The salvage was fished by Poseidon, the top species in Kraken.

Speaking of Kraken, imagine a giant squid or octopus, but in this game, eight legs are entangled in a huge octopus.They basically target the ship itself rather than the characters, so they must be defeated before it is destroyed.

If the ship breaks, no matter how dominant it is, it ends up being thrown into the sea.It could be called a limited time battle.Hayato's woodworking skills and loading of lumber allow him considerable time, but the opponent is Poseidon, not Kraken.The appearance is the same, but there are differences in various ways.

Maris' pet Lancelot is Elder Griffon, the top species of Griffon.It doesn't look much different, but its attack power is quite different.Considering that, you should see Poseidon is also highly aggressive.

But if we fight the same way, Hayato and the others will have their share.

Hayato's "Adamantite's Knife Pole" needs an item called Kraken's ink, so I've defeated Nay and the others several times.

I've never encountered a superior species, Poseidon, and I don't know if I should fight the same way, but Hayato thought if the target was a simple AI, it wouldn't be that different.

"Ney! Are you sure you want to fight like Kraken?!

"I've never fought before, but I'll fight like that!

"Okay! Then, Ney, give everybody operational instructions!Everybody listen to Nay!

Hayat said so, and many members, including Nay, shouted.Instead of earning enemy hatred, he just raised his voice, but it helps boost morale.

As he was feeling better, Nay gave instructions to the members.

Defeating Kraken begins with attacking a tentacle that is a foot.

The two legs close to the bow aim at the characters, and the remaining six stick to the starboard and port sides respectively.The first step is to knock down the six legs.

Kraken's feet have HP set, but cannot be knocked down where they have been sharpened.They become temporarily paralyzed and, over time, their health will be fully restored and they will attack the ship again.

However, when all six legs are paralyzed, Kraken's body appears in front of the bow.The specs that will eventually win by damaging it.

When even one foot recovers from paralysis, Kraken's body dives into the sea, so it is always necessary to paralyze the foot.It is more efficient to paralyze all of your feet in a timely fashion in order to keep the main body at sea for as long as possible.

Nay also understands the situation, so she gives such instructions.

Block two legs close to the bow with the Shield under attack, paralysing six legs simultaneously as much as possible.And when the main body comes out, we all strike with all our might - that's the basic strategy.

And with Ney's call, the operation is carried out.

I have to fix the ship.

Hayato helps make the ship last as long as possible.Although not capable of fighting, Hayato was protected by Relic and Sonia as guards because of the lifeline of this ship.

"We are a wall of Hayato because of our low attack power."

"I'm relieved that leg won't get here.But it's not Kraken, it's Poseidon.I don't know what's going on, so be careful. "

"I see. Be careful."

That's what Hayat said about repairing the ship.

The repair of the ship does not heal in an instant like a healing magic, but gradually heals.Therefore, repairs were to be carried out as soon as the durability was reduced.

Hayato looks around while repairing.

Black Dragon members are attacking port tentacles and Dragonbusters are attacking starboard tentacles.And the members of the Black Rose were attacking both in half.Members of the Trehan Guild also have low Attack Rating, but are attacking from ranged ranges.

Ney, Rosalie, and Cecil were three, parrying and holding two tentacles close to the bow.

Still, I can afford to talk.

"Godzilla, why don't you follow me?

"Godzillari is not a name!Let's beat it up, Collector!

"Get along with both of you.When the main body comes out, it's a simultaneous attack, right?And you asked for Escha!

"I understand, Mr. Ney.Be careful not to get caught up as the body releases the destroy first. "

Esha is holding a Belzeve with one knee slightly away from her bow.

When Poseidon's body appears, Esha attacks with Destroy first.After that, Ney and the others fought the assault.

(I don't think we can defeat Destroy in a single blow, but we should be able to do a lot of damage.Afterwards, it'll take me 30 minutes to be able to shoot, but I don't have enough ships to hold on to... (I can only hope to attack Ney and the others)

"All right! Attack the tentacles!Paralyze me!

As Ney instructed, the members who were targeting the tentacles attacked at once.Until now, I have adjusted the tentacle's HP.

All six of them lose HP and become paralyzed in a simultaneous attack.

The body of Poseidon appeared from the sea level near the bow.

In the case of Kraken, the head of the giant octopus is the main unit.But Poseidon is different.The octopus head is the upper body of a woman with an inorganic expression.I put something like a swimsuit on my chest, but the exposure is probably higher.

Some men must have seen it and thought it difficult to fight.But now all the members on the bow are women.


A man's hesitant attack has nothing to do with Asha.Even if he were a handsome man, it wouldn't change.I fired Destroy on the street of operations.

Poseidon looked very hard at the attack, but he put up with it.Then I started chanting magic.

"Oh no! All hands, total attack!Stop it! "

When Ney said so, he stormed Poseidon's body.Cecil and Rosalie followed.

In the case of Kraken, nothing is done even if the main unit comes out, but Poseidon is different.The woman in the main unit has both hands and mouth.You can use magic.

