Another Frontier Online

Bandit's Head

Far west from King Anhemdal, there is a place called the Pyrelia Gorge.

It's like a place with only brown rocks, but you'll need to go through it to another kingdom from King Anhemdal.But that's an old story.There's no need to go through there now because of the transporter.

Now it is an abandoned road, but there are outlaws gathering there and occasionally attacking travelers passing through it.There was no need to go through, the dangerous situation continued, and no one was allowed to approach.

As a result, a large bandit group with the canyon as its roots began to attack nearby towns and cities.

However, the location was sometimes a national border and neither kingdom was able to form a large assassination squad.If you organize poorly, it will be considered an act of aggression.

Besides, it was easier for outlaws to watch each other's countries in the same place, and it became a wall when they were invaded, so they were missed.

If resources are found, the story is different, but since it is proved that there is nothing there, it is set aside by saying "OK".

The location serves as the base for the bandit "Flaming Serpent of Greed", but I've also designated a place to trade Rose for Hayato.

Hayato and the others are on the east side of the Pyrelia Gorge.

"Is this okay?Is there a bandit base here?

"The maids checked it out, no doubt.This is the canyon, but it looks like some of the rocks are being dug and stormed there.However, it seems to be digging quite a bit, and it's quite complicated inside, and it's like an ant nest. "

(I want to know how the maid investigated it.)

Hayato had doubts about the maid chief's explanation, but he tried to put it behind him and confirmed the operation.

That said, there is no such thing as a plan.Special Search Enemy. Defeat the bandit as soon as you find it.

Rosalie and the others are watching the west side of the canyon.The jetty where the bandits fled west.

"All right, Hayato! Let's save the maid!Bandits are extermination!

Ney, let's just calm down a little.

(Ney likes this kind of thing.You mean like a warrior who helps weakness and frustrates strength?But you're related to the foundation, right?I don't know because I don't know anyone else at the foundation, but are there many people like this?Honestly, there was only a tyrannical image of me wearing power.)

Twelve foundations that can be said to rule the world.Ney is one of his relatives.

A council with decision-making power over important matters in the central authority "Central" on Earth.Ney will be one of the members.

(It is said that the twelve foundations are watching each other, and I have heard the story that if I show a gap to another foundation, it will be crushed.I don't know how you were educated, but I have a sense of justice and I personally like it... I have a little bit of a rush - oh no, that's not what I was thinking.)

Hayato is right, he switches his mind that he needs to help Rose first.

Hayat has become a leader in this bandit crusade, whether it's from Salvage or not.If Hayat doesn't give the signal, no one will be able to attack.

"Well, then, let's all do bandits."

When Hayat said so, most of the people who were there ran to the canyon with a shout.

Some members remain here to keep bandits from escaping the canyon.

Hayato, Dite, Sonia, and the Trehan Guild have ten members.

The members of the Trehan Guild are quite militant and strong there.He said that it would be no problem to defeat the bandits who had escaped.

Hayato didn't have the strength to fight in the first place, so he waited here, and Diete bought that role because he didn't have any healers in the Trehan Guild.Sonia says she'll give it to Relic and waits here.

After a while, a voice echoed in the valley.Most of them are close to screaming.Hayato thinks that the bandits waiting outside are probably being defeated.

(Everyone will know this will happen.And why did the bandits do this?Rather than a bandit, it was decided by a man named Van)

The van I heard from Relic and Sonia has the image of being an arrogant man with talent.Then he would have stepped on this battle for some reason.

(Regardless of the blueprints, I think I've asked myself to build an airship, but does the van have the blueprints for the Great Prison?Or from now on?)

I have a lot of questions, but there are no answers.Hayato herself thinks that she shouldn't think too much, but this is probably due to her personality.

Hayato thought about taking a deep breath and first concentrating on rescuing Rose.

Shortly afterwards, I heard something fall on the ground nearby.

When Hayato saw the sound, one of the members of the Trehan Guild fell to the ground.It wasn't the sound of something falling on the ground, it was the sound of something falling.


Looking closely, the HP bar is at 0.In other words, he was defeated by some sort of attack.

Hayat looked around in a hurry, and a man walked from the side of the canyon.

A man of thirty or so wearing a lightweight black vest and trousers.Brown hair is blurry and laughs thinly.He was playing with a pebble lightly thrown up with his right hand.


Sonia snapped at the man.

(This man is a van... but why are you here?No, how?

Nay and the others were on their way.Rather than running away, I walked normally.

