Another Frontier Online

Cheat vs. Brave

Hayato restates the status quo with regard to Relic and Sonia.

Rose is beating the surrounding members with her hands swinging around.The speed is not like shrinkage, but it is quite fast.

And the attack was a special blow.HP dropped to zero the moment it hit.However, the surrounding members didn't feel like they couldn't fight rather than defeating Rose.Defense only.

"Why isn't everyone trying to defeat Rose, Relic?

"I don't know if this situation will improve if I take it down.If you defeat him badly and come back to life in this state with the Maid Alliance, King's Landing will be in trouble.Besides, I think this was made by the van, and there are parts that were worried about the safety of Hayato and Dite.Looking back safely, it seems to have been resolved. "

"Yes, the van is fine.But it's also our fault that Rose couldn't be defeated... Diete-chan, can you undo it?

Hayato said that before seeing Dite.

Rose is in trouble with the program, but Dite can use the healing magic of sacred magic.It's a word that's fine even if Relic asks.Diete noticed that, too, and said to Hayato, "Of course."

"However, it takes time and I don't know the detailed symptoms without touching the person.I'll fix it, so I want you to defeat Rose and disable him once.I'll make sure you don't get resurrected in the maid's guild... with the mystical power of the church or something. "

I said that because Relic was nearby, but Hayato felt a little bit painful and got into the conversation.

"Well, that's fine, but can we take it down...?No, when you think about it, everyone's strength was cheesy - everyone, take down Rose!If you take it down, Diete-chan will take care of it!

Hayat shouts loudly.The voice resounded in this valley.

As always, I leave it to others, but I can't help saying such a thing.There are things people can and can't do.

Then the remaining members saw Hayato who was returning at some point and looked relieved, but gradually smiled.I've been defending myself, but I've been given permission to take it down.We started attacking Rose accordingly.

And some members come to Hayato.

Let's start with Sha.

"What was your husband doing?I had a hard time.It's a chocolate parfait treat... even in real life. "

"Ah, yeah, I'll treat you as much as I can... there's only one reality."

"Killing a colleague hurts my chest, but I can't help it."

"The lines don't match my face.And this is melon juice.You're out of MP, right?

When Esha received a bottle of melon juice from Hayato, she stood vertically and drank it.And I immediately offered my hand "refill".When I swallowed it, I moved it to a position where it was easy to attack with a Belzeve.

After that, Ney comes.

"That maid is amazing!Stronger than any enemy before!So, Hayato, I'm sorry, can you restore the weapon's durability?I'm getting too attacked and I'm about to break. "

Hayat looked at Nay's sword and saw that its durability was decreasing.

(You can't destroy a weapon with a single blow.Then I feel like I can win)

"Okay. I'll fix it."

Hayato received an Excalibur replica and an Alondite replica from Nay and took out his favorite blacksmith hammer.Then restore the durability of the two swords to the material of Adamantite's Ore.

With a flowing menu operation, the two swords were quickly repaired.And I'll return it to Nay immediately.

"It's as fast as ever... okay, I'm coming!

Ney went into Rose in a duel.

Instead, Bandit's Jolt will arrive.Looks like Nay and Jolt are the only players alive.

"I don't know, but you're safe, right?

You too. Even so, you survived with Rose. "

"I've come to exterminate the bandits, but I have no idea why I'm fighting the maid.And not too strong?I don't care how you look at it, cheat.I wonder if this is worth an extra reward?Speaking of which, you were equipped with the Devil's Sword, right?

"... is it okay to make an Alondite Replica as an additional reward?

"You're motivated.Then maybe we can get rid of the maid. "

Jolt said so pleasantly, and in an instant he disappeared from front of Hayato.Looks like he moved right in front of the Maid in the midst of his combat skills.And he's swinging around with the huge axe he's always using.

So is Jolt, but there are a lot of people fighting Rose.

Sonia and Cecil are fighting, and Noat is helping by singing songs.The maid captain was also fighting Rose at the same time.It seemed that only a few members survived as leaders.

Only Relic stands by to protect Hayato and Diete, but Rose doesn't seem to be targeting distant characters, and Hayato and the others haven't seen it.

"Hey, you're back.Like I said, can I take him down?

Somehow Ivan approached Hayato feeling like she could afford it.

"Nice to meet you. If you kill him, Diete-chan will cure you."

I see. Then I'll join you.Even if they told me not to take it down, I couldn't do such a clever imitation, so I kept looking away. "

That's how Ivan moves his gaze from Hayato to Dite.