And the magic chanting is "Absolute Zero".

Magic means absolute zero degrees and a wide range of ice attribute magic.The longer it takes to activate, the narrower the range, but the entire ship has an effect range.And when it's activated, you can almost lose.

The members approached the bow in a hurry.However, only a few people are approaching Poseidon.If we get close, we'll get in the way of Ney and the others.


When Rosalie said so, several members of the Black Rose used Reinforcement Magic against Rosalie.Hayato speculates that this is also a code using rose varieties.

Rosalie used more "Madness" and started attacking with a red and black aura.Rosalie's Scythe "Scream" also has a performance called "Combo Boost", which means that the more you attack, the better your Attack Rating.

Rosalie launched a series of attacks on Poseidon, who could not move with her magical activation.

"Ney and the collector have stopped, right?I'll kick his ass, so help me out!

"Oh, Rosalie! This is how you decide on a match!All right, let's get on it!Everybody! Enhance your magic!

With joy, Ney attacked Poseidon's body in a bidirectional manner.And use the Weapon Skill "Overdrive", which increases the Damage Scale each time you attack with ambidextrous attacks.

And the members of the Black Dragon also cast Enhanced Magic on Ney.This will increase your Attack Rating.

(Instead of stopping chanting, do you want to defeat it before it's over... can you go?

The chant of magic lasts five minutes.We need to reduce Poseidon's HP by nearly half within that time.It's a delicate question of whether we can do it, but as Nay is motivated, it's better to think that there's no more strategy to stop chanting with knockbacks or stuns.

Some Rare Monsters are also said to have a chance to Nullify Knockbacks and Stans.Poseidon is likely to do the same, so it's not a bad idea to cut him down.

"Hayato! Meat, meat!Carrot or dragon steak!

Cecil said such a thing.

Determined to say so to increase his Attack, Hayato removed the cartoon meat from the item bag.

I have both, but if the Short Short Short Short Short Short Short Short Shot is likely to have more Manga Meat Attack, I pass it on to Cecil through a Dragonbusters member.

(I would like you to eat Nay and Rosalie, but it is difficult now.Attacking is more damaging than stopping and eating)

Both of them had increased their attack power and damage magnification due to a series of attacks, so stopping them with a meal was likely to reduce the damage.

"Cecil, I'll take care of the magic enhancements."

While Cecil is eating, Diete uses Enhanced Magic.In addition, I began to use healing magic on Cecil and the others who were injured in the battle against the tentacles.

While drinking melon juice, Esha fired a critical shot at Belzeve, and members with Ranged Attacks started attacking from a similar distance.

Hayato, Relic, and Sonia, unfortunately, had no means of attack.

"If I were a few more years younger, I'd be mixed up."

It's nice to be young

"Please don't both suddenly make old remarks.It's a dangerous situation. "

Relic and Sonia are in an old position that sees completely young people.That's for sure, but we're in battle now.And when Poseidon's chant is over, it's all gone.And yet, for some reason, I'm just saying it.

"Don't worry, Hayato.Nai's and Rosalie's attacks are devouring a lot of health.If Cecil attacks here, I will definitely kill him before the chant is over. "

Hayato looks at Poseidon's HP bar.Sure, it is visibly decreasing, but in this decreasing condition, the chanting ends first.

But as Relic said, Cecil started using his spear weapon skill.Increases Attack Rating, such as "Spiral", "Aqua Break", and "Unrivalled Nation", and deals more damage to aquatic life.At this point, it is a considerable magnification.

And Cecil set up the spear, the trident, on his back.

A regular spear with three Hayato's ears, its performance not only increases damage to aquatic life, but also performs an additional "Lightning" magical attack.That Lightning increases its power in proportion to the damage it deals.It's a weapon for Cecil.

Cecil holds it in his hand and stands ready to throw it.

"Get away from me!I'll stab you in the end!

Cecil said so, and Nay and Rosalie stopped the attack and left quickly.

"Turn it off, orah!

Cecil throws his Trident at Poseidon.The spear's Weapon Skill "Shooting Star".

The Trident, far from Cecil's hand, struck Poseidon directly.Shortly afterwards, a huge thunder fell on Poseidon from the sky.

The Poseidon's HP bar disappeared and drifted into the sea.

Then the cheer rises.

"I didn't think it would be easy to defeat a Rare Monster's top species.Like I said, it's nice to be young. "

Sonia nodded many times like she was impressed with her arms.

"I think the members here are just weird levels of strength, whether they're young or not."

"Maybe so.But that would be nice.I really want to get along. "

Hayato affirms, "Yes."I don't want anyone from this member to turn against me.

"Now, let's get the salvage going again!

"Ah, can you hold on a second?Let's get everyone healed first.It's not like Poseidon can fish again. "

"Isn't that a flag?Nevertheless, that is certainly necessary.Let's start with recovery. "

Hayato began to distribute the potions he had brought to everyone.

And because Asha and the others wanted to eat sweets, they had no choice but to cook simple dishes.