Another Frontier Online

Raise Treasure

After destroying Clarken's top species, Poseidon, Hayato, who restored his health and more, rescued him again.The drop items you get when you defeat Poseidon will be distributed separately, so they remain in everyone's bag.

It would be tough to catch Poseidon again, but it would be lucky enough to get him back to salvaging.

(Even so, everyone is strong.I didn't know what was there, so I made the most of it, but I quickly defeated the Rare Monster's top species as well.If Mr. Lunaria and Ivan were here, they might have killed him instantly.)

Hayato eats sweets and looks at the happy women and thinks like that.

Lunaria was cautious and Ivan didn't make it.Besides, Primadonna's Noat didn't say "no" either, but I think Poseidon could hunt as many as he wanted if he was there.

(The NPC I know is too strong.Bandit and the Devil's Summon Monsters clan already know about it, so it will be okay, but if the other players find out, they will complain a lot)

Hayato has a special way of playing online games.

If it is normal for players to form an adventure with each other, Hayato is using the backhand of adventuring with the help of NPCs.And the NPCs are much stronger than the players.There is no such thing at all, but it is not strange to be told that you are cheating.

Diete told me before that other players will help as much as they get along with NPC, but I don't know how many players are doing it.

Besides, not all NPCs are strong.There are many members around Hayato with obviously strange levels of strength.It could also be called cheating.

With that in mind, he said, "Here we go!Sonja's voice returned to me.

(Well, I can't help thinking about it.Focus on salvage)

When Sonia throws the winch hook into the sea again, the hook is sucked into the bottom of the ocean.

When it stopped, the winch rope began to wind.We found something on the bottom of the ocean.

(As expected, there are no more monsters...?

Slightly closer to prayer, Hayat watched the situation.

Hayato is near the center of the deck because it is hard to be attacked if you catch a monster.Other members looked at the sea in a mix of expectations and anxiety.

And the cheers rose. I can't see it from where Hayato is, but I fished up the chest.

Sonia echoed the voice of members of the Trehan Guild to try to open it quickly.

"Calm down. This isn't all the treasure chests, is it?I'll put the hook down again, so wait a little longer. "

Sonia said that and threw the hook into the sea again.

I was able to finally collect a total of five chests.Since I last pulled it up, I threw in the hook about ten times, but I didn't catch anything, so I decided to stop it.

Well, for now, can we open the treasure chest here?I don't mind if we go back to land. "

Sonia asks Hayato.

In the first place, this place is surrounded by fog and we don't know what will happen.But there's a way to land.Besides, there's no place to gather these people in one place.I also want to see it quickly.

"Let's open it. We need to find the treasure on the spot."

"Yes. Then I'll open it.After all, it's Adamantite's chest that seems to have a goal for you.Let's get started. "

That's how Sonia approaches Adamantite's chest.I also removed an item called a bandit tool and put a wire in the keyhole.

Crate unlocking and trap unlocking have puzzle elements.We need to solve the puzzle within the time limit.The skill's numerical value increases its time limit.

For crates with low difficulty, you can unlock a key or unlock a trap without having to play the puzzle itself, but Adamantite crates can't avoid puzzles even if their skill is 100.

When it comes to unlocking, even after the time limit has passed, you can try again and again just by not opening the key.You can try again and again if you unlock the trap, but if you don't unlock it within the time limit, the trap will trigger.

There are several types of puzzles, but if Sonia has unlocked or trapped them many times, you can say that she memorizes all the puzzles.

It was easy to unlock and untap without any particular struggle.

"Well, meet me."

Sonia opened the treasure chest with joy.

There are mainly coins inside, but there are many others.It also contained gems, magic items, valuable medicines and materials.If you put it all together, it would be about 10 million G.

But there's nothing like blueprints.

"Why are you so upset that you're made of Adamantite?

Sonia said that boringly, and Relic approached the chest.And he peeks inside the chest and checks from the side.

"Um, Mr. Relic, what's the matter?

Hayato shouted, and Relic was staring at the chest with his left hand on his chin.Your right hand is holding the elbow of your left arm, so you might call it a pose thinking something.

"I can only observe, but the bottom of the treasure chest is high.Sonia, could you lend me your knife? "

Sonia looks strange and then gives Relic a knife.The Relic used the knife to poke the bottom of the chest and corner several times.

The bottom of the treasure chest broke slightly and there was space below.

Looks like a double bottom.

Members of the audience, including Sonia, exclaim.

When I removed the bottom of the chest, there was a blueprint for you.Then the voice of surprise echoes around.