"Now don't stop me.I have to try and understand that I can't win. "

"Oh, I'm sorry about earlier.I won't stop you this time.However, I think you know that Rose is out of line with the world, so be careful. "

"Hey, I'm a brave man, right?If you say so, I'm out of line with the world.Just keep looking.I'll show you the strength of a brave man. "

Ivan walks closer to Rose.

Ivan said that being out of line with the world doesn't mean modifying the code.Brave men say they're out of line in the first place in this world.

Hayato and the others have a completely different meaning, but I'm sure that's true.Heroes and Demon Kings, they are quite powerful from the standpoint of ordinary players.The stats aren't that different, but Ivan with the Brave Skill has a lot of healing to do.

Ivan instructed everyone to step back as he approached Rose, who was fighting.

"I'll take care of this.I'm sorry, but please pull it.I'd rather get my hands in the way. "

It would be offensive to say that, but it was the brave who said it.Everyone distanced themselves from Rose, somewhat confused.

Then Rose's target moves to Ivan.Immediately afterwards, I launched an attack with a swing.

Ivan makes it an excavator.

"You don't seem to be responding to Excalibur.Unfortunately, it's too weak.That's not who I'm dealing with. "

When Ivan waved the Excalibur sideways, Rose took it with a swing.I wonder if the shock was strong or if the rose that was hit blew up behind me and distanced itself.

"If I get injured, I will take responsibility.If anything happens, tell this brave Ivan. "

Immediately after that, Ivan lost his distance from Rose.It's not shrinkage, it's normal movement.And yet it's fast.

Excalibur's strike directly hit Rose's abdomen.My HP has decreased, but it is negligible.Now Rose has a lot of HP due to the modified cord.It was already a third less than Ivan, but it's still there.

Two or three degrees if you can't do it once.Ivan waved the Excalibur.

Naturally, Rose is not standing on a stick, but fighting back.But the attack cut through the sky.Ivan has seen all of Rose's attacks.It doesn't hit me enough to say so.with the minimum required operation.Everything that happens leads to Ivan's attack.It would be like putting a counter in every attack.

Everything in Rose's attack today is a special hit.If you hit once, you'll be defeated, but even with that tension, Ivan is always in a super close fight.

Other members fought on ranged and attacked hits and away hits because they were afraid of a Special Attack, but Ivan's way of fighting was harder on Rose.

The rose has a fairly large bouquet.Perfect for swinging around, but you can say you don't know how to swing around.It seemed difficult to hit a super close opponent with a swing.

In the first place, the hoki does not hit the pattern part, and it is the hoe part that can be attacked.Ivan just keeps it from hitting him, and sometimes he takes a cane pattern with his bare hands and Nullifies the attack.

(It would be better to fight with bare hands if you were able to engage in a one-shot, special melee.But Rose doesn't do it.I don't think he has that much thinking power, or maybe he has a modified code that simply attacks with a weapon.Ivan must have figured it out.)

Ivan didn't know about the retrofit code, but he seemed to know how to fight it from various experiences.

And Rose's HP gradually decreases, and finally flashes in Evan's Excalibur.Rose fell on the spot.

Ivan saw where Rose couldn't stand up and put the Excalibur back into her waist sheath, saying, "Here it is."

Instead of cheering in the surroundings, a sigh of relief leaks.

It must have been a dangerous opponent.There may be no particular problem with being defeated, but the maid chief and Esha are Rose's colleagues.I don't suppose you were uncomfortable with the colleague being rampaged.

Diete approached the fallen Rose and hit her right hand.After a while, Diete stood up and nodded.

"It's okay now.You'll wake up in a while. "

The cheers rose this time.

The maid chief deeply lowered his head to Ivan and Diete, apologizing and thanking him.

And Sonia approached.

"Oh my God, I've had a hard time with the van.Next time I see you, I'll have to show you hell. "

"There must have been a problem with our way of teaching.Maybe this wouldn't have happened if I had kept my mouth shut more - Master Hayato, by the way, where's the van?

"Oh, yeah. Diete-chan was trapped in a space somewhere... with the mysterious power of the church or something."

I didn't know if Hayato had said it himself, but both Relic and Sonia seemed convinced.

(In the meantime, I think we should go back to base and disband today... but Relic is a hacker.)

It's still unbelievable, but there's nothing you can do about it.

Hayat told everyone to return to his base and left.