Hayato stopped thinking because he didn't understand what Diete was saying.

However, I would like to reconfirm what I have heard.And I want time to drink a lot of things.It would be normal to think so.

"Diete-chan, you know, what I just said, is it true?Actually, you can tell me it's a lie. "

"Relic, you're talking about hackers, right?Definitely.You think that's what you're gonna admit, Ban, when you're losing your mind?

Diete said so and looked at the van, and the van startled his body.

We're closer to a loose shell than a loss of will.I don't think he's willing to resist anymore.No matter how cheesy you are in virtual reality, it makes no sense to be held hostage to life and death in reality.

Rather than thinking about how to escape, Van has no choice but to think about how to keep Dieter in a mood.

Van nodded honestly at Dite's words.

"Ah, oh, no doubt... I learned the techniques of hacking from Relic and Sonia.And I betrayed him. Red Snake was supposed to be mine, but sooner or later, the whole organization and all my information came online and got caught... I don't know how, but I think they probably did it... "

There is no shadow in sight of a prestigious van.It's so pathetic that you're sitting on a chair without strength.

And that made it really clear.

From Hayato's point of view, Relic is gentle and gentle, and doesn't look like a criminal in any way.It's a former bandit butler's title, but it's only a setup, and you don't think it's a real world hacker.

And then Hayato realizes that the situation is strange when she comes here.

"Diete-chan, there's a lot going on, isn't there?

"What happens?

"My people, everyone I know, are too good.Isn't Esha a good programmer?Besides, Ash and the others are famous actors.And Mr. Relic is an amazing hacker?You can't do it too well.Why do all my people get together like that?Are there any pheromones out there?

"The pheromones aren't coming out, it's not particularly strange."

"... why?

"Everyone at the NPC is excellent in the first place.Only people like that, or their families and acquaintances, are chosen as test players for the Analyzer Frontier program.Hayato, there aren't many good people around you, and the world is dominated by the best NPCs. "


With all due respect, it is Hayato's candid opinion that some of his acquaintances will want to help him with his neck after hearing that he is excellent.

"I know Hayato wonders, but excellence is only conditioned on 'in a specific field'.On top of that, I'm choosing a member who looks like a real person. "

"Why would you do that?

"Hayato, do you know anything about Noah's Ark?

"Suddenly what? Could it have been a long time ago, a myth or a legendary ship?I think there was a story about a family gathering animals and getting on that ship to survive the heavy rain. "

"Well, it fits a big one.That's pretty much what the Answer Frontier Project is all about. "

Diete explains it further.

The Analyzer Frontier Plan was conceived behind a frontier plan aimed at moving out of the planet.It is only a substitute for when the frontier plan is frustrated, not the main plan.

However, if the frontier plan fails, the analyzer frontier plan will not be allowed to fail.And even if this plan succeeds, many people will die on Earth and in the colonies.If I succeeded, I could be doomed.

When the planet's resources are restored one day, the people who survived the Anather Frontier Project and the people who survived the planet and colonies must rebuild the planet together.

That's where we need talented people in all fields.That is no exception, even for criminals.He was recognized as a member of the Analyzer Frontier Program if he was good at it.

"Now that resources can come from other planets, the world crisis has been averted, but I couldn't afford to pretend at the time.Even criminals are comfortable granting amnesty. "

"Oh, yeah. I don't want to blame you for that."

"Thank you, but there are people who prioritize their own interests even in these times.Hundreds of years ago and this time, I hacked just because I wanted this technology.I can't forgive that.... "

Diete closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Technologies here were created by the geniuses of the time through various barriers and in unison.In order to preserve the species of man, it would have been the hope of all those involved.I really think so now.Certainly, some of the technology here is not mine alone, but it is not personal.And I'm not going to give it back because this virtual technology and I were abandoned for a reason.Anyone who tries to get in here for his selfish selfishness will deserve it. "


I'm afraid Diete's face opened her eyes.The van leaked a small scream from his mouth.

