but I'm going to check it out when I get back.

And other treasures, but basically coins.The real money is hard to carry, but the money in this world is digitized by magic.Even the coins in the chest can be converted into data on the spot, so it won't be difficult to carry.

Once this was in Sonia's custody, it was redistributed back to the harbor.There is still salvage left, so we will distribute the treasure together.

There were some magic items other than money.

Rings and bracelet magic items come with a variety of features.Some have performance that is absolutely impossible with production skills, but such items are rare.

Hayato checked all the items he had, but his index finger didn't move because it could be made with production skills over time.However, there was a ring that improved diving skills as an item of interest.

It is not so unusual because it can be made rarely even in production skills.However, I am reflecting a little bit that I should have prepared such items for salvage.

Depending on the situation, it may fall into the sea.Hayato vowed to build it this time, because switching gear will allow him to survive some of the sea and water.

In this way, the treasure is distributed to those who want it.It's fun to just watch situations like who wants what, even if you don't want it.And when I get what I want, I'm a junkie.A one-time match without resentment.

Basically, Ney and the members of the Black Rose didn't participate.

Nay and the others have equipment Hayato made for them, and they don't want anything in particular.The members of the Black Rose also had a lot of equipment in Demon King Castle, so they didn't want anything.

Cecil is delighted to have the sword that Skeleton, like the Captain, held, divided into members of the Trehan Guild or the Dragonbusters.

Esha and the others didn't want anything in particular, but when there was wine in the chest, they wanted relics.There was no one to contend with it, and it was easy for Relic to do so.

"It's kind of bad to have wine all to yourself."

"There is no problem because there are no members who want alcohol.People who can enjoy this kind of thing should drink it, so don't hesitate. "

Really? Then don't hesitate to take it.I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. "

Relic puts some red wine in his bag to make him happy.

Basically, there is a game limitation that alcohol-related drinks such as wine cannot be consumed until they are 20 years old and realistic.

The age at which alcohol can be consumed varies according to the actual country of residence, but in this game it is based on the age of 20.Of course Hayato and the others are over twenty years old, so they can drink.I know Hayato and I can't drink it until Len.

Hayato players basically don't drink even in reality.In reality, it's expensive as a hobby, and I don't have the option to buy it first if I don't like it very much.

Many players say they have drunk it for the first time in this virtual reality, but they don't like it very much.Simply because alcohol does not restore MP like juice while causing a bad status such as intoxication, you just enjoy the situation of being really tasty and drunk.

Some players said it was the best, but most didn't drink it, so it wasn't popular.

Because of this situation, Hayato has some doubts.

(Anyway, I don't think you can get alcohol in a time of resource depletion, right?Why does Mr. Relic like wine?I suppose Mr. Mist liked wine too. Have you ever drunk it in real life?Or did you like it when you drank it in-game?

It's not a big deal, but sometimes people who like alcohol aren't around, so Hayato noticed a little bit.Nevertheless, it is not enough to pry.

Esha, Ash, and Len decided to become residents of this game.I don't know about the situation, but the same goes for Relics and Mists.I'm sure I'm curious, but I don't really want to know.

While I was thinking about it, the distribution of the treasure ended and I decided to move the ship again to the waters where the sinking ship was located.

The ghost ship that lost its master sank into the sea.Originally, this ghost ship was made of magic by the vampire Damian and could not be stolen.

Diete, who explained it to me, apologized for the steering.Now Ney is moving the wheel with pleasure.

Diete didn't look particularly dissatisfied but approached Hayato.

"Are you satisfied?

"... I certainly thought you were a little overreacting.And that's enough because it's quite stress-free. "

"That's good.But should I be able to rent my boat regularly?This ship belongs to Sonja, so we're going to build a new one. "

"Please do that.I don't think it's a bad idea to keep a large ship because it could still be salvaged. "

Apparently Diete liked the steering of the ship.It is time to teach Hayato how to steer.

Hayato was listening to Diete when she was feeling better.

A few more minutes later, the ship stopped at Sonia's behest.

As usual, nothing can be seen because the surroundings are covered in fog, but this must be where the ship with the blueprints sank.Sonia says the magical compass that looks at the coordinates definitely shows up here.

"Then I'll sink the hook into the sea.You won't be able to lift it once, so I'll do it a few times.You might catch monsters, so be careful. "

Everyone nods at Sonia's words.

Salvage does not always lift if he sinks the hook near the coordinates of the sunken ship.It depends on the probability.In addition to attracting crates, monsters can also be hoisted.

On Sonia's instructions, I threw the hook on the winch into the sea.After a while, the winch rope stops.And now the winch moves so that the rope is wound.

Come on, I'm looking forward to what's coming.

People who expect it, people who hold weapons, people who watch it while drinking tea for some reason, react differently.

And the person who remembered something - Hayato was a little concerned.Someone is aboard this ship to make monsters violent.Because it is Hayato's instruction, Hayat would be responsible.

"Isn't Esha just hated by monsters?You don't want me to call you in, do you?

"Well, actually, I don't really go out of town.I don't think the ghost ship called in. "

The moment Esha said so, the ship rocked.And the winch stops.

"You pulled it off!Prepare for battle!

When Sonia gives the order, everyone holds the weapon.Shortly afterwards, a brown tentacle jumped out from around the ship and grabbed the ship.

Hayat knows how to emerge.This is Kraken, a monster who was crushed many times when I made Adamantite's Knife Pole.

"If Kraken can beat Ney and the others, he's not that scared."

Esha sighs on Hayat's crush.

"What's that sigh?

"Well, to put it briefly, Maris' pet Lancelot is Elder Griffon, the top species of Griffon."

"I know that, but why did you just talk about it?

"Most monsters have superior species, and naturally they are in Kraken.This is how my ability to attract monsters works. "

"Hmm? That means this tentacle is not Kraken...."

"It's nice to have a good husband.This is Poseidon, the top species in Kraken.We have to think about some sacrifices. "

It is common knowledge in this game that monsters with the name of God are quite strong.Poseidon is a monster like Agressberion.Simple AI would be the only salvation.

"Now, let's get out of here.Hayato will sink if he doesn't seriously restore the ship's endurance.The Guardian who guards the blueprints is Clarken, but he has a fairly low chance of causing a rarity. "

"I'm good at pulling the bad rare...."

I don't know whether it is Esha's disadvantage to pull it here or Hayato's bad luck, but I realized that if we don't work together, we won't be able to win.

Diete holds the book in one hand, and Esha holds Belzeve.

And the battle against Poseidon began.