Another Frontier Online

Promise of help

Hayato and the others finished the salvage and returned to the harbor.

On my way home, I decided to fight some monsters, but I had no particular problem destroying them.We have enough members to defeat Poseidon in the first place, and we will not defeat other monsters.

By opening the salvaged chest, the player was given Treasure Coins.In addition, Hayato and the others looked forward to distributing the contents of the chest as soon as they arrived, but there was something unusual in the port that could be seen from the ship.

For some reason, the maid captain and several maids were waiting for him at the port.

I thought you might have welcomed me, but even though the maid's face was normal, it was enough to say that it was lethal, and the other maids looked sad, although not so much.

As soon as Hayat got off the ship, he ran to the maid captain.Esha and the others followed.

"Maid chief, what's wrong?"

"Hayato, I'm sorry."

The maid chief lowers his head before Hayato can speak.The other maids also lowered their heads.

"Well, first of all, why are you lowering your head?"

As soon as the maids raised their heads, they talked about the situation.

To put it simply, Rose, who was hired as a shopkeeper, was exposed to a bandit, the Flaming Serpent of Greed.And if you want Rose back, you have to give me Hayato's identity and the airship blueprints we got in Salvage.

Rose is a maid who is good at escorts and assassinations, so she wouldn't have to leave anyone behind.However, it seems that the couple who came to the store to shop was taken hostage and could not resist.

This story was told by the released couple to the Maid Guild as a messenger.

"I see. I should go to the bandits myself, right?Sonia, the blueprints belong to Sonia, but I'll buy them. "

Everyone was surprised at Hayato, who said so without hesitation.

However, the maid chief shook his head sideways in a hurry.

"Hayato, I appreciate your feelings, but I'm not talking about trying to save Rose in exchange for Hayato.I just came to apologize for Rose this time.The maid's nickname is that she abandoned her job even though she was hired as the store number.I'll send a maid again. "

"No, no, that's funny, isn't it?I don't suppose that's what we're talking about right now.We have to help him. "

"No need"

"... what?

"A maid is one who works for his husband at all times.No matter what the circumstances, it was her fault if she was caught.It's Rose's fault for not being able to finish the job. "

"I don't understand at all."

It is pure enough to say whether it is a maid or not.Certainly, this world is a virtual reality and there is no fear of life.I don't know what happens to Rose when she gets caught.

However, the NPCs live with this virtual reality as a reality.As long as Rose remains captured, she must remain with the bandits.

I doubt that you will be able to prepare a decent meal or bed.Having spent a long time in a jail-like place makes Hayato tremble just imagining it.

And the NPCs are human and emotional.If you're feeling afraid, even if your life is not in danger, it must be rescued immediately.

"Don't worry. I'm not talking about abandoning Rose.Rescue is our responsibility as a made-up guild.I just want to borrow some Esha for a while. "

I think Hayato is enough.

Esha was a maid, but she was a good fighter.It is not the strongest because it is compatible, but it is the corner.

But Esha had a slightly troubled face.

"Master, may I have a moment?


Hayat was taken away by Esha from the maids.

"It's time for real work.I don't want to go, but it's not good to take a break from work, is it?

It is now 11 am.It's about time we started preparing the store.I made various preparations myself yesterday, but there are some things I have to do before I can open the store that day.The time limit is approaching.

"Oh, that's right.I don't mind.I'll take the afternoon off and leave the shop to Ash and the others. "


"It's my fault Mr. Rose was taken, isn't it?Then I have to help.Even virtual reality has to take precedence over reality. "

Esha looks at Hayato with a mellow expression.But I laughed immediately.

"Well, we don't have many customers, so it's okay."

"Don't say that."

"... thank you."

"Did you say something? I couldn't hear you because you were too loud.

"No, it's nothing.Let's talk to the maid chief.We need to think of a plan to rescue Rose. "

Hayato nodded and came back to where the maids were.

"Um, how about Hayato?Can I borrow Esha temporarily?

"Yes, of course.I'll help myself. "

"Huh? No, I can't bother Hayato-san's hand..."

"Rose is a maid hired by herself and an employee of the store.If that Rose is taken, it's my job to get her back.Well, not at all useful as a combat force. "

"No, that's not..."

"Of course, I can help."

Relic, who was listening, said so to the maid.

"Master Relic..."

Relic smiles with his right index finger in his mouth.

"If you want to say something, let's save Rose before we hear it.I forgot when it was, but you promised to help me in case of trouble, right?I think that's it now. "

The maid chief lowered his head to relic after moisturizing his eyes.

And naturally, the members who were listening to the situation also opened their mouths to each other.

"Don't let your maid get away with this!We will help the members of the Black Dragon!

"I'm sorry, I got into trouble with you no matter what you think.And I can't forgive you for being so stubborn.Let the bandits destroy us. "

"What, now you're going to be a bandit?Don't stick your neck in such a funny thing.I'll equip you with some cool weapons, so don't go until I get back.

Fighting bandits?Of course, I'll join you. "

Nay, Sonia, Cecil, and Diete said they would join.But Rosalie doesn't say anything in particular.

As for Hayato, I'd like you to help me, but there are places where he joined me because he wanted to hire an airship for salvage.In the first place, it is delicate whether the Black Rose Ten Saints, who are close to the Devil King, will help us to help strangers.

But it is definitely strong as a combat force.Hayat spoke to Rosalie.

"Mr. Rosalie, can you help me with the Black Rose?I don't know what the bandits are capable of, but I think Rosalie and the others can do a pretty good job. "

"... I don't know how to do that, but I need to talk to you about renting an airship, so it's not a good idea to have my blueprints taken away.Fine, I'll help you. "

"Thank you. I'll make you anything you want to eat in return."

"Then I'd like some sweets made from Lunaria's ingredients.And you can help us with what we're about to do.

"I don't know what to do, but just tell me what I can do."

The maid chief and maids who were listening to the exchange lowered their heads deeply.

"Thank you, everyone.I will definitely thank you for this one day. "

"Mademoiselle, Relic also said, but let's save Rose before we do that.However, we just got back from Salvage, so we can't get there right away.Let's disband and gather again.And I'm going to call out to other forces. "

"Thank you very much, Hayato.That's the Messiah. "

"If you can rescue Rose, promise me you will never say that."

Hayato and the others disbanded the salvage items once they were in the base warehouse.And then, two hours later, they gathered again.

Hayato also logged out to explain the situation to Ash and the others.