Another Frontier Online

The treasure in front of you

Hayato moves closer to the van to be encouraged by Dite.

Ivan and Sonia have weapons, but they're not going to keep them.I'm watching the van.

It's a pretty good NPC.It saves me a lot of trouble. "

(Did you say NPC?Do you think your memory is back?No, I know the concept, so it's only natural that my memory is back, since I'm blocking logouts in the first place.But how are you changing your settings?

When the van waves his right hand to the side, something like a black door appears there.

With virtual reality that is no different from reality, this door alone is somewhat distorted and the video is unstable.Hayato thought it was a bug from a long time ago.

"Come in."

"I don't want to get into a door like this."

"You think I have a choice not to come in?

If you say so, you'll have to go in as Hayato.The van is troublesome to carry Hayato, and there's nothing wrong with defeating him here.

"Hayato, let's go.Whatever happens, I'll protect you. "

(I always think that I'm protected from everybody....)

Hayato can afford it because of Diete, the administrator of the world.My ability as a manager is partially limited, but still reassuring.

"I was afraid that NPC would like me so much.From my point of view, he's just a man with no power.Well, come on in.I'm short. "

Hayato never grasped the door knob and opened the door.The inside of the door looks like a room surrounded by stones.Obviously, it feels like you're forcibly connecting another space.

When I stepped in with Diete, the van came in with me.And when I closed the door, the door disappeared.

"Welcome to my Ashito.Okay, both of you sit around.Don't hold me, but don't resist for nothing. "

Hayato and Diet sat on the chair as they were told, without any particular resistance.

This room is simple.There are four chairs and a table in a room of ten meters square, nothing on the wall.Nothing could be a light source, but the room was bright.

"Well, Hayato. I'm telling you, I can't log out here.No metastasis, no return to death, and no voice chat, so don't waste it. "

"That's fine, but why are you doing this?You wanted the airship blueprints in the first place?

The van smiled loudly.

"You know our secret that I don't care if I log out?

(Yabe. I don't know how much you know about me in the first place.I can't say anything naughty, and it's not good to shut up....)

"Well, that's right.So, what's the answer?

Are you talking about blueprints?Don't be ridiculous. I wouldn't be interested in virtual reality games.It's just a request to lure you around.For some reason, there are a lot of strong people around you, so it's troublesome.Besides, if I ask only for your identity, you'll be suspected. "

(My mouth is light.If you ask me if I'm absolutely confident, I'll tell you anything.You just need to make these people feel better.You should be able to talk to me about things you haven't heard.)

"That's reasonable.So, I understand the blueprints, but why did you take me?

"You must be connected to the god of the world, the administrator, the AI.No, you can say you're under favor.You are the bargaining material with God. "

Sometimes that word alone makes sense.I don't think Dite is the god of this world.

It's bad to see Dite here.Hayato thought so and made sure he never saw Dite sitting next to him.

"Negotiating materials?

"That's right. As long as I have you, the AI guy will have to listen to me."

"Is there anything you'd like to ask the administrator, AI?

"There are many things. Besides, I'm not going to end my life in this virtual space.Back to reality. Of course, I'm not going back alone.I got a lot of money. "


"Hey, don't you know how much money this virtual reality is?Now, in virtual reality, it seems to be an event like treasure hunting, but I'd say it's stupid.There's so much treasure in front of me. "

"What is the treasure in front of you?

"The treasure is this virtual reality technology itself.It's true of video and five-sensor reproduction at the wrong level as reality, but it's a technique to jack up even some nerve signals?Applicable to all fields.With that technology, a billionaire is not a level.You start over a dozen times, you get money you can't spend. "

I think Hayato is enough.

This "Analyzer Frontier Online" is clearly a few steps ahead of current technology.I don't think this is technology from a hundred years ago.Applying the technology used in this virtual reality will make a lot of things possible.

If you can carry the technology, you will surely get enough money to spend forever.

"You're taking me hostage to provide technology to God?

"You don't hate people who have a good feeling, do you?

(Does Diete-chan approve of that?Besides, you can't escape the starship Aphrodite, can you?No, is that what you want?)

Hayato was thinking of that, and Ban looked at Dite.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but you're going to be the point of contact with God.You should be able to communicate with God or convey the word to God.No, there must be someone in the church who can do it without you. "

"I certainly didn't know half of what you were talking about.But I understand that you want to negotiate with God using Hayato. "

It's only natural that you don't know.AI protection for Diete, the administrator - Words that NPC can recover memories do not work.You would have heard all the words.

"But why don't you tell me a little bit?From my point of view, you seem to be outside the reason of the world. [M]Why would you do that?

Van looked strange and said, "Oh," as he noticed something.

Are you referring to the alteration code?I often say the world makes sense.Well, I don't know if I told you, but I've been doing something about it since I first came here.I've been trying to get out of the way of your world.The AI guy didn't even notice. "

"Is that what you've been working on before you lost your memory?

"Do you know that much?Well, you know this one, don't you?The NPCs live here without memory of reality.How stupid is he to accept the loss of memory?Virtual reality is not reality.I don't know when I'm gonna end up in a fictional world.I'm embedding a machine in my body to make sure that doesn't happen.Even if I temporarily lose my memory, I can remember it right away.Recently, I finally remembered. "

The van was also able to hack into virtual reality with the machine, and was starting to twist and twist.I am proud that this room and cheat performance are due to the hacking.

However, for Hayato, that doesn't matter.I remember resentment for making fun of everyone who tried to live in virtual reality without memory.

"Is that how it must have been?Is it bad to want to have hope for life, even if it's fiction?

Hayat knows why Esha and the others tried to live in virtual reality.I wanted hope, even in virtual reality.There may have been hope of using the resources of other planets, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Virtual reality might have been a bet, but it seemed more likely than reality.

Hayato thought so and noticed that the van looked strange.

"That era...?What are you talking about?


Hayat doesn't know what the van is surprised about.For some reason, the van is restless.

"Van, you don't know."

Diete suddenly said that.

"I don't know?

"In reality, it's already been a hundred years."

"Hmm, a hundred years!?No, no, why are you doing this...?!Who the hell are you?

"You know my name, don't you?Oh, yeah, can't you just introduce yourself by name?This is the AI that manages the world.Thank you very much. "

Diete said that with a smile.