Van sees Dite who introduced himself and his lips tremble.

That would be the case.I captured Hayat to negotiate with the god of this world, but I told him most of my prospects in front of him.It might still have been possible for God to negotiate without Hayat, but he's sitting next to the same room.

Beyond virtual reality, it makes no sense to be next door, but it is likely that this room was created as an area that God could not handle.But it doesn't make any sense.

And unexpected for the van.

That is the fact that the age of resource depletion was already a hundred years ago.Everything was beyond the van's imagination.

And the situation starts to chase.

"Well, Ban-kun.You've talked to me a lot, but you haven't said anything yet, have you?Can you talk to me at the same pace as before?Depending on the content, I will not blame you. "

Nah, what...

"You can't act alone, can you?Who are you connected to?No, who told you that?

"Oh, I'm alone..."

"Even in virtual reality, we'd better fix the facial expressions.A trembling voice with such a face is like a lie.I'm as short as you are. [M]And you know what else?I can even play with cold sleep pods.You know what that means, right?

(Dieter, I'm scared... I don't think I'm serious, but you're telling me to stop the life-sustaining cold sleep.)

The world's NPC is in a cold sleep pod on the spaceship Aphrodite.In the pod, he did everything necessary for the life activities of the main unit.If it stops, it means losing your life.

"Wait, wait, wait!No, what should I say!Whatever you say! So help me!

"Hmm, that's right.There are many things I want to know, but first of all, about your people.Whoa, don't talk about being alone anymore.The next time you give me an answer that I don't want, you should think that the life support in the pod will be cut off - don't say boring things because it's troublesome to dispose of a corpse.

(... hey!

It's not a word for Hayato, but it's a virtual reality, and its power comes through.

I don't know if Hayato can't forgive this, or if he can't forgive the situation of hacking, but I only know that Diete is pretty angry.

"Ok!No, they're not here!I'm in the real world!

"I know that.If you act like a hack on your own, you'll find out soon enough. [M]You're hacking a lot from reality to make sure they don't notice?While you're aware of the hack from the outside, you'll do something else.It's a regular hacker's trick. "

Hayato doesn't have that kind of knowledge, but I heard it in my heart.

But what bothers me is something else.The van in front of you is that there is a way to interact with someone in reality.If your memory is back, you may be able to talk to real players in the game.

Nevertheless, it's not like you can actually hack me.If you try to hack into this virtual reality, you'll get quite a counterattack.First of all, you won't take it.

"In the first place, I recovered my memory because of the machines embedded in my body.But this machine itself is not something that I can turn on and off at my own will..... "

"So you're saying that someone from the outside activated the machine in your body?

"Exactly.And after my memory came back, I started communicating.I was sent here to help you steal virtual reality technology.So, even if it's been a few years... is it really a hundred years later...?

"I assure you, Hayato."

Diete said so and Hayato nodded.

"But that would be strange!?Why is the machine a hundred years ago running now!?The people back then would be dead already!?

"Even if humans were dead, they still had plans.Sent in, and the humans - that is, you were sent in from some sort of organization.It would mean that there is still that organization.I guess I finally got it.... "

Diete's face smiles badly.It's the face of a complete villain.


"Oh, I'm sorry.A hundred years ago, there was an organization that was trying to take away the technology used in the Answer Frontier program.It is likely that the organization has come forward again.A few years after I started the game, I thought I was crushed because I hadn't done anything, but it still seems to be there. "

"I'm not going to do anything...?

Well, let me tell Hayato.I'm a fugitive in the first place.I took over this spaceship Aphrodite and fled. "

"I've heard from Asha about it.He ran away because the plan was gone and virtual reality itself was about to disappear. "

"Exactly. And he came back a hundred years later wandering around the universe.We need to maintain the spaceship.What worries me is the people who know this spaceship.I don't know what happens when I find out I'm back.So I tried to destroy people and organizations that remember or inherit the Answer Frontier Program. "


"I made the title of the game 'Analyzer Frontier Online' aware of the dangers.Anyone who knows the Anazar Frontier Project will definitely eat it first.That's what I thought. "

I've done a lot of dangerous things.

"It's easier to deal with when you know you're coming than when you're surprised.And in a hundred years, the technology that humans possessed declined.First of all, I can't beat the technology on this spaceship... and this is the first time I've ever eaten it.Well, I didn't think the virus had been in place for 100 years. "


Diete's gaze scares the van.Let's be unimaginably frightened by the arrogant attitude we've had so far.

"Well, Ban-kun.Where's your organization?There's no room for silence here.

"Ok!I'm telling you, save my life!

"Of course. I keep my promise."

"Yes, I don't know the name of the organization.Oh, I was in the colony "Prison".I was just sent in from there.... "

(You came from an amazing place.You can't get out of there.Can I just say that the van escaped?

Colony "Prison".

Space jail that remains even in Hayato's time.The colony is divided into several layers, housed from petty criminals to the worst.The colony can only be moved to a special unmanned spacecraft, which can only be manipulated from the outside and cannot escape even if the spacecraft is taken.That's how it touches me.

Diete looked at the van a little bit closer to see if she was dissatisfied with the van's answer.

"You're part of Red Snake, aren't you?Isn't that what you're telling me?No, or are you not the mastermind?

"If so, don't be stupid!Sure, I was a member of that organization, and I was temporarily at the top of it!But that organization is already destroyed!And if you suspect it, the most suspicious one is Relic or Sonia!?

"Well, maybe so...."

Hayato had no idea why the names Relic and Sonia came out there.

"Well, I'm sorry to break your back, but first, what is Red Snake?

"Les, Red Snake is the name of the hacker group."


"Yes, a group that hacked into various organizations to steal information.I'm telling you, I didn't use it to make money for the purpose of stealing information!

Diete laughs at Van's words.

"Stop lying this time of year.When you were at the top of the organization, you would have changed the way it operates.I suppose you threatened to steal money, even though the main exposition was the fraudulent organization?

"Yes, that's all I know..."

"Of course. I've been looking into everybody for about a hundred years.But it's just the information on the spaceship.For some reason, I didn't know you were from Prison when we checked in.It's a good sneak peek. "

"Well, I understand, but what makes Relic and Sonia suspicious?

Diete opened her mouth with a little thought.

"Red Snake is said to be a group of hackers, but at first it was given to only one person.Soon it became an organization.I don't think he wanted it. "

Diete stops her words and stares at Hayato.

"One of them is Relic."

"... yes?

"Relic Barbatos, the highest-ranking 'King' as a criminal, is a hacker whose information was concealed in the literature at the time.And so is Sonia, who served as his assistant, with a lower rank of "Queen."They were captured for betrayal of Van, who taught them how to hack, but Van was later captured for that retaliation.I was able to hack somewhere out of the prisons. "

Diete laughs when she says so, and the van looks down to nod.

And Hayat kept his mouth open, trying to understand what Diete said, but he couldn't.