"Dite, calm down.Because it doesn't suit me. "

"... I'm going to do a lot of things if I don't look good to protect this place.Even if Hayato tells you to stop. "

"I'm not going to stop that.But retaliation has to be effective. "

Hayato said so, Diete rounded her eyes.I don't know what you're talking about, that face.

"I understand how Diete-chan feels.Everyone hates being robbed of something important.Everyone has the right to fight back. "

"I didn't think you'd be so sure, but I'm glad you said so."

"But I don't think it makes sense to retaliate against the dark clouds.For example, if you retaliate against this van, that's all.We have to retaliate against the organization if we're going to do it. "

The van nodded repeatedly at Hayato's words.You're saying there's no point in retaliating against yourself.

"It's pretty radical.Rather, Hayato, I don't think it would suit you to say that. "

"This is an important place for me, too.The opponent's goal will be to take away the technology, but it won't end there.They will even try to monopolize it, so in the worst case scenario, they could destroy this place.I don't like that. "

"Well, it's an important place.That's what you think... "

"But I can't do anything about it."

"... you've ruined everything.Speaking of which, it seems to me. "

"Um, what do I do...?

Ask Dite if he feels afraid.

"Tell your organization that the operation is going well for a while.It's a so-called time buy. Hopefully, I'll bring you back to life.And as a reward, I'll give you as much money as you can for a while. "

"Oh, really!

"But since I crushed the tissue,You can put it back into reality before that, but I don't recommend it. "

"... why?

"Do you think the organization will let you live without the technology?Well, even if I took it home.Do you think your life is worth more to them than the money they give you?

The van is silent. I suppose you realized it was highly probable.

(This guy says he betrayed Relic and the others, but did he really do that?I feel like I don't have enough ideas...?

"Well, there's a lot to do, but let's get back to it.I'm sure you're worried. "

"Wait, wait, wait, what am I gonna do...?!

"Call me as soon as your organization contacts you.Confirm the communication and identify the person. "

"Is that all...?

"Properly postpone communication for now.We're currently negotiating with the AI. "

"Okay, okay.If possible, I'd like this place to stay like this.... "

"You're hiding this place, aren't you?Then I don't mind. Coordinates have already been identified.Just remember that.If you betray me, there's no promise.Doesn't stop life activities, but forcibly returns them to reality.And dump it on some colony.Then we have to live in fear of the organization.If you want a safe old age, you should help me crush the organization. "

The van shakes its neck vertically.You must be nervous to know what's going on.

(Are you okay...?

Okay, let's go home, Hayato.

"Eh, ah, yeah.I'm sorry to bother you. "

That's what I said to soothe the scene, but whether it was counterproductive for the van or not, it's pulling my face.

Diete stood up and pointed her right hand at the empty space, where a black door appeared.It's a solid door, not an unstable video door.

"Come on, let's go back.Now we can go back to the same place. "

Hayat nodded and walked through the door with Diete.

And when the door closed, the van almost said, "Ah-," but one step later, the door closed and I couldn't hear.

As for Hayato, I imagined everyone was worried, but that wasn't the case.For some reason, I can hear you fighting from behind.

"Dear Hayato! Dear Mr. Dieter!

Ah, Mr. Relic...

Shortly after passing through the door, she turned around with a voice from behind.The door has already disappeared and I saw a relic coming towards us.I was surprised to see the situation immediately after I thought it was awkward to know all about Relic.

A maid is rampaging around like a demon, fighting people around him.

The maid is Rose in any case.

Rose has a look like her eyes are dying, and she is furious.The movement is clearly anomalous and goes beyond the laws of physics in this world.

"What do you mean?

"Thank you both for being safe.But get out of here now.Rose seems to be being manipulated by something and is attacking the surroundings in a blind eye.Many have already been defeated..... "


"Looks like Van has cheated on Rose, too.She's out of line with the world, too.I don't suppose you didn't disarm it... that's a point cut. "

I don't know what's being reduced, but it won't be good for the van.

And Hayato was a little angry with the van that wasn't here, saying, "Put away the troublesome souvenirs again."