Hayato was surprised, of course.

Relic takes out the blueprints and gives them to Sonia with the knife.You can say that such a common sense face is quite hateful.But I smiled back at Sonia as if she was used to it.

Oh, my God, you're still better at one of those relics.

"There's too much consciousness in the treasure in front of me.I think it's like a camouflage.Well, it's like saying something when you put it in an Adamantite chest. "

Hayato thinks about something else as she thinks it will be.

(Does anyone know about this?I don't think any players know there's a double bottom in the treasure chest)

Hayato is a player, but he also knows Diete, who manages the world, so he has some operational thinking.Honestly, I doubt if anyone has noticed this.

Hayato looked a little more complicated when he saw Dite.Hayat came near and shouted.

"Diete-chan, what's wrong with that face?

"No, Relic-kun regrets seeing the double bottom, or something.Besides, Adamantite's treasure chest doesn't even make sense, so it's a bit depressed. "

Basically, Diete thinks about the event.The same goes for various gimmicks and puzzles.As for Dite, the double bottom also seemed to be the content of the body, and Hayato speculated that it would be regrettable if it was clearly seen.

I also wonder what I would have done if I hadn't noticed this in the first place, but I left it there for now.

"Oh, that's right.But who knows this double bottom?

"You're not here. This is the first time I've seen Relic.Rather, the double bottom was introduced from this event.I'm in trouble for being suddenly spotted. "

"But you can't get the blueprints unless you see them, right?

"... are you talking about the high level of difficulty?The blueprints were usually in the chest before the event, but this is what I did with the Treasure Hunting event. "

"Really?But I don't think any players can tell the double bottom with no hints.I don't know how well the airship blueprints themselves are known. "

"There are players with blueprints there.I accidentally found it in the ruins chest.Unfortunately, Sonia, no player has ever found a handbook in a big prison like you. "

"There are no players who want to enter the off-limits area in the first place."

Hayat has never been there, but he could be caught if he's banned from the Empire.Normal players wouldn't go to jail if they could.

"Maybe you're right.Then I'll give you a little more hint.Besides, we might want to loosen up a lot of regulations on the Great Prison.The airship itself had been around since the early days, but nobody was going to collect the blueprints, so I was a little jerky. "

"It's sad that nobody knows I made it... well, Sonja just told me about the airship, and I feel like I'm cheating somehow."

Hayato is doing various things at the request of the NPC.It could be a quest, but I didn't know about the airship without Sonia.

I would normally go to the NPC myself and receive quests.Or discover something during an adventure and investigate it.

Given that, you know this information in a completely different way from the average player.You can say that you are coming to Hayato from the Quest.I wouldn't call it cheating, but it feels like you're cheating emotionally if you start an important quest without doing anything.

"Hayato, you think of something interesting."


"As you know, NPCs live in this world.It's not like NPCs in other games.It's normal to get along with them and bring in quests. "

"If that's what they say, yes.But even if they say it's cheating to bring a quest even though they haven't done anything, it's hard to argue. "

"Everyone asks Hayato to do the same, but I think the personality and atmosphere are stronger.It's not like I didn't do anything, and there's no cheating. "


"Sonia, you've asked Hayato for help because you were talking about Hayato, weren't you, Relic?If Hayato is anything to you, Relic, he won't even talk about it, and he won't hire you again as a butler.If you hadn't really done anything, that wouldn't have happened.Or does Hayato have something charismatic enough to earn your trust without doing anything, Relic?

"I certainly don't have that kind of charisma.But I'm also a little surprised how much you trust me.I don't remember doing anything in particular... you know, I'm embarrassed if I'm wrong, but are you complimenting me?

"Should I have complimented you more straightforward?I can tell you as much as I want.

"It's a lethal dose. Stop it."

If everyone asks Hayato to do it because they have good personality, even if it's a compliment.It's not that I have a big personality, but rather, it's often called a rattle.Mostly from Esha.

The smell of illumination somehow made Hayato cough.Then take your gaze away from the slightly smiling dite and look around you.I can only see the fog, but it's important to calm my mind.

Relics came there.

"Hayato, we have been able to open all the treasure chests.Since the contents will be distributed back to shore, I would like to return to the port. Are you sure?

"Uh, yes.Shall we go back then?Be careful on your way home.The monsters might attack me. "

"I understand."

Relic lowered his head and gave various instructions to the members.Then the ship moves slowly.

Hayato decided to set aside the conversation with Diete and think about the blueprints and the distribution of the treasure.