Another Frontier Online

Prepare to exterminate bandits

Hayat logged out as soon as he returned to his base and explained the situation to Ash and Len.

Ash and the others who know about the NPC are happy to take over.

"So you want me to send my dads?Shouldn't we have a little power?

"Huh? No, you're busy making movies, right?It would be helpful if Vale and the others came, but we have to prioritize reality. "

"I'd like to say that to Hayato.Then I'll make sure the coffee shop is done. I'll take care of it. "

"That's right! I'll fill up the shop with customers!

(If there were a lot of customers when I wasn't around, that would be regrettable.)

Hayat thought of that, but told Ash and Len, "Thank you." Then he logged in again.

Waking up in his cell at the base, Hayat contacts other potential fighters.A clan of Demon Summon Studies and Bandit.

Unfortunately, many members of the Devil's Summon Study Group said they couldn't attend, but Bandit and Jolt were willing to help.

"You're still on an interesting quest.What the hell is going on here?

"Well, that's a lot.So the terms of your help are just some kind of information?

"Of course, but I want you to make a little advance.Anything?

"What about the airship blueprints?I have three of them, and I'll give you one of them. "

"... I knew there were multiple blueprints, but I didn't know there were even three.I found one from the ruins chest, but I was in trouble because I had no other information.Aside from the ruins chest, I'll ask for more information. "

Jolt gladly said so and agreed to cooperate with Hayato.

(Okay, Bandit is pretty strong.A large bandit will not lose this battle.But why don't you call me a little more?)

Hayat contacted Mist, Maris, and Ivan and Noat.I'm not in the salvage because I'm busy, but I really have the strength this time.I was going to ask you a little bit.

I contacted him, but Mist and Maris couldn't participate because they couldn't get their hands off him.

Noat agreed to take care of the meal for a week.

And Ivan said he'd be on his way right away.

"If that's the case, it's different.It's a dungeon now, so we may arrive late, but we should head there right away.I'm going straight to the crime scene, so I need you to tell me where it is later. "

Copy that. Thank you very much.

Ivan can't read the air with hot blood, but just being said to be a brave man has a sense of righteousness and is definitely strong.Hayato was relieved that he would never lose.

Hayato then headed to the warehouse to make items that could be used in this battle.I don't have the fighting power, but I have the production skills.I started making potions and juices to help everyone.

And after a while, when it was time to make a promise, the members of the operation came to the base.

After various discussions at the base, it was decided to launch a total attack on the bandit's base.

Because even if Rose was being held hostage, if he was defeated, he could be resurrected in the maid's guild, so he was worthless as a hostage.Then we conclude that there is no problem in destroying the bandits.

Conversely, even if we defeat bandits, they can be resurrected somewhere, but so-called criminals like bandits have a system of resurrecting in kingdoms and imperial jails, not where they were set up, so we decided to defeat them as soon as we found them.

Originally, Sonia and the others were the same criminals, but since they became a nationally recognized guild called the Trehan Guild, they are exempt from various things.

"Um, if you find it, it's fine to take it down, but isn't it dangerous for Rose?You're going to defeat me by mistake... you're not aiming for that, are you?

"I'm relieved that Rose will survive our invasion."

"Is that the answer?No, is it...?

The maid captain just smiles at Hayato's doubts.Hayato can no longer hear me anymore, but I feel amazing from the maid chief so much that I start to wonder if he is helping me with something tasty.

That's what I'm worried about.

The bandits should know that Rose is useless as a hostage, so they don't know why Hayato and the blueprints were exchanged for Rose in this situation.

Ultimately, I didn't know from thinking.The conclusion is somewhat influenced by the fact that almost all members here are bloodthirsty.

(Everyone's right.I can't help thinking too much about what I don't know.Rather, if it's just been compromised, it's better to get there before the other person prepares something.It would be a good fight, so let's not think too much.But...)

Hayato sees Dite.

Diete said the NPCs were alive on board.It's called NPC, but the contents are human.Human beings who erase their memories and think this virtual reality is real.It will definitely be alive.

However, NPCs can be influenced by events set by Dite.As Val and his colleagues did at the last stampede, NPCs that play an important role in the event are restricted in their actions.

I also began to wonder if bandits were restricted in some way at the Treasure Hunting event.

Hayat calls Diet and moves to a place where everyone can't hear him, to around the stairs that go upstairs.

"I wonder if this is a treasure hunting event or something?

"I know what you're trying to say, but that's not true at all.The bandits are doing it on their own. "

"In that case, is it strange to think about the bandits' movements?You know that if you do this, you'll be retaliated against by the Maid Guild, right?And why would you do that?

"That's true.However, Ban, the leader of the bandit "Flaming Serpent of Greed", has ties to Relic and Sonia.Maybe you can't make a cool decision.Or... "


"I wonder if someone tricked me.Van is quite discreet. [M]Maybe there's a way to win.I'll tell you what, I don't know.As I mentioned earlier, this is outside of the event.And unlike before, we no longer monitor the behavior of players and NPCs.I want everyone to live freely in this world. "

"That's right.Well, should we think about whether there's a trap? "

"I don't think it's a problem for this member to have any kind of trap."

Hayato nods at Dite's words.

The same was true when we fought Poseidon in Salvage, but the members here are strong.And now there are maids and militant maids, and Relics are gathering members from the Butler Guild and Sonia from the Trehan Guild.

With more than a hundred people in total, even if they were a large bandit, they wouldn't be able to escape.

Hayato told everyone to be careful because there might be a trap, but everyone stares at Hayato without saying that it is irrelevant.

"Master, it's time to issue a departure order.Ladies and gentlemen, it's going to explode.If it's too late, my Belzeve will set fire to your husband.Or you can make a parfait every second. One, two, three... "

"Don't be afraid.All right, let's go. I'll destroy the bandits and get Rose back. "

A good member of Hayato's speech raised his voice.

And when I left the base with Hayat at the head, the members gathered outside were shouting, and the neighborhood was in a state of annoyance.

Some players are looking at us with a wild gaze.

Hayato didn't get stuck, so he started moving right away.