"Hello, Grandma. I haven't seen you in a long time, but you look young.I thought I was going to Asia with Relic's old man, but I missed my guess. "

"Have you ever hit me?As far as I can remember, it was always off the hook.

"Remember... well, that's fine, I didn't come here to talk about it.You're Hayato, right?Come here. Come here. Take care of yourself. "

Ban said so as he looked at Hayato, but Sonia smiled at the words.

"What are you talking about?There's no way I'm gonna let that happen, is there?You're the only one with bandit skills and a little combat skills who's going to beat all the members here?

"I'm going to?

"... what?

"Hey, did you only look young and have bad ears?He said he could beat you.You basically knocked one down there now, didn't you?

Hayato and the others see the fallen member.

I'm pretty sure he took some kind of attack while his HP was down.If the van in front of you did it, the pebble in your right hand would be suspicious.

(Throwing skills...?But did you throw a stone and take it down?Even if you didn't see it at all, and even if you had 100 shooting and throwing skills, could you throw down a character with combat skills?

When Hayato was thinking about it, Diete stopped by and spoke to Hayato with a small voice.

"Hayato, force me to log out immediately.It's not good. "


"Hurry up. Field settings in this area are about to be forcibly changed.If it stays this way, you won't be able to transfer or log out - no, it's too late. "

What are you talking about?

"That's exactly what I said.I've been hit. I didn't expect you to come with that kind of hand... oh yeah, hacking for this.No, it's a routine means... to make friends outside. "

Diete-chan, what did you just say?

"Hey, what are you talking about normally?You said Hayato, didn't you?Get the fuck out of here. "

There was an important conversation with Dite, but Hayato rebelled slightly at the tone of the order in the van.

"... what if I say no?

The moment he said so, the van threw a pebble.When it hits one of Trehan's members, his HP drops to zero in an instant.

Everyone is surprised to see it, but only the van is staring at Hayato with a smile.

"I can say I don't like 11 more times, but should I say it for now?I'll do it for the last time, but it's too much trouble to carry, so I want you to understand while you're standing. "

Two members of the Trehan Guild have already fallen.The remainder were 11 including Hayato.Each time you refuse, they will defeat you one by one, and eventually Hayato, too.

(But then you can "go back to death" to the base.I don't think there's any point in defeating me....)

Hayato glances at Dite.

Diete noticed the intent of the gaze, or he shook his face sideways so small that he wouldn't be noticed by the van.

(Couldn't you go back to death?What the hell did the van do?

No logout, no metastasis, no return to death.

It can be said that he has done more than he did when he was made into Dite before.Hayato is surprised what it means to be able to do more than Diete, the manager.

"Would you excuse me?

Diete raised her right hand slightly and asked the van.

"Who are you?

"I'm Dite.Hayato, if you want me to take you, can I take you with me?

The van stares at Dite but does not answer.I wonder what to do.

"What do you think? If you'll take me, I'll convince Hayato."

"... when you look at your outfit, are you in a position to serve God?

"Sure, but is there a problem?

"No problem.Rather convenient. Fine, I'll take you both.Come here without any extra effort. "

"Okay. Let's go, Hayato."

Sonia stopped when Diete was about to walk out.

"Wait. If they take Hayato here, I'll be mad at everyone.Hey, Van. Would you like to take me with you?Honestly, I'm interested in what you're going to do when you take Hayato. "

"I don't need a grandmother."

The van said so and threw the pebble he had at Sonia.

Sonia draws the stone with one hair.But the van had already thrown a second shot.

Everyone thought it was impossible, but the stone didn't hit Sonia.Suddenly, a sword fell from the sky and hit the stone.

"Come on, throwing stones at women is the worst thing you can do as a man.

I heard Ivan's voice coming from behind Hayat and the others.I don't know what kind of control I have, but I threw an Excalibur to keep the stones from hitting Sonia.


"Hey, Hayato. We're finally here.I don't know what's going on, but is he definitely a bandit?

Ivan walks slowly through the Excalibur stuck on the ground.And I got ready.

A brave man. How dare you call this guy? "

Diete broke in between to stop them from fighting.

"Stop it.Van, I can't beat you. "

"You sure it was Dite?You're telling me I can beat the bandits?What's the reason?

"... he's out of line with the world now.No one can be defeated.Hayato, let's go.You don't have to fight for nothing anymore. "

Diete pushed Hayato's back and walked towards the van.

"Dee, Dee, what the hell..."

Diete whispered to Hayato with a small voice from his back.

"Ban-kun is now in a position to change his settings and make a Special Attack.If you're playing games, you're in a cheat state. "

Hayat looked at the van in surprise.